NFL Draft Review: Lions and Jets!

Welcome to my 2013 NFL Draft breakdown.

I love the Draft, it comes around my birthday, ESPN puts baseball back where it belongs, in segment 3, and it means the NFL year has started.

So lets go down the NFL Rosters and see how it went for each team.

I recently reposted my 2010 Draft Diary, for the first 3 rounds, so you can see how I did. I normally like to wait a bit before giving grades, just to kind of absorb what major changes have been made, and also to kind of combine what the team needs. Just because you need a QB, doesn’t mean you have to pick one in Round 1.

For Round 1 picks, I’m going to add in what I said during my Draft Diary.


1     9 Dee Milliner      CB     Alabama

What I said:I knew there wasnt a chance in Hell Carolina could have gotten him, I don’t think he’s as good as Patrick Peterson or a mentally healthy Honey Badger, but he’s a keeper.
That should make the powers that be happy.

Now: Best CB in the nation coming into Bama, best coming out. Yeah, there’s a chance he sucks (/sarcasm) Whats his only problem? How many WRs can beat his 4.4 speed? Exactly. He drops a good bit moving backwards and if you get a step on him, he may not close on you. But Tanny and EJ are gonna hate this guy.

1     13 Sheldon Richardson      DT     Missouri

What I said:REACH
I’m thinking bust here. I saw him play vs some of the NFL players in the SEC, and I wasn’t impressed. Hate the Pick.

Now: About the same. He’s big, burly and quicker than some DTs but can be taken out of plays. I just don’t like the pick.

2     39  Geno Smith      QB     West Virginia

I got two words for you when you wonder why he dropped to round 2.
Pinstripe Bowl.
Is this dude a real NFL QB? I understand that he played in the shotgun, and can run, but is a top level QB? You do know Barkley is just as fast as he is right? Cam Newton weighs just a hair more than the 220 he goes. he does have a solid chance, but I’m not putting money on him a ROY. I’m not going to go into his Draft Day stupidity or his agents. I hope he sits to start, and learns everything, then gets going around Thanksgiving.

3     72 Brian Winters      G     Kent State

Gonna move from tackle. Thats gonna be hard. But he’s strong, and a little slow in the foot department. I think he could be very good vs the run, and as his footwork improves so will his pass protection. The problem here, is if Geno is the QBOTF, then they need people that can create a moving pocket- this ain’t one. He may work out, but I bet he latches onto a second team that is going to love him.

5     141 Oday Aboushi      G     Virginia

We sure he’s a Guard? He also played Tackle at Virginia, LT to be exact and does have technical problems vs speed guys, but I think he could play RT and be effective. Dropped a good bit, this was a very good pickup. I think he works into the rotation.

6     178 William Campbell      DT     Michigan

Huge, Strong, Quick. Why is he a 6th rounder? Oh cause he can get blown off his feet and gasses. Could have a long career since he won’t play all 3 downs.

7     215  Tommy Bohanon      FB     Wake Forest

The Jets need help running, and I’m not sure this fits the bill. Fullbacks are a dying art, but Bohanon can block, isn’t scared to go up the middle and does play well outdoors. Worth a shot this late.

Overall: I’m not a fan. We have several reaches, and Geno. I homerun player. If Geno pans out, then we have a star on Defense and one on Offense. If not, then we have Dee and situational starters/package guys. I don’t like this draft. I really don’t. Take Dee out and this draft blows. Worst I’ve done so far.

Detroit Lions

1     5  Ezekiel Ansah      DE     BYUdet-lions-helmet

Horrid pick. MONSTER REACH. Not sure he’s gonna be a bust, he might be a 7 star starter, but that is going to be a pick where its “chosen over” other guys later on.

Now: Still a major reach. He could be very good, I would be willing to bet he’s better in year 3 than he will be in 1 or 2. Lets keep in mind, he’s been playing football for 3 years. He’s got a TON to learn. Problem is, do the Lions need a guy that could be great in a few years, then for the rest of the decade, or do they need to add an impact player to catch up to the Packers and Vikings? Imagine that Lion D with Dee. In 2 years they could have a devastating front 7, just in time for them to start hitting free agency.

2     36     Darius Slay      CB     Mississippi State

Reach. One year wonder, yes I see the potential, but he was playing vs the other teams number 2 guy. Does not like to get hit and has poor technique. Really a round or TWO early. I’m not sure he starts. He’s got some talent so there is potential that he cleans up and becomes a very good coverage corner.

3     65     Larry Warford      G     Kentucky

This one I like. Finally. I do see him starting sooner rather than later, and could be very good vs the pass. Might need to drop some weight to get better run blocking. Can’t complain here.

4     132     Devin Taylor      DE     South Carolina

HUGE REACH. He’s not going to be that good a pass rusher in the NFL, He looked worse last year than the year before. I think he might be better out OLB, if he learns the position. He works hard, won’t get tired and knows where the ball is. If this was a few rounds down, I’d love him, but in round 4?

5     165     Sam Martin      P     Appalachian State

Never pick a punter. Period. I don’t care if he plays a decade. A FIFTH?? Pick players so you DON’T use a punter!!

6     171     Corey Fuller      WR     Virginia Tech

A one-year wonder, has a case of the drops, but is learning to position. Puts in the work. I’s stash him on the bench and get him a good coach. There is some serious talent there. On the flip side, if he gets hit over the middle right now, he might break in half. He’s all bones.

6     199     Theo Riddick      RB     Notre Dame

This one I can get behind. Started as a WR, but really doesn’t have the speed there. Very dangerous in the open field. I can see him doing some punt returns on short fields. Is NOT scared of getting hit. I wonder if he might look good taking snaps at TE? Does have a problem hitting the hole right though. I like the pick though.

7     211     Michael Williams      TE     Alabama

Very good blocker, any help to the running game helps.

 7     245     Brandon Hepburn      LB     Florida A&M

Prospect, can’t complain. Good hard worker who should make this team. Might be a practice team player for a year or two.

Overall: Reach, Reach, good pick, Reach, Punter. OW. 2 one-year wonders. I know I said the Jets draft was bad, but this one is worse. I got ONE starter, maybe 3. Horrible Draft for THIS year, but come December, could look much better. This is the draft of a PLAYOFF team. Not a team trying to get there. Awful draft. They take the “Worst Draft so far” Mantle from the Jets.

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  1. First off: I do not hate Milliner. I just don’t understand dealing Revis for the peanuts they got in return and then taking an injury prone CB with the #9 pick. I hope he’s good but I am concerned about all his injuries. Richardson? I didn’t understand the pick on draft night but with Coples moving to LB I hope Richardson is good enough to be a DE in the 3-4. Personally, I would move to a 4-3 to accomodate Richardson and Coples on the line but Rex isn’t that flexible.

    I’ll ignore Geno for now. He isn’t ready for day one and I do hope he sits for at least the first 10 games of the season. Winters? Love the pick. He isn’t a tackle. He’s a guard at the NFL level but all I’ve read about him says that he comes with a mean streak. Much needed. Aboushi is someone I’ve followed since he was in high school because he’s a New York City native. He’s not a guard. He’s going to be the swing tackle meaning he’ll be a backup at both RT and LT. I can live with that. Campbell? Moving to guard at the next level. He hasn’t played guard since high school but the coaches seem it will be a fit. All 3 of those guys will be backups. Hopefully one pans out to be good. If I had to guess it’ll be Winters.

    Now the pick I do love? Bohannon. I think they’ll make the kid an H-Back to get him more involved. I saw a couple of Wake Forest games over the past two seasons and I like him.

    Overall: I actually don’t HATE this draft but it is a bad draft because the Jets ignored needs at WR, TE, and RB (no disrespect to Chris Ivory). The Jets needed to get weapons on offense but if they feel building up the O-line for the future is the way to go then so be it.

  2. The Lions? I like Ansah’s story but combine warriors always scare me. Clearly they’re freak athletes but many of them turn out to be busts when it comes down to playing the game.

    The only picks I like are Riddick and Williams. That’s a bad draft.

  3. Picking Matt Barkley would have gotten Rex and Idzik killed. He might be more polished than Sanchez but another USC quarterback in NY? Can’t do it. Just can’t do it.

  4. The Jets have 2 very good players on the line that can start for 25+ teams. Why draft people that won’t start? There were TE’s that would start left. There are a ton of RBs out there, and lets be honest, I don’t use third rounders on “might start” unless I’m a playoff team.

  5. My rationale for Cambell going back over to D. Is this.
    D’Brick, Mangold, Howard are a solid threesome- so G is about it for spots. I think Moore is better than most, so you got 1 spot. You got 3 picks, 3 returning guys and almost a half dozen people coming in- and Slauson is a legit starter.

    So you have 3 guys- the middle of the draft- in backup roles?

    Thats why I have him flipping back over for 10 great snaps a game, while he gets to the point he can outrun his coach.

  6. Normally I’d agree with you. Normally. Just can’t be another SC QB. Maybe it’s because I’m a fan and I’m from here but another SC QB would have turned Radio City Music Hall into a riot zone.

  7. That’s why I say this is a bad draft because Jets do have bigger needs but I guess Idzik’s rationale is that a strong O-line will be beneficial to Sanchez and/or Geno.

    If I had to go inside the man’s head I’m guessing that’s the answer I’d get.

  8. Moore’s gone. They’ve already re-assigned his number. He’s not coming back. Slausson will take one of the guard spots but it’s a free for all for the other spot.

    Campbell? I have to admit I’m biased towards him as a Michigan fan but I do agree that he could eventually flip back to DT before the release him. Why? He’s moving to a position he hasn’t played since high school. That is a tough call. After reading your post I can concede that drafting him is a reach since he’s a developmental player at a position that could have been ignored that late.

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