The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

GoodBadUglyThis always pops to mind when I read the sports news as well as the plethra of other journalistic output that is given or force fed to us on a daily basis. I’m not saying it is a bad thing but it is certainly overwhelming at times the amount of items that hit us and our various array of individual interest.

An example of course would be those that frequent FaceBook, MySpace or any of the other social media outlets that one can go to and do a quick search for whatever fits  your fancy for the moment.

With this in mind, it continues to strike me as funny how some items give me a sense of sudden emotional thoughts and they are usually in line with my morals, ethics and upbringing as to how I percieve these bits of data. And it is with that thought in mind that I bring to you my very first edition of, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Like many situtations where the Doc says, “I have some good news and I have some bad news” I always like to start with the Good News.

My good news story is the legendary like status that a certain young man is carving out for himself in Atlanta, Georgia. Evan Gattis continues to “shock and awe” the entire baseball community with his heroics at the plate. And the good news story behind all this is that it comes from a guy that gave up baseball at the collegiate level because he was afraid of failing. I will not rehash the story so many have already heard about and how his road to the big leagues took him five years and hundreds of miles, but I will leave you with this; it is very much an inspirational good feeling story that comes to us in a time that good news is heartedly welcomed.

The Bad: Sergio “what the hell, you are not Fuzzy Zoeller” Garcia. Just how many times does Tiger Woods have to put up with racial inuendos due to his race? The whole fried chicken thing was played out many years ago. For Sergio Garcia to open his mouth and spew this racial crap out on the table again was most certainly in Bad taste, Bad form and was Bad for the game. I almost used this for my ugly sector but I definitely have something else in mind for that. Sergio, there is no amount of “apologizing” that can take back the bitter undertones of the statement nor the blantantly obvious racial slur. You Sir should be suspended from the PGA.

The Ugly: Now I am sure that all of you have heard of the tragic incident of the F4/5 Tornado that ripped apart Moore, Oklahoma. My In-Laws lost their home to this massive storm. They warned in time enough they got in the vehicle and drove 20 miles south out of the path of the storm but upon return they found that their home was destroyed.  I was sitting at my desk following NewsChopper9’s live video feed of the destruction as it followed the tornado up the I-44 corridor and then as it turned East and went through Moore. It was truly a horrendous event occurring right in front of our eyes and the Ugly head of callous unconsciousable individuals took the opportunity to jump on the live chat and spew forth such venemous hate they had the entire chat community up in arms. The were comments such as “Hey , just God getting rid of more redneck Okies.” And this was one of the lesser offensive ones. I tried to encourage those Christians and individuals that were offended to NOT FEED THE TROLLS by acknowledging their posts. Being that the event was a very emotional thing to watch some however could not bare the idea of ignoring these individuals in verbal combat.

So, as if the loss of life, the injuries to others and the total destruction of homes and businesses were not bad enough, these trolls brought out the very ugly side of humanity by making very disturbing comments about those in pain and sorrow. There’s nothing anyone can do about it. They will not get banned for life. It’s just a very Ugly truth to our society that we must now live with given the sensationalism of instant media available to all.

This is my opinion, you are welcome to  your own. Comments are encouraged and appreciated.

Peace Out!

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  1. I have a brother in law in OK, they are safe, thankfully.
    I’ve lived through several hurricanes, and I’ve seen a twister. I know what is scarier.

  2. Good stuff Archie. I really don’t get Sergio Garcia. Even if he did want to go “racial” with Tiger he really couldn’t think of anything else better to say?

  3. Really. That little play was made years ago when Tiger won his first Masters, (I think that was when it was made). Sergio was just displaying envy and bitter grapes in my opinion.

  4. Sergio obviously has some knowledge of Black culture. He probably also knows that his comments may not be good dental practice. That’s why he made them from 3000 miles away. Bitch.

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