How to be a MMA Fan – Part 1

How to be a MMA Fan

Part 1.

So all your friends love them some MMA, and you have been wasting your time do other things like chasing women or trying to buy all that 14 year old Cuban pitcher’s rookie baseball cards.

But you don’t want to be an idiot. You don’t want the funny looks from your friends when you say Matt Hughes is scared to go to the ground against a Gracie.

You are in luck, MMA is fairly easy to become an expert in, as a fan. I’m here to help you out.

Part I

No Matter how deep you want to go in MMA History, there is not even CLOSE to the depth of sports like baseball, Football and basketball.

Let me give you an example- lets say UFC 160 has a main event of Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture- two Hall of Famers- that for some reason want to go one more time.

Here are the breakdowns of the two fighters if you want to see each and everyone of their fights.

Tito Ortiz Tito Ortiz

Ok, first you need to go and buy 26 UFC DVDs and you will have 27 of his 28 fights

Expensive? Sure- but feel free to go out and buy every single game tape of Peyton Manning at your local Wal-Mart or even Electronic Fry’s.

Now you are going to want to find all of Randy’s, not counting UFC 44  you will need another 23 DVDs and you will still be missing 6 of his fights that are not easily found as they are minor level fights.

And yes, I am aware of this thing called the internet. But good luck finding the entire Colts/Texans game from 2007 on YouTube, or the 16th meeting of the season of the Dodgers/Rockies from 2005 to get those pitchers either.

Lets see how much time it takes you to find every tape of Brett Favre vs John Elway, and you can debate that matchup!

Ok, so you have your stack of 49 DVDs covering every single fight but 7.

You are going to be camped out in front of the DVD player for 6 months right? Randy Couture


If you ONLY watch the Tito fights you are in for a GRAND total of.

A little over 5 hours and 20 minutes.


You will be watching for 4 hours 51 minutes, and if you find his other 5 fights you simply have to add another 35 minutes of time. Find Tito’s NHB fight and its only 2 minutes 27 seconds.

So in less than 10 hours you can watch each and every fight these two legends have ever fought- and you will be able to see almost every trick in the book- unless Randy goes for a flying armbar or Tito decides to develop a head kick.

If you want to add in Forrest Griffin’s fights to your expertise, you can simply watch 2 hours and 24 minutes of action in the UFC.

While most of us were watching UFC 158, you can be an expert in all things Griffith.

Now my point here is NOT that you have to sit down and memorize UFC 13 just to be an expert, my point here is to show that MMA is a far easier sport to get deep into than any major sport out there.

You can spend 10 hours and break down Tito and Randy far easier than even breaking down a NFL punter or the middle relievers of the White Sox.

You spend that amount of time and you can talk about how Tito holds his forearms in front of his chest with his fist pointed up and how he loves the double but will give up a single leg vs Randy rarely tries a double, preferring a single or even a clinch takedown, how Tito works to muscle on the ground vs Randy technique or even how the both work to improve position on the bottom over a submission- even though you will be stunned like everyone else when you see the Lyoto fight and Tito throws up a triangle.


OK, I’ve got the DVD- what the heck am I looking for?

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