Ultimate Fighter 17: Episode 11: Finale

tuf17The Ultimate Fighter
Episode 11: Finale

We get a preview of the 4 guys.

We get the Harley-Davidson commercial, er I mean description of the bikes the winner of the season gets.

I understand its money, but considering the accidents that have happened, is this a good thing? Considering several fighters talk about never been on one before.

Kelvin and Josh talk about how confident they are.Uriah Hall KO

We see this every week, and it still gets old.


Josh Samman, 24 years old, 6’3, 9-2
Kelvin Gastelum, 21 Years old, 5’10, 5-0

Josh has a 7 inch reach advantage.

I wonder if Kelvin is a natural 170er

Takes Kelvin 30 seconds to get the fight down.
Kelvin is working position, and unlike last week, Josh isn’t beating on him, just lining up positions. Kelvin defends masterfully.
They stand, and Kelvin keeps the clinch, and down they go.
Kelvin this time tries this new thing called Ground and Pound, and Josh actually looks in trouble.
Josh is trying to work submissions, but Kelvin just keeps slowly making sure he doesn’t get caught.
Is Josh getting tired?
Kelvin gets the back, sinks in the RNC and GETS THE TAP


Let me say that again.

Holy Shit!
He cries and hugs Chael- If that boy don’t run to Cali and yank Ronda out of the gym for the weekend, he has issues.

Chael pimps Uriah.
“I was in that weight division for 5 years, I won’t say that pukes name, but you can beat him”

He talking about Jeremy Horn?

Everyone tries to pump up Dylan.
Uriah is nervous.

Do they do these over or just recut them every week.

Fight time!

Dylan Andrews, 33 years old, 6’1, 16-4-1
Uriah Hall, 28 years old, 6’0 7-2

Uriah has a 5 inch reach advantageJosh Samman

Dana drinks a NOS- Way to get product placements!

Round one was fun, you had the feeling that Dylan was more than happy to stand and strike, and limit mistakes.
Uriah kind of like to the stand there in the beginning, and Dylan kept moving him backwards. The Problem is, Urish threw a ton more and looked lke he landed a good bit more. Jones called for Dylan to shoot, but Dylan never did.
I’ll give the round to Uriah, but a lot closer than I thought it would be. Jones told Dylan he threw like 5 punches that round, and looked like he was waiting.

Uriah came forward in round 2.
Dylan actually did shoot, Uriah threw him off so badly that Dylan hit the ground, Uriah let him up.
Dylan did work a good bit better after than, even got Uriah with some solid shots. Uriah seemed content to just pick away at Dylan on the feet. Dylan finally got good position and got Uriah down!

Damn, if we get Dylan vs Kelvin on the Finale???dylan

Uriah works an armbar while Dylan just pounds away on Uriahs side, bleeding the entire time.
Jones thinks this is great- he’s scoring.
Yeah, but I don’t think if he does this for 2 minutes it counts as a win. I love hitting the ribs, but bleeding all over the place isn’t going to give you the draw in a 2 round fight.
Uriah gives it up and Dylan is in Guard- and Uriah GOES CAPTAIN INSANO
Just beating his ass from the bottom. Dylan gets turned over and Uriah pounds him out.

Never seen a guy get pounded out FROM THE BOTTOM

Season wrap-up

Sonnen gets the Harley.
Jones doesn’t dislike the Sonnen anymore

Dana says most of these guys will be in the UFC.

Preview the card.

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