The Blog About Nothing 5/3 Edition

Welcome back to another edition of The Blog About Nothing. Technically, this is the 5th blog in the series, but I decided it’s best to leave the numbering system alone. The shit didn’t make any sense, and I’ve taken the last two weeks off, so I doubt y’all even remember the first 4 blogs. If you want to go back and read them, then you can on the website,

NBA logoLet me kick this blog off with some playoff basketball. I feel like Kurtis Blow right now. They’re playing basketball, I love that basketball! As a fan this is the best time of the year. Games on every night, and they all mean something! Well, unless you’re a Lakers or Bucks fan since both of those teams got knocked out faster than a Tyson opponent in Mike’s prime. My bad. Low blow. Anyway, you have the Celtics taking it to the Knicks, the Pacers-Hawks and Bulls-Nets series engaged in some good back and forth and all of the Western Conference series (minus those bitch ass Lakers of course) are competitive as well. There might be a few Game 7’s going on this weekend and ain’t nothing wrong with that! Since my team is out of it (well let’s be honest they never had a chance…screw you Mike D’Antoni) I have no real rooting interest but I am going to keep a close eye on the Western Conference. Westbrook’s injury should keep Oklahoma City out of the Finals since Kevin Durant cannot possibly get them that far by himself, and even though the Spurs made quick work of that “team” that calls the Staples Center home, I’m not convinced they can make it to the Finals either. The Spurs move the ball well, and play team ball, but I would like to see how they matchup against a team that actually has an offensive scheme and can play defense. Lord knows they didn’t see a team capable of that in the 1st round. Lord knows. The team I do think can make it out of the West? Memphis. As crazy as that may have sounded a few months ago, the Grizzlies have a talented frontline in Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph, and play the tough nose defense that is necessary in the playoffs. I’d never thought I’d say it and a Heat-Grizzlies series might be David Stern’s worst nightmare but I think that’s where these playoffs are going. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

NFLNext up is a quick NFL Draft recap. I’ll admit that I wasn’t able to see much of the Draft. I was on vacation for the past 2 weeks, and TV just wasn’t available. I did see the 1st round, I was able to catch Geno being drafted by the Jets (more on that later) and my boy former University of Michigan quarterback (Go Blue!) Denard Robinson being drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 5th round. Hopefully Denard will be able to convert to running back or wide receiver to make it in the NFL but I’m rooting for him. Shoelace might not have the arm to be an NFL quarterback but he definitely has the speed and the elusiveness to make the transition to a skill position. I also liked the Jags picking up Ace Sanders from the University of South Carolina. Ace might be undersized for a wide receiver, but if they stick him in the slot, and get him the ball in space you will see that kid in the highlight reels. Believe that. Look out for the kid. For the most part I have no complaint with team selections but I’m stunned that the Bills took EJ Manuel in the first round. I’m no Mel Kiper Jr. but I do watch a good amount of College Football and what I saw out of EJ Manuel at Florida State didn’t scream 1st round quarterback. I also said the same thing about his predecessor at FSU, Christian Ponder, and he too shocked draftniks when he was taken 12th overall by the Vikings a few seasons back. I don’t want to root for a young brother to fail, but I hope for the Bills sake the team lets EJ sit on the bench for a while he learns the pro game. Throwing him to the wolves on week one will not help the kid or the franchise. I’ll say the same for Geno and the Jets. Don’t start him week one. Please don’t start him on week one but they should do one thing…GenoSmith

Cut the damn Sanchize! It’s over Mark. It’s been over. Don’t call us, we’ll call you. Except that we will never call your ass again! Mr. Butt Fumble please exit the door on the right! You got to go Mark Sanchez. Drafting Geno Smith should hopefully end the Mark Sanchez error in New York. I know Sanchez apologists are reading this and saying: “he took us to two AFC Championship games, and if they provided him with better receivers and running backs he could be effective.” Blah, blah, blah! The defense took the Jets to those title games, and yes the Jets could have had better personnel around him but it’s clear that Mark was in over his head with this team. I’m not saying Geno Smith will be better. I’m not saying David Garrard will be be

So is Monster one N or two?

tter but what I am saying is that it’s time for change in the New York Jets organization. Getting rid of Tim Tebow was step one (amazing human being but he’s a shitty excuse for a quarterback) and step two is letting Mark Sanchez revive his career elsewhere. Step three would be firing Rex Ryan (which will likely happen after another poor season). Change is inevitable. Change needs to happen for most people, most places, and most things. Change has to occur in the New York Jets organization. The circus has had it’s run. It’s time to close. Time to deflate the tents. Time to release the animals and time to move the hell on! Change…something to believe in Gang Green.

So that’s it, that’s all. Another edition of The Blog About Nothing is in the books. Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting all the good work that is being done by the contributors of 7Poundbag. We’re just everyday guys trying to make something happen so your support is much greatly appreciated. One love, and until we meet again: peace.

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