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The crew debates the latest topics using their knowledge and…THE MAGIC 8 BALL!!!. Topics include Hillary Clintons run for President, Immigration, James Holmes, and more.


1. Is the prosecutor making a mistake by not allowing Colorado guman, James Holmes to plead guilty, and electing to go after the death penalty?

Steve- Yes! James Holmes is a very disturbed man and probably does deserve to die. I am a proponent of the death penalty, but in this case, the prosecutor is going a little too far. Holmes had stated he will plead guilty to life without parole. We are all aware that anything can happen at trial. The prosecutor can make a mistake, the defense can find a loophole, although the chances are slim, Holmes now could walk out and end up getting aquitted due to a technicality. The prosecutor should have cut the deal and saved the taxpayers money, and allow the families of the vicitms to move on.

Monique: I don’t think the prosecutor is making a mistake. Rather, I think the prosecutor is sending a clear message: mass murder will be punished-in-kind. The guilty plea was just a way for Holmes to stay alive, it would have resulted in a life sentence. In these tough fiscal times, why would the prosecutor agree to feed, clothe, house, medicate, and otherwise meet the minimal health needs of a mass murderer? Offhand, I’m not sure of the cost benefit ratio between housing a lifer versus killing one, though I’d wager its cheaper to kill.

EJ- Yes. The prosecutor is going off of the emotions involved. Holmes, is a despicable human being who is absolutely guilty of his crimes, so why not take the easy way out here and allow him to plead guilty? Let Holmes plead guilty, sentence him to life and just let him rot to death behind bars. It’s not like he’ll be paroled or pardoned so why push for the death penalty?

David: I am a STRONG believer in the death penalty, and this is why. I have no problems here. Persons like this should be taken out back and shot, and part of the problem with today is every bleedig heart moron that the defense will call. I only hope Colorado has 12 people worth a shit left.


2. Hillary Clinton is starting make more and more public appearances. Does this indicate a run for President in 2016?

Steve- It is my belief that she intended to run while she was Secretary of State. I think that is why she left office. If her health holds up, she will run, and at this point will probably win the Presidency.

Monique: If I were a magic eight ball, I’d say: “Reply hazy. Try again.” Hillary doesn’t say, “No,” instead she directs the conversation to her current aspirations. Could mean she hasn’t ruled out a second bid. She’s definitely in a better position than any potential candidate in recent history (i.e., she’s got everything she needs already in place). Right now, it looks like she’s about to embark on a private citizen public speaking tour, in essence, an early campaign. Since she’s highly interested in women’s rights issues, all she has to do is keep speaking out. After the recent attacks on women’s rights, Hillary’s speeches can do nothing else but continue to build her base of supporters. In two years, when she can start campaigning, she probably will; until then, we’ll call it “speaking.”

EJ- I think so and I hope she does run. I’m a New Yorker and my first time voting was the general election of 2000 where I voted for Hillary Clinton to be one of the Senators of my State. I honestly believe she served New York well, she served the Country well as the Secretary of State, and if I had to vote for the 2016 election today I would vote for Hillary Clinton.

David: I’m not sure she still wants it. I’m sure she is more and more pissed she missed her window, but her run as SoS wasn’t the glory road she though it was, and lets be honest, she’s never been stupid, and the poor schmuck that gets the 2016 job is in for some serious digging unless every historian, economist, and ssocialist who are not either on the payroll or by all rights, should be by the administration. I’m just not sure that Hillary isn’t more after the job of running the party more than country. If (and its a HUGE IF) the opposition party gets it’s act together, they could shatter the Dems post-Obama

3. Is Caroline Kennedy’s appointment as Ambassador to Japan a good move?


Steve- Yes it is, while Kennedy does not have any political qualifications, Japan has always been very fond of the Kennedy’s. Her father President Kennedy maintained a very good relationship with Japan while he was President. I think this is a good move. Also, it can’t do much harm, because anything she does can be swept under the rug.

Monique: Going back to the magic eight ball: “Cannot predict now.” Either way, the appointment is definitely a good way to pay back a contributor, a campaign chair, a friend. It also continues Obama’s historic appointment firsts, as C. Kennedy would be the first woman to hold the ambassadorship. That said, there’s the little bit about her qualifications, I have no clue what she knows about important issues in Japan such as tsunami / nuclear meltdown recovery efforts, China and the island dispute with Japan, or the continued presence of U.S. militray bases on Okinawa. Perhaps her ability to rally big money supporters to various causes will come in handy, at least, it can’t hurt.

EJ- No it’s not a good move. Caroline Kennedy has no experience in government or business and to possibly appoint her as the Ambassador to Japan, an nation that is extremely important as far as trade, business, and one of the World’s largest economies is asinine. I’m sure there are other positions, more ceremonial positions, that Caroline could fill but this is not one of them.

David: The job of Ambassador isn’t the job it was, its more now a middle management job. Anything that she does wrong, someone can find a Senator or other suit to override her.

4. North and South Korea are at odds again. What, if any should US involvment be?


Steve- NONE..ZERO.. STAY THE HELL OUT OF IT!!!! We have our own problems.

Monique: If it comes to war, U.S. activity in South Korea should be minimal, perhaps as a contingent with U.N. peace keeping forces. We shouldn’t have been there in the first place and we have no business there now. Except, its close to China and we like our military bases, which makes South Korea, not just our ally but also our jumping point into Asia. Diplomacy and the removal of sanctions would probably go along way towards reversing the current trend of aggression from North Korea. Hate to say it. but I will: Sanctions kill civilians.

EJ- Observer. Kim Jong Un appears to just be a rabble rouser. I’m likely wrong for saying this but nothing I’ve read on Kim Jong Un or North Korea has me concerned about their capabilities. The United States obviously has a responsibility towards the protection of South Korea as well as peace in the entire region, but until North actually attacks South, the United States just needs to be in monitor mode.

David: I’m less worried about the US than I am what CHINA is going to do. North Korea might be crazy, but its not stupid. They won’t do anything without China’s sayso.

5. Is Congress’ recent agreement on immigration shows that things are moving forward to fix this problem?


Steve- I hope so, and it does appear that for the first time in many years, the United States Government may be on the same page with something. While there is still a long way to go. I think that they are on the right track to fix this problem.

Monique: Congress doesn’t know how to move forward unless the movement involves stripping American rights, instead, they just spin in circles like an ice skater with a short leg. Even so, I hold out hope for real immigration reform.

EJ- I guess we’ll soon find out if the Gang of Eight really have taken the steps needed to fix the problems on immigration. Obviously, we need to see going forward how border patrol and border security will be affected. I’d love to give a yes or no answer but in my opinion this is a topic where we’ll always have a little gray area.

David: Nope. Here is the issue. The Democrats have the race in their pocket, but cannot exploit them to their fullest due to their having other race-baiting obligations. They have to keep them on the back burner as long as possible. The Republicans can’t take advantage of a steak if they were in Vulcan’s forge. They make an inch and they are called racists, and no one has the stones to just do it and see what happens. (Jeb Bush) So is anything going to happen? Hell no. The media and attention is on gay marrage and the sheepole are more than happy changing their facebook profile and not paying attention.

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  1. Okay guys , just a little insight from my foxhole.

    On the case of the serial killer, it usually takes several years before they ever get to the chair, if ever, with all the appeals process these days. #2. Inmates do NOT like nor trust Serial killers, they don’t last long in prison. Ergo, the deal for life would have seen him get shanked somewhere along the third or fourth time in the yard.

    Hillary for president? You guys are scaring me!

    As for the Korean conflict. You need to understand something on this one. I am a retired Army serviceman and I can tell you one thing for sure. Our involvement will be “balls deep” if/when it hits.

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