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Sorry for the week off, but we are back in the swing of things with the MLB Roundtable. This week, the panel discusses David Price vs Umpire, The crisis in Los Angeles, and much much more.



Was David Price justified in publicly airing his grievances on Twitter regarding his fine over the incident with the umpire?

Steve– Price was obviously, and justifiably upset after being fined for virtually not doing anything. Clearly the umpire instigated the situation, and the majority of Rays’ players were shouting something at the umpire after verbally attacking Price. However, as justified as Price is to be upset, he really should not be knocking his “employer” on social media and saying things like “wait until the next time they ask something of me.” He is right on what he is saying, but probably should have kept if off of Twitter. As a fan, I don’t mind it, but I think MLB will ultimately get the last laugh.

Archie– I have no problem at all with Price’s twitter comments. His main issue all along was he wanted an apology from Hallion. He did not care about the fine the umpire received therefore I have no problem with him using a public media forum to express his grievance since MLB was not going to pursue the truth.

Bill: I think he should have simply manned up and accepted them. There was no need in airing anything across social media; however, expecting anything to the contrary of such would be ridiculously out of touch with today’s “share everything”


Between the Angels and the Dodgers, Which team should be most concerned?

Steve- The Angels. The reason they are in the most trouble is because they cannot afford to fall into a deep hole in the AL West. The Rangers, A’s, and one can even say the Mariners are playing good baseball right now. They have at least two teams who are going to be fighting for post-season, while the NL West has a better chance to take proper form in the next few months.

Archie– Offensively both teams are doing just Okay. The biggest problem for each team is currently pitching. Both teams have 5 blown saves. Both teams are in the lower 3rd of the league in WHIP as well as the lower 3rd for team ERA. The Dodgers are expecting to get Greinke back to help in the rotation soon and they have the best pitching of the two. Even though I am certain that Pujols and Hamilton will NOT finish the season with a sub 250 BA, I think the Angels should have the biggest concerns at this point.

Bill: That’s a tough one. I’d be more inclined at this point to say the Dodgers. While both have spent a lot of money to put a winner on the field, I believe more is at risk with the boys in blue.




With Brian McCann coming off the Disabled list, and Evan Gattis performing well, What should the Braves do?Mccann

Steve– Gattis is a multi-tooled player. With Heyward currently on the DL, you can utlilize him in Right Field. The Braves have a good problem to have, as they have solid players who can fill in at any given moment. Gattis is swinging a hot bat right now, and with McCann back in the swing of things, they are going to be a more dangerous team.

Archie– Exactly what they done against the Reds yesterday. Play Gattis in the OF and McCann behind the plate or some version of having both in the lineup at the same time. If Freddie Freeman needs a day off, Play Gattis at first. If McCann needs a day off, put Gattis behind the plate. Either way, I had rather see a smooth swing that is producing (Gattis) in the lineup over a floundering bat (BJU).

Bill: If Gattis is still performing well, I see no need to rush McCann back into the lineup. Depending on how game ready he is, he might need to work his way back into it rather than just being plunked right back into the lineup and upsetting everything that’s been built during his absence. While McCann is a known commodity and producer (his salary speaks to that), the Braves seem to be getting some value from Gattis and his relatively paltry contract. Why not let the kid play? Besides, it would appear that Gattis has some versatility to become a utility guy whereas the same might not be said of McCann.


The Pittsburgh Pirates and Kansas City Royals are off to strong starts, similar to past seasons. Which team has the best chance to keep it up and finish above .500 this season?

Steve– Kansas City has the BEST chance with their solid all around play. They have a pretty good pitching staff led by James Shields, and a really good lineup. One thing I like about this Royals team is that no matter how far down they are, they always play hard and will not quit. Ultimately, I do not think either will be over .500 at the end of the season, but KC has the best shot.

Archie– I will give KC the nod on this one. They have the better overall team pitching as well as team offense. And, given the second half collapse that Pittsburgh is known for, I have to go with KC until Pittsburgh can prove they can finish.

Bill: I think Pittsburgh has the better core of players and stay above the .500 mark. That’s not to say the Royals have a poor squad by comparison or that they won’t be able to reach the same record, but I still believe PIT will fare better as the season goes on unless McCutchen gets injured again and derails their progress. Both are in tough divisions, so it’s anyone’s ballgame (pardon the pun).



Will the Toronto Blue Jays will end up doing the same thing as the Marlins last season and disband their roster at the end of the season?

Steve-It is really too early to tell, but if they cannot turn things around by the trade deadline, they are going to begin unloading players at that time. Lesson be learned to all the MLB teams out there. The Miami Blue Jays experience should put you on notice that building your team around superstars is not the best way to go. The Marlins tried it last year and they were dead last, the Blue Jays basically bought the Marlins and now they are in last in the East. They have some time to turn this around, but they are in some serious trouble. (on a side note, Get well soon to J.A. Happ after taking a line drive to the head as this was written)

Archie– The Blue Jays in effect, overhauled their entire team during the offseason. However, like many other project teams,they are failing miserably in producing. Given the history of the league and the way CEOs handle non-productive guys with big contracts by selling or trading them off at the first opportunity; I don’t see how the Blue Jays don’t dump much of their payroll by the trade deadline of 31 July. I don’t think they wait for the offseason.

Bill: Will we see another fire sale like the Marlins had? I doubt it. The Jays do have some talent, but being in the same division as the Red Sox, Yanks, and O’s is a killer as it would be for any team. Another issue is that a good number of their better talent is on the DL and a contributing factor to the team being 8.5 games out of first. Sometimes you have to make some changes to get it going in the right direction… but sometimes it’s better to stick with what you’ve got. For the sake of those involved, I’m going with the latter on this one


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