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This week we have Roni and David going one on one with thoughts on Mitrione vs Fox, TUF finale, Sonnen vs Jones and Tate vs Kat- if you know who they are . .

Lets get to the questions!

1. Should the UFC have suspended Matt Mitrione for ripping transgender fighter Fallon Fox?fallon

Roni – Yes. While Meathead has the right of his opinion, he spoke out of line. He should be aware of how hard Dana worked to erase the C-word he directed to the reporter, and how much Zuffa publically supports GLBT. With that in mind, he should (at least) have minced words. If he was talking with friends and was overheard, it is one thing. but he spoke publicly as as UFC fighter; and as such he has the responsibility to keep it professional. He could have voiced his personal opinion, but not call Fox names, etc…

David: Ok, I get paid a bonus for Twitter, I get paid a bonus for getting my name in the paper (or Blogs) and lets face it, not everyone is thrilled with Fallon Fox. Even some female fighters have said they will not face Fox.
Why is it that I speak my mind, and I get in trouble for it? I could see this be one of those 2 month suspensions, even though he wasn’t going to fight anyway- Like suspending a pitcher 2 days.


2. Did the UFC on Fuel event make up for the loss of Guffy?

Roni – No. The card was weak, and their best fighter (Gus) was injured. The replacement was an unknown. That does not make up for it.

BUT: take everything into perspective; for instance, the fact that Mousasi was injured and yet still fought, and the card was not all that bad.

As a fan, I can’t complain. After all, the card was free. But for the local population that bought tickets, i can understand if they got bummed. But I can’t blame the UFC. it is what it is. Injuries are part of the sport.

David: On Paper?

Not even close.

In the cage? ABSOLUTELY. The guys delivered on a MONSTER show. We got the Irish Hand Grenade 2.0, and the only fight that didn’t excite the fans was the main event, where, Sorry Jack, Mousazzzzzi did what he does.

3. How do you think Jones and Sonnen came off on the TUF show?

Roni – I don’t think it matters. We all know what’ll gonna happen in the end. We all know how out of place this fight is.Tuf17cast

David: I want Sonnen to coach every season. We all know that Sonnen is going to lose, but DAMN was he entertaining. The best part? They didn’t overshadow the fighters.

4. Is the UFC doing a good job building the Tate/Kat fight?

Roni – No. They basically only put effort on Ronda. And that is forced (IMO). The debacle of Cyborg, and all the talk was poorly handled. The second Dana said for everyone to hear that this was Ronda’s show, he already put all female fighters on notice that they are second-fiddle.

David: The only thing they have done, is give this a great spot on a card that should do well on FX. What the UFC needs to do is put up an all-female card on Fuel, the problem is, they don’t have confidence in it. If they did, they would have all-Female TUF.

5. How excited are you for the Ultimate Fighter 17 finale?

Roni – Zero. The basic principle of it turned me off. I think much more intriguing is Werdum & Nog @ TUF Brazil. At least they pin 2 guys who are worthy competitors, not someone who does not belong.

I know this is unfair for the TUF participants, but then again, I blame Zuffa for making this ridiculous pairing up. With so many possibilities (including Hendo & Jones doing the TUF instead of Sonnen). Bottom line is: UFC made a huge mistake and went for ratings instead of an intriguing matchup. It turned me off from the show.

David: You don’t like Faber vs Scott? Or Uriah vs Kelvin? What on this card doesn’t work?

I like this class, I could see half these guys having 4 fight deals in the UFC at least. I bet there are quite a few guys looking to get at Uriah as soon as the season is over. I wonder if Kelvin is going to 170, and that could be a dangerous, dangerous man. I like the fights, I’m excited for the card at large, and can’t wait to see what comes out of the undercard.

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