The Blog About Nothing Volume 3

What up world? It’s your boy EJ and I’m back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. We’re on that Volume 3 and this week’s edition has a NY-LA vibe. I put this whole blog together while listening to Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z’s Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (remix) and Beyonce’s Bow Down/I Been On. The musical vibe of LA, Texas, and NYC was the inspiration behind this week’s blog.  So, this week I’m giving you some Andy Enfield, some more Brittney Griner, some JR Smith action, and Robinson Cano throwing up that Dynasty sign. This blog is my form of lyrical exercise, throw your diamond in the air and feel the vibe.1


First up this week is former Florida Gulf Coast University head coach Andy Enfield who is leaving the relatively young University in Fort Myers,  Florida for the University of Southern California. The coach who brought Dunk City to Fort Myers will now be coaching in the same City as the Lob City Los Angeles Clippers. Will U.S.C. join the Clippers as an L.A. team full of high flying excitement? I’ll guess we’ll find out. I like Enfield and I think he’ll be perfect in Los Angeles. He’s young (42) and has a model for a wife (Amanda Marcum) with a young family. Those things look good to boosters of the program. Enfield’s FGCU team played a brand of fast and loose basketball during the tourney, and the coach had no problem with their showboat dancing antics both on and off the court. Yeah, he might be stepping up in the spotlight in L.A., but I really think if he keeps the Dunk City loose vibe (despite the fact he can’t bring the Dunk City nickname with him) he will have no problem attracting eyeballs, and recruits, to the USC Men’s Basketball team.2


On my way from L.A. to N.Y. I had to make a brief layover in Texas for some Texas trill. Last week I showed some love to Brittney Griner the 6’8″ lady Baylor Bear. Well, this week I’m going to show even more love.  Like Beyonce, 6’8″ Brittney Griner often gets her opponents to bow down. This week Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban stated that he would consider drafting Brittney Griner with their 2nd round pick. This of course invited some media spectulation. Now, while I got love for Mark’s antics, and Brittney is a beast of the woman’s game, we need to keep something in perspective. There is no way Britney Griner would succeed in the NBA. Yes, I did compare her impact in the woman’s game to Wilt Chamberlain, but in the NBA she’d be just another 6’8″ bean pole who would struggle keeping up with the players. I respect Mark for saying what he did, but unless he has plans for a WNBA team in Dallas, he won’t be trying out Brittney Griner anytime soon. I do hope that Brittney, along with Notre Dame guard Skyler Diggins, and University of Delaware Guard/Forward Elena Della Donne have a huge impact this summer in the WNBA because that league has struggled for far too long in it’s attempts to draw viewership, and sponsor impact. Hopefully big Brittney and company can lead that revival.3

Enough of me showing love to the Westside (and the Southside) because you and I know which side is the best side. With all apologies to Tupac Shakur, the Eastside is truly the best side. Who is representing in the East? How about J.R. Smith who is en fuego right now as the 6th man of the New York Knicks. J.R. has always been a gunner, and he’s always been streaky but the way the man is playing it’s like the basket is as wide as an ocean. The man can’t miss and he’s being extremely aggressive in his play. With the Knicks trying to lock down the 2 seed in the East, Smith’s timing couldn’t be more perfect. Through the first 8 games of the Knicks 10 game win streak, Smith has averaged 29.8 points, 7 rebounds, and 1.5 steals per game! Even better, is that Smith is getting to the foul line averaging 10 attempts per game. Not only is he scoring but his aggressiveness in getting to the hoop is causing defenders to draw fouls trying to stop him. The Knicks are a veteran bunch that has suffered a ton of injuries this season. This has led to some up and down play but Smith is stepping up when the team needs him the most. I’m not sure if Smith can keep this up, especially with Carmelo Anthony scoring 90 points in the last two wins for the Knicks, but if Smith can keep making such a postive impact I think you have to like the Knicks chances of making it to the Eastern Conference Finals.4

Finally, we have the Jigga man! Jigga my… oh wait. Let me not finish that. I know I cuss a little but I got to keep it a bit P.C. up in here. Brooklyn’s own, Mr. Shawn Carter who is better known to the world as Jay-Z is entering the sports agent game. Jay, who has transitioned from rapper to business mogul and he is adding another feather in his Yankee fitted. This week it was announced that New York Yankees 2nd baseman Robinson Cano has left mega-agent Scott Boras to link up with Roc Nation Sports, a new agency with Jay as the head, and Roc Nation Sports will work in collaboration with mega-firm Creative Artists Agency. It has also been speculated that New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz will also join the Roc Nation Sports/Creative Artists Agency family. Roc Nation Sports sounds impressive but CAA is a powerful entity. The agency represents Hollywood elite, and in the past few years the agency has represented superstars in sports. CAA has powerful clout, and Roc Nation Sports, and whoever they will sign in the future will benefit from that backing. There is precedence in a rapper getting into the sports agent game, and that precedent ended in tremendous failure. That rapper was New Orleans’ own Master P who formed No Limit Sports with running back Ricky Williams as his flagship client. Master P, who didn’t have experienced agents with him, negotiated a contract with the Saints that was below value, and Ricky’s career both on and off the field eventually suffered. It’s the hope that aligning himself with the Creative Artists Agency that Jay will not suffer the same result. However, who would bet against the Jigga man? Mr. I shall not lose? To quote the man himself: He’s not a business man, he’s a business man!

Thank you reading The Blog About Nothing. Like any good hype man I’m just going to give you a little Public Service Announcement and that announcment is that I need y’all to read the quality content we’re putting out here on We do this for y’all.

One love and I’m out this bitch until next week when I’ll come back like Jordan wearing the 45.

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