2013 NFL Draft: Cowboys and Browns

Welcome to my 2013 NFL Draft breakdown.

I love the Draft, it comes around my birthday, ESPN puts baseball back where it belongs, in segment 3, and it means the NFL year has started.

So lets go down the NFL Rosters and see how it went for each team.

I recently reposted my 2010 Draft Diary, for the first 3 rounds, so you can see how I did. I normally like to wait a bit before giving grades, just to kind of absorb what major changes have been made, and also to kind of combine what the team needs. Just because you need a QB, doesn’t mean you have to pick one in Round 1.

For Round 1 picks, I’m going to add in what I said during my Draft Diary.

dls-cowboys-HelmetSo lets start off with a team that most people think did the worst- the Dallas Cowboys!

1     31     Travis Frederick      C     Wisconsin        

What I said:

I think Ball should have been the Badger they picked.

Huge reach here, I am not a fan. I’m guessing Jones just took the best Center on the board. Its a need pick, but again, they could have dropped back or picked a similar guy in round 2. Its not like trades aren’t out there and they have to wait until round 5.

Looking back, there have been quite a few defenders of the pick, saying if you have a need (and the Cowboys have a HUGE need at Center) and can fill it for 6-7 years, then its a great pick.
In that case, then why don’t teams draft Kickers and Punters in round 1, and seal that position for the next TWO decades? I do understand its a great point, but my theory is why draft a player at 30 when he will be there at 40, or even 50 on some boards? Yes he was the best, to some, but was he noticeably more than Barrett Jones or Khaled Holmes -who both went in round 4? I am a firm beleiver you fix a running game by getting a better O-Line, so they tried, but the problem with the Cowboys was DEFENSE last year.

2     47     Gavin Escobar      TE     San Diego State    

I hate this pick, let me get to the problem with the player- he’s not that strong, and not a very good blocker, and he’s not the fastest guy at TE.

That being said- if you have a QB that isn’t a pinpoint thrower, and Romo is that guy, then he’s the perfect TE, the ball just seems to find his hands, he catches everything that comes his way. I’m not sure he gets OPEN on the NFL level though, but at 6’5, he can go over the middle and get his yards.

My biggest problem? Where was TE on the Cowboys need list? Top 10? Is Witten under arrest and I missed it? I’m not sure the Cowboys are going to a 2TE set, and even if they do, where does Gavin go? One TE goes 10 yards and the other runs a curl? I also think this was a reach pick.
3     74     Terrance Williams      WR     Baylor

This pick I like. Williams does drop the ball, but he can get open, and can jump, plus he’s a big dude. He’s also gonna be an underneath type of guy, I don’t see him burning guys, but he is going to catch quite a few balls. I’m not sure he’s ever a star, but if goes and catches bricks with Jerry Rice, he can have a good long career in Dallas.
3     80     J. J. Wilcox      S     Georgia Southern

REACH!!!! Wilcox is not that fast, not that quick, and is 5’11 from a small school. The one thing he does, is catch the ball, there will be no dropped interceptions here.He can also be dangerous on a safety blitz.
4     114     B. W. Webb      CB     William & Mary

He’s 5-10, not a great leaper, but seems to make a ton of big plays. I think it could be a good pick, if he works hard in camp. I don’t hold small school against him as much as I do his issues vs the run.
5     151     Joseph Randle      RB     Oklahoma State

I really like this pick here, with no running backs taken in round 1, you almost could add a round and even if the Cowboys had picked him a round earlier it would have been a good pick. How do you lead the Big 12 in rushing and fall this far? I don’t think he’s an everydown back, or even close, but he could be very good if they keep him around 18 touches a game, as he is a good receiver.
6     185     DeVonte Holloman      LB     South Carolina     SEC

Another good pick, really good legs, loves to hit, and can stick a blocker or a target and make them stay down, the problem is his range is not what you want in a linebacker on the NFL, if you get out of his range, he’s not going to get you. I could see him as a pass rushing guy on 3rd and 10, but I don’t think he can play on special teams with his closing range defensively.

Final: You have 2 starters here, Williams  and Frederick. With the holes on defense, and the way teams moved around the draft board,  they should not have reached on as many players as they did. You have 2 bad reaches, 3 guys that fell to them, a pick that they did need, and a pick that doesn’t fill a need.   Overall, I don’t like the draft, but nothing overly ignorant other than Escobar.

Next up, lets look at the Cleveland Browns

cle-browns-helmet1 6  Barkevious Mingo DE LSU

What I Said:
I love him more than Dion and MILES more than Ansah. Yes that was an LSU jab. Mingo might not have been the right pick for the Browns, but he’s going to play a decade, and could be VERY good if he gets someone to stop doubles. I think he ends up a Linebacker eventually.

As some of you know, My wife is a HUGE LSU fan, So I’ve seen a ton of Mingo. I’ll be very interested in how he does and how the Browns staff works with him. If he went to a team with a monster good or an awesome position coach, he could be a star, if he ends up with a coach that only worries about production and ignores development, he’s toast, until the Pats or some other team scoop him up in 3 years for a mid-round pick. I do like the pick, but it might have been a bit early. I like him better than Dion though.

2 WR Josh Gordon- Supplemental Draft

Gordon is a keeper, and I really think he was a great value in the second round. Better QB means better numbers, but I do think the Browns got a very good player in the second.

3 68 Leon McFadden CB San Diego State

Played WR at first, might even take some snaps there, since he can catch, just a plain good athlete with very good speed and busts his ass. I don’t see him ever being a top corner, but could have a LONG career as a number 2 guy, and there is nothing wrong with that in Round 3, even though this might be a little early. He’s only 5-10, and not very strong, so I think he’s going to be a bit of a liability in run support.  He could be a special teams standout.

6 175 Jamoris Slaughter S Notre Dame

Bit of a reach, but he’s a smart player- I could see him sticking on special teams.

Overall this draft comes down to Mingo. With only 4 picks and teams flying up and down the board, they very easily could have dropped a dozen spots and made up for only having 3 picks. Dropping back twice and getting Sharif and 2 no2s might have been a better outcome long term, but if Mingo develops and becomes a double digit sack threat, especially with the help around him, and McFaddin’s attitude rubs off, this could be great. I think they have 3 starters here, if you count Gordon, and a 75% hit rate- even on the Browns- is great.



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  1. Good recap. I think the Cowboys are suffering because Jerry Jones won’t step aside. That Randle pick looks like it could pay off but the rest of the draft looks horrible for the ‘boys.

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