NBA PICKS: Spurs vs Warriors , Thunder vs Memphis

nba-logoWelcome to Round two of the Western conference.

Lets go over round 1.

Both Bill and David picked the Spurs, but we both picked the Nuggets.

The Thunder were the pick of both men, but we actually disagreed on the Grizz/Clippers series.  David NAILED the pick, after looking stupid after game 1, to go 3-1 in the west as Bill is 2-2.

For round two, EJ joins the picks.

Spurs vs Warriors

The ORIGINAL Big Three
The ORIGINAL Big Three

EJ: The Warriors are coming off an upset of the Nuggets and the well rested Spurs are coming off an easy sweep of the Lakers. The Spurs play team ball, and rely on ball movement. They also play tough defense and that’s why I expect the Spurs to win in 5. The Spurs are going to smack Steph Curry around and disrupt the screens that Bogut and Lee (assuming he plays) will set for him. When the Nuggets were successful in their series it was because they disrupted Curry’s rhythm. The Spurs will give Curry a headache and take this series in 5 games.

David: Love me some Seth Curry, after years of cheering on his daddy on the Hornets. The problem they run into now is the difference between Karl and Pops is like the difference between Timmy and Shaq at the free throw line.  Curry is going to get his points, he’s just that good, but you can forget about Bogut looking like Willis Reed in round 2. The Spurs take this one quickly and efficiently in four.

Bill: I still find difficulty in understanding just how the Warriors managed to beat what was, on paper at least, a superior team in the Denver Nuggets. That series showed everyone that no one should ever be fully counted out until the last horn sounds. Golden State will look to capitalize on their shooting and speed against an aging Spurs team in the next round… but I think it’s not going to go as well as they hope. San Antonio has far too much veteran savvy to go down in the manner in which Denver lost, but just how much those cagey vets have left in their tanks is anyone’s guess. This should be an interesting matchup, but the end result should be all that surprising. Outcome? SPURS in 5.

Thunder vs Memphis

Grizzlies CoreEJ: I wonder if David Stern is cursing the fact that the Clippers and the Los Angeles market is no longer in the playoffs. OKC and Memphis may both play good basketball but neither team play in a coveted media market. Anyway, losing Russell Westbrook is a big blow for the Thunder. It’s one that’s too big to overcome. I like Gasol and Randolph to match up well against Perkins and Ibaka and I think Tony Allen will do enough to frustrate Durant. Grizzlies in 6.

David: I went back and forth on this one.
The thunder were going to have problems with Marc Gasol anyway, since Serge looks like poo and Perkins is stealing money. The problem? Durant can drop 40 on you, and you never know who can drop 20 on you as well. I just don’t trust Mike Conley. I’ll take the Grizz in 6, but I’m not happy.

Bill: No one ever saw Westbrook going down as he did, but his being unavailable will be a true test of the depth and resolve of the Thunder in this series against a much tougher opponent in the Grizzlies. Despite the All-World play of Durant, he simply cannot do it alone. James Harden would have been the perfect fit to a missing Westbrook but he’s no longer on the team. While Kevin Martin is a deadeye shooter (weird stroke and all), I don’t see him being able to bring the necessary production off the bench, or even as a starter, on a continual basis as will be required for this series. This one is a toss-up, for sure. Outcome? OKC in 7.

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