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Welcome to the NFL roundtable!

Since Sundays are going to SUCK for the next few months, We decided to give you something to look forward too, as the NFL Roundtable moves to sunday SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!

This week we have EJ, Archie and David, feel free to submit your questions for next week below!

1. Who has more starts this year: Matt Flynn or Carson Palmer?Carson Palmer

EJ: I’ll go with Carson Palmer by default. I’m not sold on either player and I do not think Flynn is the answer for the Raiders, or Palmer the answer for the Cardinals but I think Palmer will have the most starts because of who’s backing him up. In Oakland Flynn has to deal with Terrelle Pryor and although Pryor isn’t ready to be a full-time starter I do think he will push Flynn more than the assortment of backups the Cardinals have. If I were Carson I wouldn’t be too worried by Drew Stanton, Ryan Lindley, and Brian Hoyer.

Archie: Carson will start for the Cardinals every game this year unless he gets injured. Like EJ, I’m still not sold on Flynn holding onto his job as starter if the Raiders get off to a 2-5 or worse record.

David: I’ll take Flynn, simply because I don’t think Palmer is the answer in Arizona. I’m not a fan of TP, even though he plays like it at times. Flynn has a tendency to play better under pressure, and with the Raiders in the chase to get a top 5 pick next year (sorry DJ) Flynn is going to have a ton of pressure under him. Lets not forget, they do get Norv Turner twice a year.

2. Defend the Romo ContractTony Romo

EJ: On the average of the contract Romo still doesn’t make as much as Brees, Manning, Brady, Rodgers (once he signs his rumored mega deal extension), and new big money signing Joe Flacco. I can defend it that way. I’m no fan of Tony Romo but I do not see an alternative for the Cowboys out there. The franchise could start over and draft a quarterback, but would he bring the Cowboys any further along than Romo has? Probably not.

Archie: The only problem with Romo is the “Big Game” stigmatism he has been stuck with. If you look at his stats they speak volumes to justify his contract. My problem with all the new contracts is all the bonus Bullshit money they set aside to avoid the Salary cap issue.

David: No. You can’t make me. Romo is a solid top 10 QB, but thats it. He will never be a top 7 QB, and he’s getting paid as such. Name me the QB in the NFC East you would take over him, outside of Philly? He would be the Worst QB in the NFC SOUTH!

3. Nnamdi Asomugha signed a 1 year offer for 1.35 this year, with a potential max of 3M. Was he just a mirage at Oakland or is this a steal?

EJ: I’m inclined to say this is a steal. Why? The Niners play man coverage in their secondary and that’s to Nnamdi’s strenghts. In Philadelphia he was forced to play in a zone defense which he was clearly was uncomfortable with and it led to two years of poor play. Now do I think he’ll be the all-pro he was in Oakland? No I do not but I expect a better performance from Nnmadi this season than he showed in Philadelphia.

Archie: I wish the Steelers had offered him $2 million. I will take him any day over William Gay.

David:  He should fire his agent, Look at the list of defensive backs that are going to make TWICE what he is, that had years almost as bad as he did. The only question is confidence. If its gone, he’s done.

4. Does the lack of activity for Urlacher kind of vindicate the Bears?Urlacher

EJ: In my blog series, The Blog About Nothing Vol 1 (shameless plug I know) I voiced my objection to the Bears moving away from Urlacher and their treatment of someone who is a face of their franchise. So, it pains me to say that they are being vindicated right now. Brian Urlacher hasn’t generated much interest in the market and I didn’t expect that. He’s not the player he was 5 seasons ago, but he still can contribute on the cheap. Will someone bite? Yes, eventually but the longer it takes for him to find a team the better the Bears look in their stance on him.

Archie: Regardless of where Brian catches onto, and he will; the Bears look like Baby Back Bullshit. There is no way they can justify moving away from the face of the franchise since his arrival at Chicago. Personally, I hope he signs with Minnesota or Detroit and pops the Bears chances of making the playoffs later.

David: It doesn’t make them look good, but it does make them look a little wiser, Had he signed day one for twice what they offered, then they look stupid and cheap, If he sits out there and signed for close what they offered, then he and HIS agent overestimated his value, and should have stayed home.

5. it looks like the high teams in the draft are doing anything to get away from a need at QB. Where is Geno going now?GenoSmith

EJ: Your guess is as good as mine. Jacksonville should not take a quarterback at #2, neither should the Eagles at #4 or the Browns at #6. The Cardinals at #7 and the Bills at #8 could still take a quarterback, but it doesn’t seem like they will take one in the 1st round. This leaves the Jets at #9. Do I think the Jets will take Geno Smith? No, but would I be surprised if they do? No. The Jets are just crazy enough to do it so that’s where I think Geno will go. To the Jets at pick #9.

Archie: In the mock draft I had him going to the Chiefs. Then of course KC traded for Smith from the Niners. Then Arizona traded for Palmer. I can see Buffalo taking him in the first round if he is still hanging out at #8. IF they don’t take Smith I do believe they take Tyler Wilson and Geno drops to Jacksonville in the second round.

David: I think h goes top 15, but I think someone trades up for him,  I’d like to see Minny get him, and I’m not sure it would be that expensive. I still think Barkley is a better QB, but what do I know?


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