2013 Draft Breakdown: Cardinals and Falcons

Welcome to my 2013 NFL Draft breakdown.

I love the Draft, it comes around my birthday, ESPN puts baseball back where it belongs, in segment 3, and it means the NFL year has started.

So lets go down the NFL Rosters and see how it went for each team.

I recently reposted my 2010 Draft Diary, for the first 3 rounds, so you can see how I did. I normally like to wait a bit before giving grades, just to kind of absorb what major changes have been made, and also to kind of combine what the team needs. Just because you need a QB, doesn’t mean you have to pick one in Round 1.

For Round 1 picks, I’m going to add in what I said during my Draft Diary.

Last time I did the Cowboys and Browns, This time, lets look at the Birds!

 Arizona Cardinals

1     7     Jonathan Cooper      G     North Carolina  Arizona Cardinals

What I said: Bit of a reach, but I guess with Old Man Palmer, and a brittle Mendenhall, they want some talent up front. I wonder if they could have jumped up to the Iggles pick and gotten more help?
Of course, any UNC player is awesome. Cooper is one STRONG mutha, solid, base hit pick.

Looking Back, I agree with myself. As long as the Cards leave him at Guard, and don’t try and make him a RT, or force him inside at center to take advantage of his quickness, he’ll have a long career, he is better vs the pass than the run though, but you are not going to hear his name often when the Cards are moving back 5 yards.

2     45     Kevin Minter      LB     LSU

Steal. Minter is a very good tackler, even though he is not a huge hitter, not many guys will break his tackles outside of the Ray Rice level. He’s going to replace Lenon before week 2, and could pair with Washington for many years. Love the player, love the pick at 45.

3     69     Tyrann Mathieu      CB     LSU

I wanted this guy at Carolina, lets be honest, if his head is 100% and not cloudy, he’s an All-Pro as a number 2 corner. He’s never going to be a stopper, but guys like Welker are going to HATE him, as the only way to really beat him is with size and super speed. The problem is, of course, the head. He could very easily be the subject of a 30 for 30 one day on the all wasted talent team. I’m more worried about the Cardinals staff mishandling him than the NFL commish. Love the pick.

4     103     Alex Okafor      DE     Texas

How in the HELL was he sitting here? Other than the fact his 40 time of 4.78 makes him more Offensive Tackle than Defensive End, and sometimes goes WAY out of position? Okafor is a MONSTER, and he will not quit. He’s a bull rusher with power to spare, and can drive guys backward into the QB, then go after his mother. If there is any way to add 20 pounds on his frame, he might even be a very good DT in a 4-3. Love Love LOVE the pick.

4     116     Earl Watford      G     James Madison

Well, there goes the streak. Huge reach here. Not the strongest guy, but has very good technique, I just don’t see 4th round talent here. Does have a bit of a mean streak, but could have lasted a round or two longer.

5     140     Stepfan Taylor      RB     Stanford

Like the addition, hits the holes quickly, but doesn’t have a second gear, doesn’t have the best balance. Its hard to ignore 3-times all conference, even in the Pac-12. The Cards do need backup with Beanie Wells, so he will get his chance, and he’s a pretty good receiver and blocker for his size. Not a bad pick at all.

6     174     Ryan Swope      WR     Texas A&M

I wish he was a little bit taller, I wish he was a baller
If he  had a -eh, forget it.

He’s a third WR, and could be a good one, I think he could stick on special teams, but I think good corners are going to be able to push him where they want him to go. There is a chance he could be very good, and depending on what roles they can find for him, could be a steal.

6     187     Andre Ellington      RB     Clemson

Holy Sheepdip what a steal! I like him better than Taylor.
Short speed back who could break some Reggie Bush type runs. As long as he’s not out there on 3rd and 1, he’s going to be very productive. I’m not sure how great he is going to be catching the ball in space, but anytime he has the ball in space, its a good thing.

7     219     D. C. Jefferson      TE     Rutgers

Not a bad pickup, but I’m not sure he survives camp. The Cardinals have a good blocker at TE and a good receiver at TE, problem is, they are not the same guy. There is a change he catches on, since he is a smart player, and works his way up the depth chart, especially if Housler keeps dropping passes.

Overall, I do like the draft, they very easily could have 5 starters, at the least 3, and they have 2 huge steals, plus 2 guys to throw in the RB derby. This was just a strong strong draft.

Atlanta Falcons

1     22         Desmond Trufant      CB     Washingtonatl-falcons-authentic

What I said: Just what Cam needs, more defensive back help in the NFC South. Trufant is FAST, and is more of a tip guy than a catch guy.
That might be the only problem here, but I can’t fuss too much about him.

Now: Same fears. The only other hole I see is poor tackling technique. Great. Something fixable.

2     60         Robert Alford      CB     Southeastern Louisiana

Can’t complain with this pick. Situational Corner, really speedy, wants to be a hitter- but at 5-10, 180, not really gonna put Cordarrelle Patterson (6-3, 210) on his arse with any fear. Good solid CB who could be a very good starter.

4     127         Malliciah Goodman      DE     Clemson

I like this guy. Local player, and looked DAMN good vs LSU in the bowl game. He can get blocked by one guy, but will drive that guy back, even though he may never get free. Can collapse a pocket by himself. I do wonder if he is going to go all out every snap, or is there a little Albert Haynesworth in him.

4     133         Levine Toilolo      TE     Stanford

HUGE REACH. I do not like this pick If I’m a Falcons fan. There were better options at TE out there. 6’7 and 265, can’t hurt. but in round 4? He’s a huge target and can catch. Problems? Can’t block for someone that huge, isn’t that powerful against a pass rusher. Not that fast. Does not run clean routes. Oh and did I mention he still wears a knee brace from a THREE year old injury?

5     153         Stansly Maponga      DE     TCU

Wasn’t as good in his junior year as he was in his sophomore season. He was also one of the few threats at TCU. Got good power and speed, and I think he gets in the rotation this year, if he doesn’t end up starting. My major question mark is how he does against the run.

7     243         Kemal Ishmael      S     UCF

Prospect, I’m not that big a fan, buts its possible he sticks on special teams.

7     244         Zeke Motta      S     Notre Dame

Great find in the final round, could have easily gone a few rounds higher. Pretty good press corner. I’ll be willing to bet he sticks to the roster for a while, maybe even gets a few starts.

7     249         Sean Renfree      QB     Duke

Lets see. ACC QB who lacks arm strength. Not exactly a huge winner or many monster seasons. Hmm, seems like they have that on the roster already. Renfree can be a good number 2 that is going to have pretty much the same playbook as the number 1 guy. Smarter than he plays, I bet he ends up a coach.

As a Carolina fan, All these guys suck and should be out of the league in 5 weeks. Objectively? The only bad pick of the lot is Toilolo, dammit. Even then you could do worse than have a guy hang out with Tony G and learn. I only see one starter, but 4 good rotation guys.

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  1. Props for the Skee Lo reference. I can never hate on some Skee Lo. I love the Cards draft for one reason: the Honey Badger! It’s been documented that Patrick Peterson is his best friend so to have that guy be your mentor should keep him in line. My only thing is he might be safety at the next level.

  2. Outside of Trufant I hate the Falcons draft. Hate it. They’re a good team so they’ll be fine this season but all I see are busts when I see their picks after Trufant.

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