NFL Draft Review: Colts and Bucs

Welcome to my 2013 NFL Draft breakdown.

I love the Draft, it comes around my birthday, ESPN puts baseball back where it belongs, in segment 3, and it means the NFL year has started.

So lets go down the NFL Rosters and see how it went for each team.

I recently reposted my 2010 Draft Diary, for the first 3 rounds, so you can see how I did. I normally like to wait a bit before giving grades, just to kind of absorb what major changes have been made, and also to kind of combine what the team needs. Just because you need a QB, doesn’t mean you have to pick one in Round 1.

For Round 1 picks, I’m going to add in what I said during my Draft Diary.

Indianapolis Colts ind-colts-authentic

1     24     Björn Werner      DE     Florida State

What I said: I don’t think he’s strong enough to play DE. I think he goes back to LB.

Now: I’ll say it. I was wrong. I think he stays at DE. He did scare me at FSU, and I think he has a lot of Juluis Peppers in him. Will vanish for a series then come out and make an impact. Will blast you on second down to create a momentum-changing third down, then get one on one blocked by a running back. Can’t complain about the pick. Could lead rookies in sacks.

3     86     Hugh Thornton      G     Illinois

Bit of a reach. Did get snaps at T but if he’s playing there at the NFL level someone just hit IR. Not the strongest guy, and I have a problem with him standing still in pass protection. Its fixable, but I wonder if he is going to ever be a consistent starter without work.

4     121     Khaled Holmes      C     USC

I do like this pick. Satele gets hurt and he could see the field quite often. He could play guard, but I don’t think he moves. All of his flaws are fixable, and he moves his feet when he’s engaged. (I wonder if he was in Matt’s Ballroom dancing class?) He likes to make contact. I’d rather he spend a year under Saturday- as would Luck, but I think he starts next season day 1.

5     139     Montori Hughes      DT     UT Martin

Below the neck? Great. Above? We got some problems. 3 schools, not very mature, needs to work on his fundamentals.  DT is the right spot for him. Point him in the direction of the ball and turn him loose. Can get in the rotation and I have a hard time doubting this coaching staff after last year.

6     192     John Boyett      S     Oregon

I do like this guy. Works hard, has a good nose for the ball, and fears no man.
Problems? Oh. He’s small, isn’t that fast- no chance for a corner move, and did I forget to mention he’s had surgury on BOTH KNEES??
I’m not going to hate this pick though. If he’s 100% he could be a great package guy and SP WARRIOR.

7     230     Kerwynn Williams      RB     Utah State

RB my arse. He’s a returner. He can’t break tackles at the NFL level, and isn’t durable. He’s got 4.4 speed and can really cut back and forth with ease. He could stick around for a few years and be something special. he could be gone in camp.

7     254     Justice Cunningham      TE     South Carolina

Camp Fodder. TE seems like the one position on Offense they don’t need.

Overall: I got 1 starter here, and 1 for next year. What did they need? OL, D7 and youth in the secondary. Hmm, thats every pick until the 7th, where they made 2 picks I don’t understand. A real hit of miss draft to me, but I like the fact that they took good chances. they got 4 starters last year- and while they may not have that kind of success this year- a YOUNG playoff team can live with this type of draft.

Tampa Bay Buccaneerstb-buccaneers-helmet

2     43     Johnthan Banks      CB     Mississippi State

Oh Lawd did the Bucs need some guys in the secondary. I do wonder about his knee problems, and he already has issues gassing. I don’t think he is a number 1 corner, but could be a very good #2. he’s not the fastest guy out there, but he was the best on the board at CB. He does like to hit, and he isn’t scared of the film room. Could be very good if Barber takes a liking to him.

3     73     Mike Glennon      QB     N.C. State

Uh What? Isn’t Josh Freeman kinda young? I don’t like dropping a third round pick on a non-need position. But If Josh Freeman has problems, Glennon could be a steal. Big Huge dude (6’7) who throws a great ball. who has some real rough edges to him. He does tend to stay in one place, even though he can be effective rolling out. If he came out ten years ago, he’s a top 10 pick all Day- or whenever the Raiders pick. Al Davis would trade in his track suit for this guy. Another team at this spot? A+ pick, but the Bucs? They have MUCH more pressing needs. Don’t be stunned if this is a traded guy next year.

4     100     Akeem Spence      DT     Illinois

Almost useless vs the pass- but MAN what a stud vs the run. Take him off the field when its 3rd and 8+, but when its 3rd and 1? I want this dude on my team. I just don’t get this one. The Bucs had problems vs the PASS, and this dude does NOT HELP.

4     126     William Gholston      DE     Michigan State

I have to say I picked his cousin to be a bust from DAY ONE. Sorry Jet fans. This one has all the talent in the world, but tends to get a little lazy. When he’s on? He’s a BEAST. I do like him more than Spence. He’s also a rotation guy, but could get much better as time moves on.

5     147     Steven Means      LB     Buffalo

MAJOR reach. Unlike every other pick since round one, this could actually help the pass, as he does have some ability to cover, but I don’t see him at the FIVE??

6     189     Mike James      RB     Miami (FL)

Local kid, gonna fit in with the RB rotation. I don’t think he’s a huge part of the future, but  he could very well get some carries.

Overall: They need PASS HELP. we have a number 2 corner, 2 rotational DTs and not much help, oh and your second pick goes at BACKUP QB. I don’t like this draft AT ALL. As a Carolina Fan? I love this draft. Total Miss draft.

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