NFL DRAFT REVIEW: Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings

Welcome to my 2013 NFL Draft breakdown.

I love the Draft, it comes around my birthday, ESPN puts baseball back where it belongs, in segment 3, and it means the NFL year has started.

So lets go down the NFL Rosters and see how it went for each team.

I recently reposted my 2010 Draft Diary, for the first 3 rounds, so you can see how I did. I normally like to wait a bit before giving grades, just to kind of absorb what major changes have been made, and also to kind of combine what the team needs. Just because you need a QB, doesn’t mean you have to pick one in Round 1.

For Round 1 picks, I’m going to add in what I said during my Draft Diary.

1     16     E. J. Manuel      QB     Florida Statebuf-bills-helmet

What I said: HOLY SHEET- thats a reach.

Keep in mind, I’m an ACC guy, and this guy don’t SCARE me. If you are the first QB off the board- or in round 1, you need to SCARE me, and considering I have the Carolina TARHEEL defense, not the Carolina PANTHER defense, this is a bad idea.

I’m not saying he can’t sit a year, ala Steve McNair, and come out year two and be a monster, but won’t he be there in 20 picks? Sherrif? The Bills must not be looking at year 1 here, and thats ok, but still. I guess the ‘Cuse QB isn’t staying home.


I’m still trying to figure this out. I’m not sure the Bills were THAT far away, and to be honest, I’d rather they picked a run stopper (bottom 4 last 3 years) and scooped up Glennon or even Nassib a round or two later. Yes he’s 6-4 and faster than some running backs, but can he run like that in the snow? I just don’t get the pick. He never, EVER scared me at FSU.

2     41     Robert Woods      WR     USC

I like this pick. Woods keeps his head up, and can get some yards after the catch. He’s never going to burn a 80 yard catch at warp speed, but I think he can chew you up with clean routes. Just a solid pick at number 2.

2     46     Kiko Alonso      LB     Oregon     Pac-12

Pop question:
What does he have more of? Arrests or years as a starter? The answer is not the one you hope for.
Injuries- missed a season with ACL, and had problens with wrist and knee injuries.
So why pick him? When he’s on, he’s ON. He’s not going to help as much vs the run as vs the pass though. He can hit, play almost any spot on the second level and I think he could even run with TEs. Could be a very good player, could be forgotten.
Slight reach, but the Bills needed some defensive help. I’m just not sure this was the right guy.

3     78     Marquise Goodwin      WR     Texas

Runs a 4.36, but he’s short and does not run good routes. But as they say, you can’t coach speed. He doesn’t drop many balls, and he’s not afraid of contact. He’s gonna be scary on special teams if he gets past the wedge. If he gets and responds to coaching, he could be a STEAL.

4     105     Duke Williams      S     Nevada

And back the other way. Monster reach. Likes to hit, good in run support, but LaTech abused him,  like they did everyone else. I think he’s a great gunner on special teams, and could play a blitzing FS. But at 105? The Bills needed someone that could start.

5     143     Jonathan Meeks      S     Clemson

Another reach. I saw him play vs LSU and wasn’t overly enthused. He’s got speed, and range, but seems like he’s out of place too often. He might be better than Meeks, but I don’t think he helps on special teams like Meeks will.

6     177     Dustin Hopkins      K     Florida State

Best kicker in the draft- wait. KICKER. I don’t ever see the point of picking a kicker. First thing that comes to mind? Blowing the kick vs UNC! I’m not overly worried about him being FSU in Buffalo, he did well outdoors and has great range. If he plays a decade, then fine.

7     222          Chris Gragg      TE     Arkansas

Should have went higher. More of a classic TE then the failed Power Forwards that most teams want now. Another Arkansan that blew last season. Not the best route runner, but not scared to get hit. Will fight for the ball, and thats always a good thing. I like him better than the last 3 picks.

Overall? Mostly a miss draft. Ones I don’t like: 1, 2, 4,4, and 6. Ones I like: 2,3,7.
If EJ ends up being RG2.0 then fine, I’m an idiot. If he ends up being Akili Smith17.4, then Robert Woods is going to have problems as the only starter out of this draft.  As it stands? Awful.


Minnesota Vikings

1     23        Sharrif Floyd      DT     Florida min-vikings-helmet

What I said:STEAL of the Draft so far! I do not understand how a first team All-SEC player goes this low at DT.
He’s like Star, he’s not a pass rusher, but he can kill the run.

What I think Now: Still a monster pick. Again, I don’t see him chasing down RBs who got through another hole, but from point A to Point B, he’s a hard guy to stop.

1     25     Xavier Rhodes      CB     Florida State

What I said: I can see him moving to safety, if he learns to tackle, but can play CB for a year or two. I think he’s a bit of a reach, UNC torched him a few times this year.

What I think Now: I still don’t see anything wrong with him that good coaching can’t fix. Looking over a little bit, I’m wondering If I might have been to quick to move him to Safety. He might be better off at corner, until he gets better at dropping guys.

1     29     Cordarrelle Patterson      WR     Tennessee

What I said:I love his BALANCE. You have to hit him clean to take him down. He’s not a great route runner, but when he has the ball in his hands, he’s very good. The problem is, getting the ball in his hands.
But he could be a guy that we look back and say MAN how did he slip.
He could also be a guy that we forget ever played.

What I think Now: Again, what is the downside here? He’s 6’3, runs bad routes, but will fight for the ball. I’m not fussy. I think he’s returned his last punt though, No Percy means he’s number 1.

4     120     Minnesota Vikings     Gerald Hodges      LB     Penn State

Poor man’s Luke Kuechly. Homeless man’s? Likes to hit, has good range, moved up from Safety to Outside Linebacker. I think he sticks and I think he starts by the end of the season. He’s a little light, I don’t see him ever being effective if he cracks 250, so he may be one of those guys that they are always looking to replace, but year after year he’s there at a B+ level doing work.

5     155     Minnesota Vikings     Jeff Locke      P     UCLA

No. Never draft a punter. Ever. Get guys that make this position obsolete.

6     196     Minnesota Vikings     Jeff Baca      G     UCLA

Not the best pass protector, but if he points at a guy and runs at him, he can do some good. I wouldn’t hate to send AD behind him on third and one, but I’m not happy on 3rd and 15 if I’m Ponder. Worth a 6th? Sure. Does he ever start? I doubt it.

Overall I love the first 4 picks and I think they get 4 starters out of it. 5 if you count a PUNTER. A miss at 6 isn’t a bad thing. I love the draft, and for a playoff team, 4 starters just can’t he hated on. Losing a ton of picks may hurt long term, but this draft closes the gap with the Packers a HUGE amount.

Normally, I never worry about trades. I’m not going to ding you for trading all your picks for 1 guy if that one guy is Tom Brady, Anthony Munz or John Elway, you want to trade 3 number 1s for Ronnie Lott? Go right ahead.

But lets see what the Vikings did to get 3 number 1s.

Lost: Percy Harvin, 2,3,4,7

Gained: A 3 (2014), 7

Personally, I would have liked to give NE the 2014 no 3 and kept my own, and grabbed Barkley with that pick, but thats just me. Would I drop this much as a fan? Say Steve Smith instead of Percy and get those picks for Carolina? Depends. I end up with Cordarrelle, Star and Xavier? Ow. I just don’t know. If I get Star, Floyd and CP? I think I do that deal, and hate myself everyday.

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  1. Grabbing another QB to go along with Ponder and Cassel would have made sense for Vikes but I definitely like their draft over Buffalo.

    As a Jets fan I look forward to the Bills being our rival for the bottom of the AFC East for the next season or two.

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