Genuine, Authenic, and Truthful


On Monday Washington Wizards center Jason Collins announced to the world he is gay. Most of us knew this was inevitable. The only question was when. Collins says he wanted to be genuine, authentic, and truthful, but why now? He’s been in the NBA 12 years. I’m not so sure this was as courageous as some would think. Smart maybe, courageous no.

Collins is a free agent after a 6 game stint with the Washington Wizards at seasons end. In all probability his career is over. Collins came into the league out of Stanford in 2001. At 7 feet and 260, in 12 years, he’s never averaged more than 6.4 points a game. His career numbers are 3.8 points and 3.6 rebounds. Collins’ one moment of glory came in 2011, when he became the “Dwight Stopper” after he had a bunch of good games against then-Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard. By now you’re probably asking yourself, what does that have to do with his sexual preference. My point exactly; nothing. He’s 34 years old now, and probably finished. If this were as genuine as he would have us believe, he wouldn’t have shown up on the cover of Sports Illustrated within hours; which indicates to me he called them 1st. Pardon me if I see this as a publicity stunt to further the gay agenda. The only thing this has done is make some of his teammates a little uncomfortable in the shower.

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  1. To go along with that, why did the President of the United States call him personally to give his support?

  2. Because Obama is preparing an army of gay drones (emblazoned with the seal of the unicorn, which is well known universally as the official Seal of the Army of Gays) that will begin launching attacks on US cities, shooting gay sperm from 20,000 feet onto the heads of unsuspecting straight people. Obama is planning to target sporting events first, since these gatherings have the highest straight person per capita ratio.

  3. Now it’s being reported that for the past 8 tears he’s been with a women, and has been engaged for the past 6 years. When did he “discover” his preference? Sorry, I’m just not buying his story.

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