Now there were FIVE: Tebow is CUT!

So is Monster one N or two?
So is Monster one N or two?


The Jets walked into the draft with 5 QBs on the Roster.

They added Geno in round 2 with a somewhat surprising pick in my mind.

So they made room with cutting Tebow. I know somewhere in Bristol Stinky is dancing.

I’m kinda surprised he was cut, even after the draft.

I figured they would try and get something for him.

I look at the Jets rotation this way.

Starter, Mark Sanchez
Backup: David Garrard
3rd/Emergency: Geno Smith.

I don’t see Greg McElroy sticking around, even though I liked what limited snaps I saw, how Matt Simms sticks I have no idea. Keeping 4 QBs makes NO sense to me in the modern NFL.

So where does Tebow go? Lets break it down. I got SEVEN teams he could goto.

NFC East

Redskins- RG3 likes to run, Tebow needs to run to be effective. Snyder would love to add that kind of fandom. If they had a better line, I could see him there.

Cowboys- Cause Jerry Jones signed Ryan Leaf.

NFC South


NFC North

Packers – They love to pile talent, and Tebow can run on Ice, even if he can’t walk on water.

Lions – Same reason.

NFC West

Seattle – See Redskins.

AFC East

Patriots. Just cause the Hoodie is smarter than me.

AFC South

None. The Jags are trying to build a winner, and the pressure on making Tebow a number 1 is way too great. He’s a solid number 2, at BEST, and a third down back.

AFC North

Pittsburgh – Lets see, hardnosed, smart, clean- nope, Steelers never look there. Big Ben can get a breather on 3rd and 1 on occasion.

AFC West


So my picks?

Steelers, Pats and Redskins. But he might be better served going to the CFL for a year.


Greg McElroy

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  1. Pats are 3 deep, but they might trade Mallet.

    Skins still list 4 QBs on their roster as well……….

  2. Tebow does seem to fit the mold of a Steeler but as you all pointed out there is no room on the depth chart. I’m starting to think Tim’s career is over but if he does end up with a team next year how about the Chicago Bears? Marc Trestman was complimentary of Tebow and his “skills” not too long ago and the Bears don’t have a real backup to Cutler.

  3. I’m still surprised the Jets made the move to acquire him in the first place. It seems as though they did it to drive Sanchez into performing better, but I don’t see how that was successful given that Tebow hardly saw any snaps or time on the field in general.

    With a much stronger prospect to usurp Sanchez’s apparent stranglehold on the first string job, it’ll be intriguing to see how this all pans out. Will Rex Ryan finally concede that Sanchez is simply NOT the best player for the team at that position, or will he continue on with his nonsense methods? I don’t really see Smith being a good fit in NY anyway, but it’s going to have to work.

    As for Tebow, I kinda feel bad. The dude has a good heart and can play, but it is surprising that no one has yet to sign him. I wouldn’t mind seeing him picked up here in AZ in a hybrid QB role. He’s gotta be better than Hoyer for the third string spot.

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