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What up world? It’s your boy EJ with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. We’re deep into the NBA playoffs, the NHL playoffs and in the early stages of the MLB season. I should probably talk about that this week but I’m not in the mood. This week’s blog will feature David Beckham’s retirement, a State Farm commercial that I hate, a young rapper that needs to stop rapping, and two dumb fools that love iron bracelets. This will be an interesting week for sure so let’s get into it.

David Beckham is calling it quits. Mr. Posh Spice is finishing up his career playing for Paris-St. Germain of the French League. PSG won their league this season, so Becks will go out a winner. Beckham is an international celebrity. So much so that people who do not follow football (soccer here in the United States) knows who he is. I’m a Manchester United supporter so of course I have my memories of Beckham in the #7 swinging in crosses, and scoring on free kicks that brought the club glory. I did get to see him play in person when as a member of the LA Galaxy he was on the MLS All-Star team that hosted Manchester United at the Red Bulls Arena in Harrison, NJ back in 2011. I’m also a supporter of the English National Team which Beckham was the captain of for several years and has a record of 115 appearances in all competitions. However, I’ve always found him overrated. Why? It’s because he is Mr. Posh Spice. Marrying a Spice Girl might have been the best thing he did. The guy instantly became a fashion and pop culture icon and his marketability made him desirable to all of the big money clubs in the game. The boy from the East End of London played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, the Los Angeles Galaxy, AC Milan and finally PSG. Not a bad life playing in England, Spain, Italy, France, and the USA. I’m not knocking his marketability (but I guess I am actually knocking it) but if you’re a fan of the game you have to ask yourself if the impact he made on the pitch is worth all the glory he’s received off of it. Now, that his career is over I expect him to keep travelling the world making even more money off that “Bend It Like Beckham” persona. He might even end up in commercials. Speaking of commercials…

Has anyone seen those State Farm commercials starring Los Angeles Clippers point guard, Chris Paul? Basically the premise is that Chris has a long lost twin brother named Cliff that’s at the top of his game assisting people as a State Farm insurance representative. You see as a point guard Chris has to dish out assists to his teammates to help his team win and Cliff has to assist the public to further his career and the business of State Farm. Cliff is just Chris with a damn mustasche! Anyway, I hate the damn commerical. If Chris Paul really did have a long lost twin brother then why is his name Cliff Paul!? Wouldn’t he have been adopted by a family that would have a different last name? Why would they name him Cliff to give him the same intials as his twin Chris? Couldn’t his name have been like Derek Smith or some other random ass shit? I mean it’s just not believable. If I had a long lost twin I doubt he and I would have the same initials unless it was some crazy ass coincedence. Now I know what you’re thinking: “calm down it’s just a cute little commercial series that’s starring Chris Paul” and yeah you would be right but I’m sorry if I want my commercials to be based in some sort of reality. The Jake from State Farm commercials are funnier and more believable than that seperated at birth bullshit.

Speaking of bulls, let me introduce you to a rapper named JayDatBull from Pennsylvania. Who is that EJ? Well it seems Jay is a high school senior from the suburbs of Philadelphia who has rapper dreams. Yes, Jay Harris a Wide Receiver from Exton, Pennsylvania recently lost a scholarship to Michigan State University because of some videos that he posted to YouTube. You see, the young man wants to be a rapper so bad that he’s willing to throw away a college scholarship to pursue his dreams. Apparently, no one told young Jay that you can go to school and rap at the same damn time. No Future. By that I mean he has no future. Go to YouTube. Look up JayDatBull and check his video DatBull4Life. Now the video does have 50,000 views but most of those came after the news broke this week of his scholarship being pulled. Why is it being pulled? Well Mr. Harris is hanging out with his “homies” in full surburbian glory talking about molly, sex, and smoking weed throughout the 3 minute video. You see, this young man threw away a free education to live out the rapper fantasy and while I normally support young brothers going after their dream I only have the following words for the young man: your bars are weak. Baby shit soft. Cornball. It’s so bad that I can’t even elaborate how bad they are. To turn down what has to be maybe over a $100,000 in free education just to be another struggling rapper trying to make it has to be the dumbest fuckin’ move ever. I pray that this young man’s parents beat sense into him. I mean literally beat sense into him. Check out his YouTube video and then come back to me and tell me he has skills. I’ll pimp slap you.

Can I slap Titus Young and Rolando McClain while I’m at it too? Why? Young, formerly of the Lions, and McClain, formerly of the Ravens have been on the police blotter more than they have been on the field. Young, released last season because of his issues has been arrested three times this week. Let that sink in: three arrests in one week. What the fuck? 3 times? You love the police that much? In one week he has been caught for burglary, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer. At 23 he sure does have a long successful criminal path ahead of him. Jeez. Now his family is claiming that he has a brain disorder. He may have a disorder but it’s called: I like getting my ass locked up disorder. His next uniform better be prison orange and it’s going to have a lot more numbers on it than the #16 he wore in the NFL. I’m starting to think 1989 must have been a bad year because Rolando McClain is also 23 and he retired from the NFL this week. Why would a 23 year old retire? It’s because he also has a love for the police. One time. McClain’s been arrested 3 times since 2011. Once for assult, one for resisting arrest and the third violation was for a window tint (which is benign in my opinion but still can’t be overlooked considering the other two charges). McClain apparently had a tough upbringing but that’s no excuse. Not when you’re young and making millions. You’re living the dreams of many and that’s why I get so mad when I see players just throwing that away. I can’t co-sign such fuckery. Do better. They’re still young so I hope they get their lives together but it seems doubtful and that’s sad. You figure that with money, and hopefully some sense, they could have lived better lives then the ones they came from but I guess that’s just wrong. Sad indeed.

That it. Another edition of The Blog About Nothing is in the books. Until we meet again I say peace, and keep on supporting the good work we’re trying to do here at

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