MMA Roundtable – May 9th

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable for May 9th!

In the Blue corner, from LA via North Carolina, with a dent on his forehead, Daaaaaavid Snipes!

in the Red corner, from Boston Mass, and speaks 5 languages, Roooooooni Holzer!

This Roundtable is scheduled for 5 Questions.


1. Is Rockhold a valid headliner- even on FX?Luke Rockhold

Roni: Most definitely. He’s the last Strikeforce Middleweight Champion.

He’s on a 9 fights win streak with wins over solid guys like Jacare and Keith Jardine …

IMO he should have been the one fighting Silva next, while Weidman could have used one more fight to solidify his place as top contender over Vitor.

The fight would have been a Championship belt unification. Don’t think you’d be able to hype better than that.

David: I think Sonnen has a better chance in a rematch with Jones than Rockhold does against Anderson at this time. I could see him moving a good bit toward a title shot if he stops Belfort, then maybe a number 1 contenders fight with Bisping? I could see them going with him being the SF champ, if they had faith in him beating Belfort.
As for being a Main-Eventer, FX is the only spot he should ME on, I don’t think he’s PPV material yet.

2. What can be done about eye-pokes?

Roni:  There are two train of thoughts here.

1) Fighters need to be penalized. Doesn’t matter if on purpose or not.

Too many times fighters defend with open hands, and that is what causes those accidents. Penalize them. And as such, they will train with hands closed.

2) Close the fingers. The training gloves covers the fingers while still open enough to use grappling. Use that to fight!

David: Refs need to watch the fingers, and warn fighters when they open their hands going forward. I understand eye-pokes are going to happen, but some fighters are known for opening the hands while throwing. Athletic commissions and/or the UFC need to review and fine fighters for both the possibility and when they do poke fighters. Keep slapping 500/1K fines on a fighter, and he’ll keep his fists closed unless he’s on the ground.

3. Should the  Rashad/Hendo winner get the next title shot after Guffy/Machida?daniel cormier

Roni: No. How can they? Hendo just lost a fight. Rashad lost his last 2. How can they fight for the belt?

If anything the winner should start by fighting the loser of Gus & Machida and then I’d say fight the winner of Te Huna &  Glover for the top spot.

David: Only if its Hendo. The UFC wants Hendo vs Jones so bad, I’m almost stunned Hendo isn’t fighting Tom Lawlor in a number 1 contenders fight. If we get a power knockout from Hendo I’d say in a heartbeat. If Rashad wins, he still needs 2 wins at least. I could see Glover/Rashad up next, if they both win. Of course Cormier is going to get a title shot just as soon as possible so we are all waiting on him.

4. If Mousasi moves to 185, who should be his first opponent?

Roni:  How about Sonnen? 🙂

We both know he will not do anything at LHW. So bring him back where he has a chance to be a top fighter…

David: How about the Rockhold/Belfort winner? Mousasi could very easily be 2 fights away from a title shot.

5. If they had stopped the fight due to Jon Jones’ big toe, should Sonnen have been declared the winner?sonnen vs jones

Roni: As much as it pains me to say this, the rule is clear. Sonnen should have been crowned the champ.

The fight was stopped terribly early. Specially for a championship fight.

Any savvy fighter would not spend energy to get out from that position in the last 10-20 seconds. Turtle up and let the round end.

That round was lost for Sonnen already, weather he got out of that position or not.

Just remember: Lesnar was in the same position for most of the first round and the fight was allowed to continue. And while some would claim Jon’s beating was more brutal, note the time discrepancy. Lesnar was turtling for more than 3 minutes. Sonnen was in that position for about 10 seconds with 20 more to end the round!

Just see how fast he stood up, and he was very clear-minded, so he was not in any danger to be KO’d. He was defending himself intelligently. There was no reason to stop that fight that fast.

And if the fight stopped, since Jon wouldn’t be able to continue, Sonnen would win via doctor stoppage/TKO.  I loathe the thought, but Sonnen should be UFC’s new LHW champ right now.

David: Lets not be so hasty. Sonnen has said he didn’t notice the toe, and there are no legit attacks that would have done anything. Almost all doctors are looking at the face, and Jones wasn’t even marked, so he wouldn’t have looked at him twice.

So I don’t think they would have stopped the fight, and I’m not sure the ref would have saw the toe. Greg Jackson might have, and I’m sure he would have pushed Jones for the finish, and that could have been it. Sonnen is a MAN, but Jones was simply going to drop him on his butt again, and gotten the finish with taking a few more chances.

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