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Welcome to the Premier of the Movies Roundtable!

7poundbag is looking for more movie people, but we thought we would bring you some opinions, just to tide you over until we get cranking, plus NEXT MONTH we are going to have a movie tournament- So keep your eyes peeled for that.

1. They are looking to do a Weird Science movie remake, good idea?Weird Science

Bill: No, and I simply wish they’d stop re-hashing stuff from previous decades. I understand that it’s tough to come up with an original idea and have it be strong enough to stand on its own and thus be made into a movie, but that’s just the way it goes. Originality requires hard work, and it’s time people start putting in the effort. I don’t see Chris Nolan, Joss Whedon, Ridley Scott or a few others re-hashing. They know what quality movie making entails.

David: Can Robert Downey Jr play Chet? Get AWAY from my Childhood!
Not to mention the main problem. How are you going to convince kids this is even plausible? Are they going to hack YouTube? I just don’t see how in todays world this is even exciting anymore. But I did get to post a Kelly Pic.

2. Is the Avengers franchise in trouble?

Bill: Seeing as how the build up to the Avengers was spread across a number of other films and it culminating in the $1.5B money machine it was, I don’t see how it could be in trouble at all. There’s clearly a vested interest in a sequel and that might be the trouble spot of which is being spoken to here. Getting that much star power together to make the first one was an epic undertaking, I’m sure. Can or will the stars align once again? If they do, I suspect it to be only slightly less successful than the first film since the fans are clamoring for it. It’s a great time to be a comic book icon right now. Just ask Robert Downey Jr.

David: Everyone wants more money, and that can burn a franchise. Yes they are all under contract, but that doesn’t mean that they have to show and be worth a shit. RDJ did as little as possible for Avengers and really isn’t interested in doing IM4. I think we are going to have major problems getting to Avengers III. The public is not going to spend 1.5B on a team with the Hulk, Wonder Man, Ant-Man, Wasp and Tigra.

3. Whats going to do better? Iron Man 3 or Superman 2.2?Superman 2

Bill: Now THAT is a tough call. IM3 has already shown to be a strong performer and has a recognizable star and two film base upon which to build. Continuity has been one of the strengths with it. The same cannot be said of the Superman franchise outside of the late Christopher Reeves playing the role. I do have far more faith in the brain trust that’s been assembled to re-boot it once again, but will it be enough? The build up to it, like that of IM3, has been strong; fan support is clearly there, and a lot of that is due to Nolan’s role in the film. He had tremendous success bringing Batman back around. Can he pull it off with Supe? Only the box office receipts will tell in the end. My money at this point is on the guy in the metal suit.

David: I have not (yet) seen IM3. What I have read, I’m not happy. (Rescue?) So It may be a bad movie- even though its gonna be awesome. Superman? Is it going to be able to push off the crud that was the last one? Is this Superman 2.2 or 3.0? I do love me some GENERAL ZOD though. I’ll lay odds on Iron Man. At least his starting point was much higher.

4. Better Franchise: Die Hard or Fast and the Furious

Bill: As much as I like cars, it’s hard to bet against Bruce on this one despite the somewhat ridiculous turns the franchise has taken on occasion. FnF is no different in that respect, but too much has changed within the story arc. At least DH has been somewhat consistent. Going further, the only reason FnF still exists is because they were able to throw wads of cash at Vin Diesel to bring him back. Without him, that franchise is toast and the travesty that was the second and third films showcase that rather well. Even as Willis ages on, he’s still got a lot of box office draw. One thing is certain: guns and explosions will always bring in the bucks, and DH has that in spades. FnF has had some success with that as well, but not to the same degree.

David: I’m gonna go FnF. Take Bruce out of Die Hard. What do you have? Shia LeBouff? Take Vin Diesel out of FnF, what do you have? 200 Million?  I’ve not seen the last ones of either series, but if my mufti-national criminal organization can’t beat a taxi-driver and a guy that voted for Warren Harding. They deserve to be shot.

Disney Star Wars

5. Is there a chance in Hell Star Wars VII is worth all this trouble?

Bill: I’m going to keep this one simple: NO. The fact that Disney is so eager to water down the franchise sickens me almost as much as it does with Lucas selling it off in the first place. Disney has the financial backing to make it a spectacle, but to what end? Why, honestly, must they? Individual character spin offs? Give me a damn break.

David: Will they still accept cash?
Disney has the money, and the staff to make this movie not suck. Since Lucas has given up this absurd idea he had all 9 written out before hand, maybe someone can start over and do this right. Rule number 1. No Luke Leia and no Han. Start this out 50 years after the fall of the Empire, and have some new Sith Jedi’s trying to take down the government. Not that hard. PLEASE don’t do this with Luke’s kids??


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