MMA Roundtable for 4/18

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable!’

David’s going SOLO this week, so If you want to join in on any of our roundtables, let us know below, as well as any questions you may have for next week!

1. David Picked Kelvin, just wanted to get that out of the way, but between Uriah and Kelvin, who has the best career?

Who put MONEY on this dude?
Who put MONEY on this dude?

David: Thank you, I make a good bit on our MMAPlayground page, and made Jack my BITCH on that card. Between Cole and Kelvin, I made up a lost of ground (and had I not stunk up the joint on other cards, I might be a contender)
But to the question at hand. Even if Uriah had pounded out Kelvin against the cage, I still would have taken Kelvin. Hall has holes, and any could camp could see that. Tell me Kelvin’s holes. Power? Stamina? Wrestling? BJJ? Other than youth, what exactly is wrong with him? I seem to recall another fighter who was way too young and seemed to do ok. I do think he needs to drop to 170,  and he may lose to Kampmann/Condit after a 2-3 win streak, but if he doesn’t become the next Koscheck, I’ll be stunned. Uriah may get a title shot faster, since 185 is thinner, but he’s losing to any good wrestler (Jake Shields)  that comes his way. But a more dynamic Chris Leben? Yes please.

2. Is Faber inline for another shot at the title?

David: Faber could lose 3 in a row, beat ME and be in line for a title shot. Urijah pops buyrates, and he’s a top-level fighter, still.
The Problem is, the division is just like the QBs in the AFC East. At the Brady Level is Barao and Cruz. Faber is Ryan Tannehill- Second best, but its not like there are a dozen guys just as good. Much like the Jets and Bills- there is not much of a difference between them and guys on the street.

3. Does Gonzaga have a case for a bad stoppage?

David: Yes and No. If he was a bankable star, then yes. But sorry, unless Dana just gets pissed, or TB goes after Fallon Fox, he’s got no case. We are going to scream and yell, and its going to be forgotten in a week.

TUF 18

4. The Ultimate Fighter is going to Wednesdays this fall- Good Idea?

David: I think season 17 was one of the best ever, easily the best in YEARS. I do wonder if the production is going to be the same, or if the effort is going to be there.
I will say that Matt Schnell, Aarron Phillips, Ryan Hollis, & Cody Williams are going to the tryouts, if Matt Schnell does not make the cut, then this season is a waste, and they are going back to shit fighters. No offense to any of the other guys, but if there are 16 125 pound fighters wandering around better than Schnell, that are unsigned, then we need to disband Seal-Team 6 and just use them guys.Matt Schnell

5. Is the UFC going the right thing putting PPV-Quality cards on Fox?

David: Absolutely. PPV buyrates are down, and I’m not sure that Benson pops 500K buyrates with a B-Level undercard. If a champion cannot pop 500K, he needs to be fighting on Fox. Casual/Newish fans love the titles. I would love to get Benson on Tuf (vs Diaz would have been AWESOME) but if he fights twice a year on Fox? I got no problems.

6. You know whats coming, Scale of 1-10, how excited are you for UFC on Fox?

David: TEN!! Lets be honest, the days of getting multiple title fights on a PPV every other month are OVER. This card is almost as stacked as it gets. Gilbert gets his inflated ego blown out (Spoilers!) DC gets his debut (even though I love MIR) and some really interesting fights up and down the card.


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