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What up world? It’s me EJ, and I’m back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. This week I’ll talk a little Washington Redskins, a little more NBA playoffs, and I’ll riff a little on the retirement of British managerial icon Sir Alex Ferguson. Without much further ado: let’s get into it.wsh-redskins-helmet

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the Washington Redskins and a possible name change. Why are we so politically correct in the United States? As a people I genuinely feel Americans tend to make a mountain out of a molehill. What is so wrong with Redskins? Or the Atlanta Braves? Or the Cleveland Indians? All of them are iconic team names belonging to iconic franchises. Why mess with that? Case in point: I’m an alum of St. John’s University. A University that used to go by the name Redmen. When people think of St. John’s athletics many will still think of the Redmen. However, for the past 19 years the school has gone by the nickname the Red Storm. When I was a student of the University it was the Red Storm. No offense but it’s one of the dumbest nicknames ever. What in the hell is a Red Storm? At least you knew what the Redmen were, and there were some notable Native American tribes that settled in the New York City area. I take the name more as a tribute than as an insult. That’s why I support Redskins owner Daniel Snyder. Snyder has made it pretty clear that the Redskins will NEVER change their name. It’s a name associated with a rich tradition and according to a recent Associated Press poll close to 80% of Americans agree the team should remain the Redskins. Who doesn’t agree? Oversensitive asses don’t agree. To quote the homie Trinidad Jame$: Don’t Be Sensitive As Fuck Everyday. Leave somethings alone. Leave the Redskins alone, leave the Braves alone, leave the Indians alone, and for real lets bring back the Redmen to St. John’s University. I don’t know if there’s a group out there but if there isn’t your boy EJ is going to start one. Real talk.Bosh vs Noah

Stepping off my soap box, the NBA playoffs have now reached the 2nd round and all four series are tied up at a game a piece. All four series are entertaining, and all four series could very well go 7 games. I know that’s a change in my stance from last week, as well as the roundtables I have contributed to here on 7poundbag. For one thing the Heat will not do what Moses Malone once predicted the Sixers would do 30 years ago back in 1983. The Heat may very well win the title like the Sixers did, but like that Sixers team it won’t be by sweeping out their opponents. Dr. J and Moses dropped a game, and so have these Heat. The Bulls-Heat series has been so physical, I feel like instead of playing in the arena, they might as well be playing in the Octagon with Dana White somewhere shouting “Finish Him”. This shit is beyond physical. The same physicality appears to be brewing in the Pacers-Knicks series. Both teams have delivered body blows to each other in the first 2 games. While I think the Heat can knock the Bulls out in 5 games, I fully expect the Pacers and Knicks to trade wins in an exhausting 7 game series. Out West I have to finally acknowledge the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors should be up 2-0 on the Spurs, but Golden State deserves my props for taking it to the Spurs. I guess their beatdown of the Lakers in the 1st round wasn’t indicative of how good the Spurs are but how bad the Lakers were. Anyway, I won’t count out Tim Duncan but if the Warriors can take Game 3 then I do think it’s likely they will make it to the Western Conference Finals where I still think they’ll see Memphis lined up across from them. The Grizzlies are far from flashy but Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph form an intimidating front court, they get solid defensive play on the wings from Tayshaun Prince and Tony Allen, and point guard Mike Conley has really stepped up as a difference maker for them. I may have counted the Thunder out once Russell Westbrook went down, but as much as I like Kevin Durant as a player, he cannot do it all alone. The Grizz are going to have to take advantage of Games 3 and 4 in Memphis but I think they will. Grizzlies in 6 games.Sir Alex Ferguson

Finally, the day I’ve dreaded happened this week. The winningest manager in British history, Sir Alex Ferguson has retired from Manchester United. I hate to say Sir Alex is the club, but he is the club. The soon to be retired seventy one year old Red Devils manager has won Manager of the Year more than any other British manager, he’s won the Champions League more than any other manager, and he’s knighted! How many managers and coaches out there in sports have been knighted by their King or Queen? You can count on one hand folks. During his 26 years of management for the Manchester United Football Club Sir Alex has won 38 trophies. He has won 13 Barclay’s Premier League titles and 2 UEFA Champions League titles. Impressive silverware for a man who has managed 2,153 games (to date) and has won on average 58% of his games. Of course in fitting tribute to the man who has guided my favorite sports team (in all sports) his final game at Manchester United will be his 1,500th game with the club. In fitting fashion Manchester United has already won the title for this season and the game will be a mere formality. Expect 90 minutes of joy, celebration, and tears. I know on May 19th 2013, I will be in front of the TV, drinking beers, and crying. The Club may have already hired former Everton manager David Moyes (himself a native of Glasgow like Sir Alex, and he will be a fine replacement coming up to Manchester from his Liverpool based club) but although they’ve filled the chair, they may never fill the spirit. In true supporter fashion I leave you this week with the following words: Glory Glory Man United! Thank you Sir Alex Ferguson for your years of service to the best football (soccer here in the U.S.) team in the World and a fine welcome to your hand picked successor David Moyes.

So that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the blog and I wish you a good week. Please continue to support and peace!

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