2013 NFL Draft Diary part 2

NFL DRAFTNFL Draft Diary part 2

Part One


Steelers are on the Clock!

Pittsburgh SteelersSteelers select: Jarvis Jones LB Georgia

Looked very good when I saw him. Little slow, but smarter than hell. Solid base hit pick.

Guys talk character and how he is a 15 on a 1-10 scale.

I hate when people do that, why isn’t he a 16 on the 1-10 scale?

Cowboys trade to the Niners


sf-49ers-helmetNiners select Eric Reid S LSU

ESPN has forgotten all abou Geno, and are now on the TEOPIMP clock.

I personally would be fine adding Teo to my team, he’s not the fastest, he’s not a game changer, but he’s smart (on the field,) and tends to be where he needs to be.

I’d put him in the weight room with Howie Long and work on his tackling, and watch him develop.  The Giants are not taking him.


ny-giants-HelmetGiants select, Justin Pugh G Syracuse

So they did get a Syracuse player, just not the QB.

You never can go wrong getting O-Line in the middle of the first round.

Mel talks about his short arms, to me, that just screams guard. Eli should be happy.

We move on to the Bears, and we are still on the PIMP TEO run. Mort has no problems with his arms- what are they, like a foot long or something? I’m more worried about the width of the arms over the length.

Gruden wants a TE. I understand that. I can see Teo here, but not really. I’ll look WR here, or even front 7 help.


Bears Select:  Kyle Long, G Oregon

Son of HOWIE!


I don’t get the pick, I really don’t. He’s not a day 1 starter. I would think that he’s a pick for someone else, but I have to think there are better choices to help this team. He might be great in year 2, but hoe long does Cutler have? He never really stood out in Oregon to me.

cin-bengals-helmetBengals pick Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame

And we have a Golden Domer off the board! Its not the one ESPN loves, but still.

Love the pick. He’s a day 1 starter, and he’s gonna be really good. Dalton is gonna be a happy happy guy.

SIX FRIKKEN FIVE people! I’m trying to see all the starting QBs ND has put in the NFL. Oh yeah. If Marvin Lewis can’t get this guy the ball 60 times this season, he should be fired.

Falcons trade up to the Rams.

atl-falcons-authenticFalcons select Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington

Just what Cam needs, more defensive back help in the NFC South. Trufant is FAST, and is more of a tip guy than a catch guy.

That might be the only problem here, but I can’t fuss too much about him.

Gruden keeps pimping the Honey Badger. SHUT UP JON! The Panthers are not on the clock!

US military gets brought out. I have no Idea why they do this, but never gonna complain about it. I’d almost rather have them announce the picks. (Round 2?) Find a fan of each team in Walter Reed and have them do the round 2 picks?)

min-vikings-helmetVikings select Sharrif Floyd DT Florida

STEAL of the Draft so far! I do not understand how a first team All-SEC player goes this low at DT.

He’s like Star, he’s not a pass rusher, but he can kill the run.

One heckuva pickup there.

These picks are getting cheap with moving up- I mean goodness. I’m waiting for the Pats to have the entire second half of the first round one year.

ind-colts-authenticColts select Bjoern Werner DE FSU

I don’t think he’s strong enough to play DE. I think he goes back to LB.

Vikings are back on the clock. They are pimping Teo again. I love how the “insider” names 5 guys they may take- great job!

I like Werner, don’t get me wrong.


min-vikings-helmetVikings pick Xavier Rhodes CB FSU

BTW, he was third on the list the “insider” said they may pick.

I can see him moving to safety, if he learns to tackle, but can play CB for a year or two. I think he’s a bit of a reach, UNC torched him a few times this year.

Three Florida State players so far!

Ok, whats odder, three FSU players in round 1, or 6 Pro Bowlers from the same team with the first overall pick?

I have no idea where the Packers go, they have more needs than you think, yet the players they have are such they could slide around and fit them. Williams from UNC should go, but I could see Teo, I could see Olgetree, maybe even Patterson- gun to my head- I’ll take someone not even on Kiper’s top 10 available.

gb-packers-HelmetPicks been in for a good 5 minutes by the way.

Packers select Datone Jones DE UCLA

Like I said, outside the top 10. I think he also moves to LB, unless they pile some weight on him.

My question is- does he help the RUN defense? I think he’s better vs the pass.

Texans on the clock. Patterson or Hopkins should be the pick here. Adam pimps Hopkins

Of course Teo and Geno get pimped. Like the Texans are gonna take either one, dumbasses.

I get the feeling Geno isn’t seeing Round 1. Cue Whitlock.


Texans select DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson

Its taking King Roger longer to get to the podium than it does for the team to pick.

Shefter is tossing out a trade for Teo. Minny wanting to give up a 2/3/4 for the Pats pick, I’d take that deal.

I like Hopkins, I saw him every year vs UNC- I’m just not sure he’s better than Patterson long term.

ESPN is so worried about Geno and Teo, they have forgotten about breaking down who should go next.


Denver select Sylvester Williams DT UNC

He’s from UNC, so I love him. He’s not super quick, but he’s STRONG. He does NOT take plays off.

I think he’s a keeper.

Minny has made the trade with the Pats. 2/3/4/7 for the Pats number 1.

I love the trade, I wish Carolina would do that more often.

Minny is on the clock, again. I’m not sure Teo is the pick here. Patterson might go here. Mel pimps Teo.

Picks been in for a good 2 minutes, but we need to talk some BostonStrong.

I guess they did that for the Pats pick, then figured they were NOT gonna waste it on day 2? Former Patriot gives a speech on the Boston Bombings. He pimps the first responders. He does make sure he mentions the normal people that jumped in with the first responders.

They pan the crowd- quite a few seats available.


Vikings select, AGAIN, Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee

I love his BALANCE. You have to hit him clean to take him down. He’s not a great route runner, but when he has the ball in his hands, he’s very good. The problem is, getting the ball in his hands.

But he could be a guy that we look back and say MAN how did he slip.

He could also be a guy that we forget ever played.

I do wonder if he wouldn’t have lasted a bit longer. I would have made the trade, but I’m not a big fan of trading that much for skill position players.


Rams select Alec Ogletree ILB Georgia

HUGE talent. Hits everything. I think he stays inside, after he eats the playbook.

Adam is full-on Teo to the Ravens mode.

He’s talking about how genius Newsome is, getting the perfect player at the perfect time.

Uh, the Cowboys do have a pick, and the Ravens can still pick another guy, so calm down ok? I think someone tazed Mel, he never brings up Teo.


Sign in the crowd, can we trade our picks for a new GM?

Cowboys select Travis Frederick C Wisconsin.

I think Ball should have been the Badger they picked.

Huge reach here, I am not a fan. I’m guessing Jones just took the best Center on the board. Its a need pick, but again, they could have dropped back or picked a similar guy in round 2. Its not like trades aren’t out there and they have to wait until round 5.

Raven are up to close us out.


Ravens Select Matt Elam S Florida


Fast and strong. Not scared of anything. Mel said that it was either Teo or Elam. What? They didn’t think of Geno Smith?

I like the pick.

Mel gives a few guys he’s looking for.

Berman pimps Mel’s book- his last year doing it.

We sign off.

Overall, I like the Kiper/Gruden pairing, Mel pimps the D and Gruden wants offense. I wasn’t that impressed with Berman, he’s kinda just there a lot.

We go over to the Sportscenter- who throw it RIGHT to Berman- who says “Did you miss us the 20 seconds we were gone?” I love it.

Suzy Kolber couldn’t get an interview with Geno, says he’s fine and going home.

I’ll say this- if Geno goes home- it hurts him a good bit.

I’m gonna sign off the Diary, and try and catchup on about 10 hours of Tivo I have. In real life its the third round, and sadly, my 40th has put me behind the 8-ball for timing.


Thank you for reading.

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  1. Vikings killed the second half of the 1st round and Jarvis Jones should have gone to the Jets at #13.
    Poor combine performances be damned!

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