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VOL 17, Episode 10


We get highlights from the remaining fighters.

Team Jones Training.

Everyone is training but Bubba.Bubba McDaniels

Bubba says he’s hurting, and complains that he has fought 3 times already.

I can see this, but here is the problem, YOU LOST. If you didn’t WANT the third fight you should have SAID SO. Not like Jones couldn’t have tried to get you another shot- Adam Cella fights this weekend, and he went out FIRST. You fought the YOUNGEST GUY IN TUF HISTORY, AND LOST. You have lost MORE ROUNDS than ANYONE IN TUF HISTORY. Get over it.

Clint Hester is training as backup, Kimbo Style.

Jones says he likes the fight of Jimmy vs Josh, since Josh wanted it, and Josh always has a plan on who are good matchups (then why hasn’t he LISTENED to him?)

Bubba says its a coin flip, Gilbert says Jimmy since Josh is hurt. (Way to backup your teammate!)

Bubba whines about having to fight Uriah, says he wanted to fight any of the other three, and thinks Dana is picking on him.

DUDE! If Dana didn’t want you, YOU WOULD NOT BE HERE. Man up! Holy Bleep! Clint Hester would take the fight, NO ONE wants Uriah, and you are supposed to be this badass! You wanted two of the weaker guys, lost to one of them, and now you whine about a tough one? (By the way were are the Kevin Casey updates?)

Jones worries about Bubba’s Mental state. Scared? Say you Scared.

Jimmy Quinlan
Jimmy Quinlan

We finally get to team Sonnen

Not much, a little talk of Jimmy, and Sonnen talking about how tough he is and how much he’s improved, and how much Chael loves Jimmy.

Well, enough of that,lets get back to Bubba!

Bubba’s back hurts.
He wants to fight
Bubba’s hurt.
Bubba needs to check his kidney.

Jones says its all up to the doctors.

Jimmy and Josh are in the kitchen.

Jimmy says that he had a lot taken out of him in the Clint fight, but he’s ready. Josh is ready to go.

Rather rinse, repeat.

Fight time!

Josh Samman 24years old, 9-2, 6’3

No, Not Josh Samman
No, Not Josh Samman

Jimmy Quinlan, 26 years old, 3-0, 6’0

Josh enjoys a 7 inch reach advantage

Josh does one heckuva job from the bottom, he gets turned over on the sprawl, but is just working his arse off. Jimmy finally breaks and Josh is able to pound him out. Jimmy did his best Matt Hughes impression. The problem is today’s MMA fighters will beat your ass as you are trying to improve position, they are not going to just try and escape.

Josh thinks he’s the number 1 seed.


Bubba makes a joke at the weigh-ins, Jones doesn’t like it.

Uriah is shaved for this one.

Lets all show confidence!

Bubba McDaniel, 29 Years old 6’3, 20-6
Uriah Hall, 28 Years old, 7-2

Uriah only has a 5 inch reach advantage – even though its a MASSIVE 80 inches

Bubba comes in, looks like he shoots, but gets dropped, Bubba is just laying there facedown, even as Dana White talks him up to Carlos Condit.

Sonnen says Uriah is a contender right now for the title.Uriah Hall

Bubba thinks something is wrong with his eye.

Uriah apologizes to Bubba, Bubba says I would have done it to you!

Slow mo replay shows Uriah did knock him out with a punch.

Dana wonders if you can win knockout of the season twice.

Frank Mir gives Jon Jones’ training partner a pep talk.

Lets bring in the fighters!

Josh wants Kelvin, so its him vs Uriah in the Finals

Dylan doesn’t care.

Uriah still wants Josh.

Kelvin wants Dylan

Jon and Chael both want Kelvin vs Dylan and Uriah vs Josh

Dana makes the Pics

Josh vs Kelvin and Uriah vs Dylan

Dana says he disagrees with the coaches to get better fights.

We get Highlights of the Top 4 guys.

And on the Ultimate Fighter Finale . . . .

Anderson vs Uriah




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