2013 Draft Review: Broncos and Patriots

I love the Draft, it comes around my birthday, ESPN puts baseball back where it belongs, in segment 3, and it means the NFL year has started.

So lets go down the NFL Rosters and see how it went for each team.

I recently reposted my 2010 Draft Diary, for the first 3 rounds, so you can see how I did. I normally like to wait a bit before giving grades, just to kind of absorb what major changes have been made, and also to kind of combine what the team needs. Just because you need a QB, doesn’t mean you have to pick one in Round 1.

For Round 1 picks, I’m going to add in what I said during my Draft Diary.

Considering how Joined at the Hip Brady and Manning are, lets look at those two teams together!


Denver Broncos

1     28     Sylvester Williams      DT     North Carolina

What I said: He’s from UNC, so I love him. He’s not super quick, but he’s STRONG. He does NOT take plays off.
I think he’s a keeper.

Now: This could be scary. You have Von Miller and had they not screwed up the Elvis deal . . dang. He can bounce around the front seven with his speed. I’m glad the Broncos roll a 4-3, because he’s not made for the 3-4. Still a solid pick that will start, but not star.

2     58     Montee Ball      RB     Wisconsin

Should have came out last year. Lets not forget that Wisconsin lost 3 starters on the line and some QB to the Seahawks, I forget who, but he might be ok. My only question on him is he took a TON of carries on his body. Not every back can run the ball eight-thousand times in the Big-ish 10 and then play a decade in the NFL. Again, a solid pick.

3     90     Kayvon Webster      CB     South Florida

See that wheel right there? Yeah, it just came off. I don’t get this pick. When a 5’10 corner in the Big East has as many interceptions as I did last year, you have to take him in round 3, right? Right? He could be a great returner. Just what you want at spot 90.

5     146     Quanterus Smith      DE     WKU

Again, a reach. Hit the map against Alabama, and obviously the rest of the year wasn’t up to that standard. The problem here is he is coming off an ACL tear, and I think he might be better off adding a little bit of poundage while he’s off to get better vs the run. He’s a very good pass rusher, and that could turn out to be interesting down the road.

5     161     Tavarres King      WR     Georgia

Just a good receiver. Solid speed, runs better than average routers, and will drop catchable balls. Can he be good? Absolutely, Will he? If he can consistently get away from people, he can be a 40 catch a year guy. Its a SOLID choice at round 5. Like the pick, FINALLY.

6     173     Vinston Painter      OT     Virginia Tech

6’6 309, One year wonder. I think he was worth taking a flier on. Could be a really good one in a year or two.

7     234     Zac Dysert      QB     Miami (OH)

Oh love this one. One thing I have always thought is once your QB hits 30, spend a 6/7 every year on a QB until you hit on one or the guy retires and you have to get one in round 1.
Inaccurate when flushed from the pocket, and doesn’t have the best fastball. I wonder if anyone in Denver can help with that? Coaching turnover and crappy weapons might have caused his stock to fall, but his TD/INT numbers got better every year. Love the pick, and if he stinks, no great harm (Not like he’s EJ Manuel)

Overall: I love the first two picks. Really hard to argue with them. Then the wheels come off and they go FLYING into the stands. Then it gets better with the last 3. I got 2 starters, and some potentials, plus the fact Dysert fell was just incredible. To give you a baseball analogy (for some reason) Base Hit, Double, Hit into a DP, Strikeout, Weak Dribbler you beat out, hit by pitch, and Long fly ball that either nips the wall or just dies on the track. Hows that? The Broncos can blow the middle draft and be ok, but this was a miss draft.


New England Patriotsne-patriots-helmet

2     52     Jamie Collins      LB     Southern Miss

Not a fan. He can get lost on the field and get turned around. Is a better athlete than player, to my eyes. Of course, the Pats have made players with lesser talents, and they have had better talents wash out.

2     59     Aaron Dobson      WR     Marshall

6’3, runs faster in pads than without. I really think he has massive potential. Runs good routes and is a quick learner. Let me know where this is a bad idea. Other than the fact he’s not much of a blocker just a really good pick.

3     83     Logan Ryan      CB     Rutgers

Like this one. 6 foot even, and can be a starter at the number 2 spot. I have no doubt he has the nickel job by the end of the season.

3     91     Duron Harmon      S     Rutgers

HOLY SHIT. Was this dude even on the board? Did he have pictures of the Hoodies son? The Pats needed pass defense and BADLY, but where did this dude come from? I didn’t see him on ANY board before 7th round. Is he a decent player? Yes. But unless he starts, this was a blown pick. Could he be a special team star?

4     102     Josh Boyce      WR     TCU

Bit early, but could stick. He is a strong guy, has very good speed, and runs decent routes, but he’s 5-10 and has a case of the drops at times. Good pick, but MAN was this early.

7     226     Michael Buchanan      DE     Illinois

Dropped like a rock in the draft, but this guy is a space eater, but had problems finding the ball carrier at times. I can live with a 6-5 DE with some agility. Could end up being a steal. Might be a LB candidate.

7     235      Steve Beauharnais      LB     Rutgers

Can play any position on the line, but does need to gain some muscle, and needs to work on his tackling as well. Well worth a flier, and would not stun me if he made the team.

Overall? Shit draft. I got a Number 2 corner and WR, and a TON of question marks. I still don’t get the Harmon or Boyce pick. Just major major problems. They have major needs on Pass Defense, and didn’t hit it until round three, and there were better (to me) options on the board.

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