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2013 NBA PLayoff Bracket




miami heatMiami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks

David: Lets face it, the Bucks are cannon fodder at this point. The Bogut trade was a disaster, the coach is looking for a job, and the team might not even be the Bucks in 2 years.  I’ll take the Heat in 5, seriously, since Jennings is going to be showing off for his MAX contract, and I expect him to steal a game, and end up having to face Lebron more than Wade in the 4th Q.

Bill: Seeing as how the season has gone for the boys from Miami even with injuries causing issues sporadically, I don’t see the Bucks standing much of a chance to beat them given that the big three that are Wade, James, and Bosh are now relatively healthy and ready to go. Even though the sun can shine on even the longest of longshots, this series is a foregone conclusion with only the final tally being the question. That said, MIL *might* steal a game from them, but that’s as far as it gets. Not too much more to be said about this one, I’m afraid. Outcome? HEAT in 5.

Indiana Pacers vs Atlanta Hawks

Indiana PacersDavid: The Hawks are far better than I thought they would be, as predicted by Menua before the season. I was looking for big things from Horford this season, but it hasn’t come together. The Pacers should be better. I think they have MAJOR questions coming in the offseason. This series? I’m taking the Pacers, simply because I think they have an identity, and I don’t think Granger is missed. Watch George become a star, and look to be overpaid in 6.

Bill: The Pacers have been clicking along rather well despite the absence of their main weapon from range in Danny Granger. Paul George has stepped both in and up rather admirably,  potentially being crowned the “Most Improved” award winner for this season. This IND team is filled with hard workers and scrappy players and I expect that blue collar ethic to carry on well into the post season. While ATL has some good talent in Teague and Smith, I simply don’t see them overcoming the superior player depth that IND has. Outcome? PACERS in 6.

Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls

Bulls vs NetsDavid: I have no idea what is up with Rose. I have no idea why the Nets aren’t better, Oh yeah, I do, D-Will has gone from challenging for the Best PG title to being the next Jason Kidd (without the rebounding) The Bulls are a scrappy, smart team, and I think they take this in 6.
Yeah, I said BULLS IN SIX.

Bill: I’m just as surprised as anyone that Derrick Rose has yet to come back from his ACL injury to help his team during the stretch run despite having been medically cleared some time ago. The rest of the cast has been good enough to push the team to a decent record and a solid seeding, but can they stretch it out beyond the first round? I don’t see it happening without Rose, but you never know what’ll happen. As Herman Edwards said, “You play to win the game!”. The now Brooklyn Nets, armed with a more well rounded cast, could just as easily advance as the Bulls. I’ve got a feeling this one goes the distance and makes for one of the more entertaining first round matchups. Outcome? NETS in 7.

New York Knicks vs Boston Celtics

New York KnicksDavid: The Celtics have problems. They are a good story, and a team with heart, have a decent coach, but the problem is the Knicks are just simply a better team, and are healthier. You can’t dismiss the TeamBoston love, but this isn’t a movie. Boston won’t go down easy, and the Knicks will know they were in a series, but they win in 5.

Bill: Where do I start on this one? This matchup will definitely bring plenty of drama to TNT’s coverage, that’s for sure. Two of the most respected and classic franchises in the league battling once again for a chance to put hands on that trophy. Will this be Garnett’s and Pierce’s last gasp together? Can Anthony carry the Knicks on his back? Who’s got the better supporting cast? This series will be the defining one of the first round in my eyes. Outcome? KNICKS in 6.



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