In case you didn’t know. I did not win Powerball.NBA Lotto

I live in a state (LA) that has NEVER won the Powerball OR Mega Millions and I live in the 3rd biggest city in that state that has NEVER won the LA Lotto.

So good times, right?

Lets go on to my former team, the CHARLOTTE HORNETS

We won the lotto ONCE. Larry Johnson- Who was rolling until his back gave out. Mutumbo is the only Hall-of-Famer in that draft, and he’s a STRONG Borderline.

So needless to say- if there was a lotto to win, it was 1991 (Year before? Derrick Coleman, Next year? Shaq – talk about a 3 year upswing)

So who is going to win this one?

Top odds are the Magic- who have won this thing MULTIPLE TIMES and were the reason they changed the odds AGAIN when somehow ONE ball gave them the win- and Shaq a running partner for a decade- you know, until he quit and ran to LA and Penny got crippled.

SO lets go team by team- how they “win” and any chance Stern gives them the pick?

Let me first say there IS no Shaq here, there is no LeBron here, so I doubt this one is “fixed” and yes I do think on occasion they make sure a certain player goes a certain spot. Again, I’m only counting since 1994.

Team (record)   Percent
Orlando (20-62)     25

– Last won in 2004, when they had the worst record, so they should have gotten it. Got Howard. Could very well win this one again, and they have some huge chips to move to rebuild in a hurry.

Charlotte (21-61)     19.9

– Never won. This could be the year. There is no solid number 1 (again) They need ticket sales, and Jordan had Sterns back in the lockout. This could be the bone.

Cleveland (24-58)     15.6

– Won in 2003 (Tied for worst) and 2011 (Tied for EIGHTH) I think they drop, they already got the love for Dan’s giving away LeBron with less fuss than some people.

Phoenix (25-57)     11.9

– Never won. I got them dropping, they are HORRIBLY run, and have been since Steve Kerr left.

New Orleans (27-55)     8.8

– Won last year (Tied for 3rd worst) They got 2 lotto picks last year, and I could see them getting the third spot, then Boogie Benson being told he’s been paid, now go do something.

Sacramento (28-54)     6.3

– Lets just say they win next year and move on, ok?

Detroit (29-53)     36     3.6

– Never won, and I don’t see them moving up.

With this draft much of a crapshoot- I don’t see ANY team jumping but ONE- and I’ll mention it- but lets keep going.

2013 NBA Lotto

Washington (29-53)     3.5

Won in 2001 (Third worst)
Minnesota (31-51)     1.7

I can see this team jumping to number 3 or even 2. Rubio is exciting, they are about to screw up and lose Love, who should go to a major market. They have NEVER won, and its about time. I have a hard time seeing them move all the way up, but it could be one of those years like when Toronto won.
Portland (33-49)     1.1

Won in 2007 (6th worst)
Philadelphia (34-48)          0.8

– Won in 1996 (2nd worst)
Toronto (34-48)         0.7

Won in 2005 (5th worst) Oh, and one of the crappiest drafts in a WHILE.
Mavericks (41-41)          0.6
Utah(43-39)        0.5

So my prediction? Charlotte, Orlando, Minny.

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  1. Nerlens Noel will likely be the #1 pick this year but next year’s lottery is the one you want to win. Especially if Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker are as good as advertised.

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