The NFL Roundtable; 4/14 Edition

Welcome to the NFL Roundtable!
This week, we look at the AFC

Archie and David answer YOUR questions, got something to ask? Respond at the bottom

1. Are you a believer in Ryan Tannehill?Ryan Tannehill

Archie: Yes, I don’t think the supporting cast has been all that great so far. I do believe he CAN be the face of that franchise but I also believe he needs some more talent around him.

David: Must be nice to be the 2nd best QB in the division simply by not stinking.
Would I be happy if he was my QB? No.
Would I trade him for Romo? No.

2. Over/Under 9 Games for Gronk this year.

Archie: As of now it looks like he’s going under the knife again to replace one of the plates. Given that and the infection reported from the initial surgery it is highly unlikely he is ready to go before October. That being said he squeaks over the 9 game mark. That is being very optimistic however.

David: Under. He’s not stupid, and the Pats have never been a win-now type of team. If the Hoodie needs to shut him down till the end of the year to get him at 100% for the playoffs and going forward, they will

3. How much have the Chiefs closed the gap on the Broncos?

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DJ? Not so much

Archie: IMO the Chiefs have moved to a solid second in their division. I think the Raiders as well as the Chargers have done nothing to this point (except fire a few folks) to improve that much during the offseason. KC’s acquistion of Smith was a great start and given their #1 draft pick still in place where they can go after Joekel or Fisher I think they are in good shape.

David: I think they are right there, other than the sideline. I understand that Reid is thought to be a good-great coach, I don’t see it, never have. I don’t think there is an argument that Fox is better. I could see the Chiefs having a BETTER season before blowing a homegame in the playoffs.

4. Are the Texans a threat to make the Super Bowl?Texans Cheerleader

Archie: Every team is a threat at this point. However, if we are prognosticating here I DO think they will make the playoffs again next season. And as history has shown us, any team in the playoffs can make a legitimate run at the SB.

David: I think they are the ONLY threat to the Pats. The Ravens and Steelers are rebuilding, the Bengals are badly coached, and the AFC West twins have major holes.

5. Is Phillip Rivers still a top 10 QB?Phillip Rivers

Archie: IF you go by stats alone then YES. IF you go by club house leadership abilities I would say NO. I think his day of being a true leader on that team may have slipped by him. Too many times he has shown absolute frustration towards members of his own team and that does not bode well with pros. His skills and stats are definitely on display to warrant a top ten QB but his days are definitely numbered among the elite.

David: Lets see.
Brady, Brees, Aaron and the Manning twins are 1-5, in some order.
Ryan and Big Ben are right after them, so thats 7.

So let me know who you take Rivers over: Newton, RG3,Dalton, Wilson, Luck, Flacco and if the guy in San Fran can keep it up.

So I don’t think its a battle for his old spot in the top 10, he’s got to try and get in the top 15!

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