MMA Roundtable: May 23rd Edition!

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable!

This week we have Roni, Collin and David talking Healy, Diaz,  Diaz Promotions, Caraway fallout, Vitor Belfort and Jacare’s big weekend!


 1. Pat Healy: Thoughts?Pat Healy

Roni: He got caught. Pure and simple.

And while I personally think that, if you have doctor’s permission to smoke pot you should be allowed to (much like TRT), the fighters all know the deal. He is the one who failed the test. I can’t really blame UFC for taking back the bonus, as he did not really “win” the fight (moved to NC). He should have kept the Fotn bonus (since Miller kept his)

Collin: Pat used a banned substance and got caught, that is about all there is to say.  I can’t feel a whole lot of sympathy for him because he knew it was illegal and did it anyway.  He has handled the whole situation the way he should though, he is saying all the right things ect.  135k is a pile of money to lose though, maybe enough for fighters to stop arguing about whether it should be banned and just accept that for now it is banned.

David: Dumbass? I’m not going to get into a should-it-be-legal argument, lets just be honest. If the commish says that Wonder Bread is not illegal. THEN DON’T EAT FRIKKEN WONDER BREAD FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS. Is it a SECRET that Pots a no-no? I’m glad Jim Miller kept his half. I’m not upset that “officially” it got taken away. My own yay or nay stance on Pot aside- a few years ago he would have been fired and blackballed from the sport.

2. Should the UFC have suspended Diaz?Diaz Bros

Roni: Hell no! Diaz has the right to think and agree or disagree with whatever he wants. UFC cannot fine him just because he spoke about a decision UFC took.

UFC wants their fighters to speak up. So they shouldn’t be pissed when they do.

Collin: I don’t think so.  Can we stop pretending what he said was offense to the gay and lesbian community?  Let’s stop giving these groups of people who choose to be offended by something that had nothing to do with them power to control peoples lives by rattling cages and complaining.

And am I the only one who sees a hint of hypocrisy in the UFC here?  I seem to recall a certain Welterweight Champion who threw that term around with regularity, who never was forced to apologize, and is now is “Vice President of Athlete Development & Government Relations” who is responsible for advising athletes on personal conduct!

David: No. Don’t encourage me to bring my fanbase my personality and then ding me for being stupid on twitter/facebook/whatever. If the G&L want to protest, put Diaz on the same card as Liz Carmouche and see if they really matter.

3. Should Bryan Caraway get any flak for taking the money?

Roni: No way! Wouldn’t you accept the money if your company offered?

heck, these guys make their money by getting punched in their faces! Why shouldn’t him accept free money without the punches?

Collin: No, but he invited it with his self righteous rant.  You’re welcome to your opinion, but realize if you choose to voice it in such a pretentious and narcissistic manner, people aren’t going to like you.

David: Nope. First Place got DQed, he was in second. This wasn’t GSP/Kosheck getting the bonus- he deserved it.

4. Chance that Diaz’s new MMA Promotion puts out ONE card.

Roni: I hope they do! And if anything, I LIKE Diaz passion for the sport.

He is a big name, and there are a lot of people who are dying for an opportunity to make it big. So I think he will put one card. if it will succeed it’s another story.

Collin: I sure hope so, purely for the comedic value that is now intrinsic in anything tangentially related to Nick Diaz.

Instead of Harley Davidson, they can be sponsored by a used car dealership that specializes in beat up Honda’s.  Fighters will fail drug tests for LOW THC counts.  Decisions will be overturned based on what goes down in the hospital after the fight.  Fighters must audibly warn their opponent if they are planning on throwing “spin shit”.  The ten point must will be forsaken in favor of a system in which fights are judged based on who was winning when the fight ended.

David: This is just stupid. I want to know how Diaz is going to pimp two fighters that are third tier, unless he is fighting both of them. Has a promoter ever no-showed an event? I really can’t wait for his payscale, you know since he didn’t make jack as a fighter, ever. I want to see him make Affliction look like scrooges at the pay winda!

5. Who should get Jacare next?Jacare

Roni: I’d like to see a rematch against Luke. A win would definitely put him inside the top 5 of the division. I don’t think he’d fight Silva, since he’s from Black House. But he would be up there!

Collin: There are a ton of really fun fights out there for him.  I personally want to see him and Roger Gracie go at it in the MMA world, since they have one of the greatest rivalries in the world of BJJ.  And how awesome would it be to see him lock horns with Palhares or Lombard?

Jacare is still the top threat to Anderson not named Vitor Belfort.  His takedowns are on another level than Maia’s, and his BJJ is better. His standup looks better each fight out as well.  Jacare could very well shoot a well timed double and put Anderson on his back.  And once the alligator takes top position, the odds of any man escaping without tapping are slim to none.

David: Lombard would have been interesting, if not for him dropping down to 170. I tend to like the Okami fight that got thrown out there.


6. How impressed are you that Vitor looks better now than he did at 19?Vitor TRT

Roni: I don’t know. He seems re-focused.

And obviously TRT is working well for him.

But Vitor is a smart man, and he has one of the longest career at top level than anyone in MMA today. So you gotta give him credit for that. I think he looks good. but it’s not like he looked bad before. People are just in awe because of his wins. but he’s always been an explosive fighter.

Collin: Even a huge Vitor fan such as myself can’t deny that TRT has something to do with it, but it is still very impressive.

People can talk all day about TRT, but the reality is that no amount of TRT can make you  a great fighter.  TRT gives Vitor the ability to get in the gym and train hard at his advanced age, but it didn’t make him put in the hundreds of hours with Al “Stankie” Stankiewicz perfecting those lethal boxing combinations.  TRT didn’t put in the thousands of hours of training it takes to get a black belt under Carlson Gracie.  And it doesn’t make a guy who already has perhaps the most feared hands in the game develope a dynamic kicking game late in his career.  Remember when he threw a leg kick against Bobby Southworth and Stephen Quadros said “That might be the first kick I’ve ever seen Vitor throw.”  That was 5 years into Vitor’s career.  And now, 12 years later, he has just KO’d two top middleweight contenders with a part of his game that didn’t exist for most of his career; That is impressive.

Let’s step back for a moment and remember that Vitor Belfort fought Tank Abbot at a time when Tank was considered one of the top HW’s in the world.  And lets remember that before Sakuraba was “The Gracie Hunter”, he was most famous for what is probably the biggest win of his career; besting Belfort in 1999 after Vitor had just crushed Wanderlei Silva.  And he also stepped up on short notice to fight Jon Jones, and almost broke the champs arm with a picture perfect armbar attempt.  Vitor has paid his dues in this sport, and in my opinion he can inject whatever his doctors clear so he can keep on performing.

David: I know someone that does TRT, and have been told how it changes you. Its the same thing with ‘roids. It makes that warning track flyout a home run. No, taking TRT does not help you land a spinkick, but it does make that spin kick knock you OUT instead of down. HUGE difference.

Lets also keep in mind that BOTH of Vitors wins have come in Brazil. Needs to be said.

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