NBA Picks: Miami vs Chitown

This is our final matchup in Round 2, so lets look at the East Recap!Miami-heat big 3

Miami wins in 4, Both David and Bill said in 5.
Indy won in 6 as both David and Bill Predicted.
Knicks won in 6, as Bill Predicted, David said in 5.
Bulls won in 7, David was the MAN with that pick, Bill missed.


So in the big scheme of things, David is 4-0 in the East, and Bill is 3-1, but with 2 perfectos.

So how is this series going?


miami heatEJ: No need for paragraphs or amazing insight here. The Heat have the best player in the NBA in LeBron James, one of the best sidekicks in the game in Dwayne Wade, and a player in Chris Bosh that is overlooked night in and night out. Add Ray Allen, Shane Battier, and the rest of the cast, the Heat are just too good. Here’s how confident I am in the Heat: The Heat win in 4 games. Yup, another sweep. Fo’, Fo’, Fo’, Fo’? Maybe LeBron can do what Moses Malone promised the Sixers would do 30 years ago.

David: If Noah was 100% I’d take the Heat in 6, but with him being limped, I’ll go Fo as well.

DJ:  The Bulls are playing excellent ball right now and I expect them to bring it in this series as well. I understand Derrick Rose wants to “wait till he’s ready”, but he has to play. Even at 80% and playing just 15-20 minutes per game, he can help contribute. Especially, with Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich being banged up.

I think the Heat will be tested, but win in 6 games.

Bill: I never expected a sweep from MIA in this series since the opponent they would be facing would be far better than who they faced in the opening round. Seeing as how the Bulls can’t keep anyone healthy enough to make this a real series worth watching, I see this one being somewhat short but not as short as some might think. The Bulls have talent and resolve… and are as hungry to win as ever. Outcome? HEAT in 6.


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  1. So much for that sweep, EJ. I hate to say it, but I told you as much. The Bulls have talent, even without Rose. I ultimately expect to find MIA the winner in the end despite the surprise winner in game one.

  2. Seeing how MIA put a holy beatdown on them in the second game spoke well to their motives for the series. Playtime is clearly over and it’s all business now. I think MIA had a bit of complacency and arrogance going into that series and thus CHI stole the first game. It’ll be interesting to see how CHI responds to the beating they suffered. Now, perhaps more than ever, the team NEEDS Rose.

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