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ED NOTE: Back in 2010, I did a running Diary of the 2010 NFL Draft- Enjoy just how brilliant I am.

Welcome to a running commentary of the 2010 NFL Draft. The time is 7:00pm EST and I’m ready to report analyze and mock all of the events of Round one. First a disclaimer: I do not own a crystal ball. No one, including myself, knows which players will one day ride a career full of achievements into canton, and which will be riding a moped to the CFL by their third season. I can’t tell which is which (except for whomever Al Davis drafts-I can tell that guy is doomed). What I can do is offer a informed analysis of what teams need and how well those needs are addressed or ignored by selections.

So without any further ado! It’s time to wait…

Now the first decision: NFL Network, or ESPN?

After some internal debate, I’ll be watching ESPN. The NFL Network generally offers better analysis, but a lot less material for a commentary. For Example, Chris Carter has already offered up this gem when asked who the safest pick in the entire draft: “Dez Bryant. We already know receivers bring a lot more to the table!” A spit take followed.

Now for a very exciting moment. They’re now introducing the 2010 NFL draft attendees. We now get to determine who will follow in the footsteps of Jamarcus Russell, Glenn Dorsey, and Tyson Jackson as “the guy who already looks to have blown his entire signing bonus on diamond jewelry the size of his head.”

Nothing yet. This may have to wait until we see them answer their phones and their sleeves fall down.

So the biggest question we have right now is “Do the Rams have something up their sleeves with the first overall pick, or are they simply being morons by not working out a contract with Bradford beforehand?”

It’s one or the other. And unless the Rams plan on holding open tryouts at QB the needle is pointing toward “morons.”

The Rams are about to be put on the clock. I’m betting they’ll use all of their time to make a decision they’ve been faced with since January.

Sheriff Goodell steps to the podium. And we’re off!

Some quick numbers, the Rams scored a whopping 10.9 points per game good for last in the NFL. 29th in pass TD’s, 28th in interceptions thrown and they’ve dumped Marc BUlger. On the other hand, the Rams ranked 31st in points allowed, 31st in opponents passer rating, 30th in sacks, and just traded away DT Adam Carriker. Suffice to say, it truly takes a team effort to be this bad.

The pick is in:

PICK NUMBER 1 — St Louis selects: QB Sam Bradford from Oklahoma

Not a big surprise. He looks so happy, poor guy. Whether he turns out to be good or bad, this next year will be miserable. From Peyton Manning to Jamarcus Russel, all first overall QB’s get their brains beat in their rookie years. The Rams get their “face of the franchise” and hopefully their QB of the future. Only time will tell. Anyone got a coin?

This leaves the Lions in the enviable position of taking Ndamukong Suh. Some much needed help for one of the worst defenses in NFL history. Lions DT’s were simply overpowered in 2009.

PICK NUMBER 2 — Detroit selects: DT Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska

A great pick, so long as there are no lingering knee issues. Detroit gave up a ghastly 4.52 yards per carry up the middle last year. Corey Williams (acquired from Cleveland) and Suh give Detroit an enormous upgrade up front.

So far ESPN has held the rampant lunacy in check. But we’re in hour one of 4,396 of draft coverage. There’s no way they’ll keep it together.

Tampa Bay’s pick should be about as predictable as Darryl Strawberry getting arrested. And Oklahoma’s Gerald McCoy is being congratulated on camera.

PICK NUMBER 3 — Tampa Bay selects: DT Gerald McCoy from Oklahoma

Good pick for Tampa Bay. Hopefully this will make some improvement on their defense that allowed 4.8 yards per carry.

Washington is on the clock. Left Tackle is the obvious need here, but Mike Shanahan is a rather unpredictable drafter (Maurice Clarette anyone?). There’s been some late sources saying that they’ll take Eric Berry here. The Redskins jettisoned turnstyle Levi Jones and word is that they are using a tackling dummy at LT for offseason work.

PICK NUMBER 4 — Washington selects: RT Trent Williams from Oklahoma

A mild surprise that it wasn’t Russel Okung. Oh! What’s this? He just gave someone a hug revealing bracelets that cost enough to feed a third world country for a year! We have a leader in the clubhouse for “the guy who already looks to have blown his entire signing bonus on diamond jewelry the size of his head.”

We’re 30 minutes in and already have 4 picks. Compared to the glacial pace of drafts past, this first round is flying.

Eric Berry gives the camera a fist pump. Looks like the Volunteer will go to the Chiefs

PICK NUMBER 5 — Kansas City selects: S Eric Berry from Tennessee

Another smart pick. A safety who can hit, go after the ball, and general deliver excellent play game after game. What is going on here? Where are all of the lousy picks? Al Davis we need you!

As to those who claim that safeties shouldn’t be drafted this high, I would respond that you must take the player who will have the greatest impact on your team, regardless of position. A lot of Steelers claim their defense fell apart because of the Troy Polamalu injury last year. If true then clearly, the good ones can justify any draft position. Besides the Chiefs starting strong safety is Jon McGraw. I’m sorry, Jon McGraw is just not the name of an NFL strong safety in the NFL. The prosecution rests.

Now Russel Okung has fallen to Seattle as Adam Schefter reports. But what will Pete Carrol do? If he can fall in love with Charlie Whitehurst, who knows what he’s capable of doing in the draft?

Okung is on the phone…and smiling. And wearing a watch with a leather strap? No diamonds? This guy might have trouble fitting in in the NFL. I bet he drives a Taurus too.

PICK NUMBER 6 — Seattle selects: LT Russel Okung from Oklahoma St.

Yet another sensible, reasonable pick that fits a team need. The Seahawks could not go into 2010 with Sean Locklear and Ray Willis as their starting tackles. Random stat: when the Seahawks ran to their left end they got 1.26 yards per carry. You think they might need better blocking out there?

So far 4/5 commercials have been for beer or trucks. I’ll take this as a de facto endorsement of drunk driving by the NFL.

Cleveland is on the clock. Michael Smith reporting that if there’s a disagreement between Joe Haden and Kyle Wilson the tie will be broken by the fact that Haden played in the SEC. I’m too lazy to make a snide remark about this, but it certainly deserves one.

And Joe Haden is crying. I guess that’s the Tebow effect. I wonder if all Florida players caught it.

PICK NUMBER 7 — Cleveland selects: CB Joe Haden from Florida

Joe Haden is a good player, but I can’t help but think Cleveland had bigger problems than corner. Sheldon Brown and Eric Wright are decent and Mike Adams is no slouch as a nickel. Pop Quiz, can anyone name Clevelands starting Free Safety? I sure can’t. They lost Brodney Pool this offseason. Mike Furrey was his backup and he’s gone. Which leaves…uh…I’ll get back to you. I can’t help but thing Berry would have been a better fit for them. I’m also surprised they didn’t go for a QB. Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme are neither a short term, nor a long term solution at QB.

Alright. It’s time for Al Davis to shake this draft up. Let’s another Darrius Heyward-Bey Oakland!

PICK NUMBER 8 — Oakland selects: OLB Rolando McClain from Alabama

A huge surprise. The Raiders actually took a good football player. That must have been a mistake. Care to redo the pick, Al?

It’s a good pick but far from ideal. The Raiders boast the worst Left Tackle in football in Mario Henderson but chose to go to a position that they’re relatively strong at with Trevor Scott, Kirk Morrison, Kamerion Wembly, and Thomas Howard. The Raiders could have gone QB, LT and probably gotten better value.

And now the Bills turn in their card very quickly.

PICK NUMBER 9 — Buffalo selects: RB CJ Spiller from Clemson

Uh…huh? He’s an exciting player, but that leaves the Bills some major holes that they’re going to have a lot of difficulty filling. They won’t find a ready to start QB and LT later in the draft. The draft is starting to get a little sketchy after a strong start. Spiller gives the Bills great return ability and a weapon on offense. But he doesn’t block, and be can’t throw. LT Demetrius Bell was abused last year. In fact the Bills don’t have a single above average player on their entire O-line. They’re starting Cornell Green who will be 34, whom the Raiders discarded at RT.

And they picked a RB?

Just a strange pick.

PICK NUMBER 10 — Jacksonville selects: DT Tyson Alualu from California

And the wheels have officially come off of this draft. After a rather chalky start, the teams have gone crazy. No matter what kind of player Alualu turns into, this is a lousy pick. They could have had him 15 spots later. Why they didn’t trade down is beyond me. Even if it had been for a case of warm Schlitz at least they wouldn’t have had to pay Alualu top 10 money. Mel Kiper is surprisingly composed. Usually his head would be exploding at about this point in the draft with such a bizarre pick. He’s actually not ripping Jacksonville too hard. Is this a new Mel?

We have a trade! And it seems Josh McDaniels is committed to his master plan of building a team completely void of talent. Trade back! Trade back! We can’t have any first rounders here!

(Trade details: San Francisco gets 11th pick, Denver gets 13th pick and pick 113 in the fourth round)

PICK NUMBER 11 — San Francisco selects: RT Anthony Davis from Rutgers

The Niners need this. Right tackle has been a weakness for them and they need an upgrade for Adam Snyder. They’ve had difficulty running the ball to the right for a while. Davis is a big, big masher. Good fit for what Mike Singletary wants to do.

And we have another trade! San Diego is now on the clock!

(Trade details: San Diego gets 12th pick, pick 110 (4th round), pick 173 (6th round). Miami gets 28th pick, 40th pick, pick 126 (4th round) and linebacker Tim Dobbins)

PICK NUMBER 12 — San Diego selects: RB Ryan Mathews from Fresno St.

San Diego must have really liked Mathews, and admittedly there’s a lot to like. They jumped rather far ahead of Houston to make sure they got him. San Diego badly needed RB help so this is a sensible pick. No one ran the ball worse than San Diego last year. 3.3 yards per carry is worst in the NFL. After this pick the Chargers haven’t left themselves very much to fix their defensive line. They were quietly lousy against the run (4.5 ypc allowed) and their linebacking corps was surprisingly ineffective.

I like the move, but it leaves San Diego without another pick to fix those problems.

And yet another trade! Philly is on the clock. And there are the Eagles fans in the upper deck preparing to boo! Denver trades down again!

(Trade details: Philadelphia gets pick 13. Denver gets picks 24, 70 (3rd round), and 87 (3rd round)). Steep price to pay. The Eagles may be going after a replacement for Brian Dawkins.

PICK NUMBER 13 — Philadelphia selects: DE Brandon Graham from Michigan

Now this is a spicy pick. The NFC East seems to be turning into a race of “who can kill the QB the fastest” and the Eagles don’t want to fall behind. Most analysts projected Graham as a 3-4 OLB, but the Eagles may be planning to use him at LDE instead of the newly acquired Darryl Tapp. Graham may be undersized, but he reminds me of Elvis Dumervil. The productivity doesn’t lie. He’ll get to the QB.

PICK NUMBER 14 — Seattle selects: S Earl Thomas from Texas

Seattle has managed a pretty good haul so far. Seattle allowed opposing QB’s to connect on 65.8% of their passes, gave up 27 passing TD’s and snagged 13 Interceptions. Their secondary was obviously not good. Throw in that they really had no strong safety on their roster after releasing Deon Grant and this pick couldn’t make any more sense.

I’m starting to get a little weirded out by these profiles ESPN shows. They have the measurables on the right side of the screen and the player dancing, or posing with the ball on the left. It’s like they put the players in a room with a camera and told them to make a silent dating video. Stop winking at me, I’m taken.

And I’m officially sick of the Coors/Ditka commercial. Knock it off. I’m still not going to buy your crappy beer.

And Drew Rosenhaus has his arm draped over Jason Pierre-Paul…this can’t be good for the Giants.

PICK NUMBER 15 — New York Giants select: DE Jason Pierre-Paul from South Florida

So…I guess the Giants are cool with Jonathan Goff starting at middle linebacker? this does nothing to address their gaping holes at linebacker. All the analysts seem to be slobbering over this pick. Osi might be on the trade block after this. Also, Risky pick by the Giants. Ju-co transfers don’t have a stellar history in the NFL.

Jimmy Clausen just needs a hooker and a table at the draft to be Brady Quinn.

Looking ahead, Derrick Morgan seems like a perfect fit for Tennessee. They need a DE to replace Kyle Vandenbosch and the best 4-3 DE has fallen in their laps.

PICK NUMBER 16 — Tennessee selects: DE Derrick Morgan from Georgia Tech

Morgan gives Roger Goodell a bearhug. He seems genuinely happy to be headed to Tennessee. It would seem order has been restored to the draft after some craziness in the 9-15 range.

Steve Young takes some time to rip Alex Smith.

PICK NUMBER 17 — San Francisco selects: G Mike Iupati from Idaho

San Francisco’s offensive line just got a whole lot bigger. Along with Anthony Davis, San Francisco is setting themselves up to be a big time power running team. Iupati will likely step in at LG at for David Baas. RT and LG were the two weak spots on their line and they’ve addressed them. It’s a good pick, but I wonder if it could have been better spent on a some defensive line or linebacker help.

PICK NUMBER 18 — Pittsburgh selects: C Maurkice Pouncey from Florida

Great pick here. Justin Hartwig was totally overmatched last year. The Steelers run game has fallen off a cliff in recent years and neglect of the Offensive line is why. Justin Hartig allowed more sacks than any other two centers COMBINED. He was also one of the worst run blocking centers in the league. Pouncey is a good player who fits a major need. The Steelers didn’t take Clausen which is the end of the Ben Roethlisberger trade possibilities. The Steelers need to address CB and RG in the next two rounds.

And Jimmy Clausen keeps on falling. As is Brian Bulaga. He was consistenly mocked to go in the top 5.


PICK NUMBER 19 — Atlanta selects: LB Sean Witherspoon from Missouri

Mike Peterson is 34 and can’t cut it at Weak side LB anymore. Witherspoon should fit Atlanta well. Smart pick. That was the weakest spot on their defense.

 PICK NUMBER 20 — Houston selects: CB Kareem Jackson from Alabama

Since both Spiller and Mathews are off the board the Texans went with their other big need in CB. He’ll take the spot of the rather overrated Dunta Robinson who left for Atlanta. The CB’s left on Houston’s roster who took the most snaps last year: Glover Quinn, Brice McCain, Fred Bennett. Hard to argue with this pick.

 PICK NUMBER 21 — Cincinnati selects: TE Jermaine Gresham from Oklahoma

That makes four Sooners in the first round. I can’t help but wonder if Cincinnati will use Gresham properly. Bob Bratkowski’s offense has never had a productive pass catching tight end. They’ve always used the TE position as extra blockers. Then again John Paul Foschi and Daniel Coats really have no business starting in the NFL.

And the NFL just ran an ad promoting the NFL draft tomorrow night. Thanks. As if people watching this wouldn’t know.

It seems we have another trade. The Broncos are on the clock. It seems the Hoodie and his protege and swapped spots.

(Trade details: Denver gets 22nd pick, New England gets 24th pick and pick 113 (4th round))

PICK NUMBER 22 — Denver selects: WR Demaryius Thomas from Georgia Tech

Dez Bryant must be pissed. Another rather odd pick from McDaniels. I can understand not wanting to take Bryant after just unloading Brandon Marshall. But with Bryant still on the board was there really any danger of a team taking Thomas? Did the Broncos really need to trade up?

The analysts seem to like it. Although they’ve been rather complimentary of every pick so far. Perhaps they’ve gotten out of the sensationalistic bashing of picks. That would be a welcome change, but I wish they didn’t have to exchange it for unmitigated praise. They can be critical while keeping the criticism fair and even handed.

Rather funny, apparently the Broncos took Thomas because he reminded them of Brandon Marshall.

PICK NUMBER 23 — Green Bay selects: OT Brian Bulaga from Iowa

Smart pick. RT Allen Barbre was beaten like a rented mule until he was replaced by Mark Tauscher last year. LT Chad clifton will be 34 when the season starts, Tauscher will be 33 and they gave up the most sacks of any team in the NFL. They needed a warm body for the tackle position.

Dallas has traded up! It has to be for Bryant. Yep, party at the Bryant household.

(Trade details: Dallas gets pick 24, and pick 119 (3rd round). New England gets pick 27, and pick 90 (4th round))

PICK NUMBER 24 — Dallas selects: WR Dez Bryant from Oklahoma St.

Roy Williams might want to start looking at the classified ads. Should Bryant pan out that gives Dallas a rather impressive tandem of Miles Austin and Dez Bryant. Throw in Jason Witten and they have a heck of a passing game on paper. So long as Doug Free can hold down the Left Tackle position, which is definitely in doubt, this offense will be scary. Given the number of trades New England has made, they now have 48 picks in this draft by my count. You have to think Jerry Jones saw a chance to make up for passing on Randy Moss here.

OH MY! Denver has traded back into the first round and ESPN is showing TIM TEBOW on the phone!


With Jimmy Clausen still on the board, Tim Tebow will be the project Josh McDaniels trains for the future. Mel Kiper is skeptical. John Gruden loves it. What Tim Tebow needed coming into this draft was a smart coach, who can develop quarterbacks, and knows to keep Tim Tebow on the bench until he’s ready. McDaniels fits the bill in the development department, but I don’t know on the other accounts. McDaniels may not have enough job security to see this project through. If the Broncos tank, he could be out.

(trade details: Denver gets pick 25, Baltimore gets pick 43 (2nd round), pick 70 (3rd round), and pick 114 (4th round))

That is an awfully steep price.

PICK NUMBER 25 — Denver selects: QB Tim Tebow from Florida

Gruden and Kiper are now going at it. Go for the hair, Gruden! It’s the source of all of his power! 41% of those in an espn poll give the Tebow pick a grade of F. I think time will only tell whether Tebow will be a productive QB in the NFL. He certainly will get a shot since he only has Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn in his way. Now it’s only a matter of when.

 PICK NUMBER 26 — Arizona selects: DT Dan Williams from Tennessee

Arizona has holes all over the place. Their tackes are putrid, they’ve lost several defenders and they have Matt Leinart at QB. This is a good pick, though. The Cardinals dumped 36 year-old Bryan Robinson this offseason and Gabe Watson and Alan Branch aren’t really cut out to be starting nose tackles. It’s somewhat surprising that Williams was still on the board at this point. Good value and he fits what they need.

This has to be the 30th time ESPN has aired the Mike Ditka Coors Light commercial. This could turn into the next “this is ourrrrrrr country.”

The restraint that ESPN has shown to date is impressive. They have yet to show players that have fallen farther than they were projected. In years past the “go to” shot after every pick was the people sitting in the green room trying to look as happy as people can possibly be while hearing millions of dollars flushed down the toilet.

PICK NUMBER 27 — New England selects: CB Devin McCourty from Rutgers

Very good pick. Jonathan Wilhite and Shawn Springs were liabilities across the field from Leigh Bodden. Belichick fills a need and the Patriots were able to haul in some other picks for trading down.

Sergio Kindle has fallen quite a ways. He would be a good pick for Miami here.

 PICK NUMBER 28 — Miami selects: DE Jared Odrick from Penn St.

Looks like they decided to go for a 3-4 end instead. This pick is a little odd. Miami already has Kendall Langford and Randy Starks who are both above average, young players at DE. They’ve also left Kindle and Jerry Hughes for the Jets, should they want them. Odrick is a talented player, but this is a bit of a luxury pick. Especially when the Dolphins had much bigger holes left by Jason Taylor and Joey Porter at OLB. Charlie Anderson and Quentin Moses aren’t going to get it done.

 PICK NUMBER 29 — New York Jets select: CB Kyle Wilson from Boise St.

The Jets continue to stuff their defense with as much talent as they can get their hands on. Antonio Cromartie I don’t believe is a long term solution at CB for the Jets. Looks like they agree. The Jets defense was superb last year and this just stocks it for sustained success. Smart pick.

Now we have Steve Young aimlessly rambling about how he thinks the Vikings need to start preparing for life after Brett Favre but never actually making his point. Chris Berman is trying to refute him by just muttering “you don’t want to upset Favre” over and over. That’s smart. Don’t bother planning for the future, just appease the ancient curmudgeon who may or may not play again.

Who is right? Neither. The Vikings have traded the pick to the Lions. Given the players available the Lions might be moving in on Sergio Kindle as a replacement for Ernie Sims.

(Trade details: Lions get pick 30, and pick 128 (4th round). Minnesota gets pick 34, pick 100 (4th round) and pick 214 (7th round))

PICK NUMBER 30 — Detroit selects: RB Jahvid Best from California

A risky pick. Best has ridiculous athletic ability, but health problems are always nearby with him. If he stays healthy, he makes the Lions offense a great deal more dangerous, but he may just continue the Lions impeccable string of having high draft picks finish the season on Injured Reserve. The Lions are definitely a more dangerous team than they were this morning.

I’m not sure why they had to trade up to get Best. I don’t think they were in any danger of Minnesota, Indianapolis, New Orleans or St. Louis taking him. A rather odd maneuver.

PICK NUMBER 31 — Indianapolis selects: DE Jerry Hughes from Texas Christian

Vintage Bill Polian. Take the guy who had phenomenal production in college, plays hard, and had a giant impact on his team, but other teams won’t take him because they think he’s a little small for DE. That’s exactly the mold of Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. The Colts cut Raheem Brock because his productivity at DE had gone down the toilet. Hughes gives the Colts insurance in case Freeney or Mathis have injury problems in 2010 and should be a good rotational player immediately.

 PICK NUMBER 32 — New Orleans selects: CB Patrick Robinson from Florida St.

What are the Saints thinking here? Tracy Porter and Jabari Greer are both good, young starting corners. They also have Malcolm Jenkins as a nickle corner who was also a first round pick. They have a huge need for OLB with Scott Fujita departing and Scott Shanle being, well, a terrible player. This pick really doesn’t make any sense. The only way this adds up is if they are planning on switching someone to Safety.

So, a lot of teams seemed to do rather well for themselves, a few head scratchers, a lot of trades, and the Tebow has landed in Denver.

Tomorrow, I will continue the Diary with rounds 2&3

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