Aereo could change our world

Have you heard of Aereo?Aereo

Its a small startup, taking on some MAJOR people, and to be honest, could drastically change quite a bit in our world.

As some of you know, I’m old. One thing that always stuns young people, is used to, when you missed a TV show, you just missed it, you had to ask friends, wait till the summer and hope it was rerun, or read about it on this thing that we used to call a “newspaper”

There was no DVR, TiVo, streaming, or season DVDs that came out almost the second the season finale airs.

But back to Aereo, what this company does is take over the air broadcasts, and stream them over thier website. If you live way out in the woods, or are in an area where local channels just don’t come over the cable/dish/etc signal, or even if you live on the East Coast and miss the first 10 minutes of Idol, you can pop over to Aereo, and get the west coast feed.

Brilliant Idea. I wish I had thought of it.

But here is the problem. They don’t have permission and they are making some network people upset.

Some, such as FOX have talked about stopping broadcasting over the air and preventing this, lets be honest, piracy.

If I was a broadcaster/advertiser, I personally don’t have a problem with it, they are still streaming, they are still showing MY ads. If they were replacing my ads- my source of revenue, with theirs, then I could see the issue. This isn’t Napster- and most TVs don’t have ads you can click on. I would rather have my stats from Aereo, and possibly try and get them to push my programming over say another market.

Say I’m the NBC person in Houston, and someone in Tyler wants to watch the Big Bang Theory. I want them to watch MY feed, not the Dallas feed, but that’s my thinking.

But lets get back to whats going on.
Fox is threatening to yank all its signals from over the air and go only through its approved providers.

If this happens, then what?

1. People who can’t/won’t get cable/sat services are toast.

2. All that money the gov’t wasted making broadcasters go to digital feeds (remember those boxes?) really becomes a waste, since they would be useless.

3. All those huge antennas on the edge of town? Also useless, since the relays would be on a dish, instead of on those.

But here is the fun part.

If Fox and the rest DO pull over the air signals, then they won’t NEED the airwaves.

Got a cellphone?

The Major networks take up a LOT of the airspace.


Companies like ATT, Sprint, Metro and the rest fight and bid themselves up for that airspace, money that comes from YOU. If you multiply the airspace by a factor of TEN- or more- then you wont have all these tiny companies getting bought out for the customer base and the sliver of airspace. They won’t need them.

For the vast majority of the US, this case won’t matter. Aereo isn’t going to affect my TV watching one iota.

But you give ATT the band that NBC had,
You give Sprint the space that ABC had,
You let Verizon jump the CBS space,
Fox abandons its room for T-Mobile and Metro to split, then let everyone else have what the Cell Phones currently use?

It would be like going to a fast foot restaurant and all you had to pay for what the onions.

This could also mean some companies could try to push even more out there, data plans could vanish, or on the flip side, they could try and push even more content to us. HD movies on a cell network?idol

This could come back to nail the broadcast companies, however.

Aereo can pick up American Idol and stream it over the internet, so
What is going to stop ATT and HBO hooking up and sending Game of Thrones to my Iphone?

This could really hurt the broadcasters, since they are still fairly slow in changing, and still run by the FCC, moving off the public airwaves would end this (Nudity and swearing!!)

Soon there could be no difference between NBC and HBO. Could that be a bad thing?

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