Lets Make A Movie!

Ok, movie fans! Hefty Bag

Let’s play a game.

Here is the premise.

3 guys taking a large hefty bag out of a womans house, what’s going on?

Yeah, I’m bored. Build your movie.

1. Claire Danes is the woman, in the bag is a small child, played by Willow Smith, who has to be traded for her real child, stolen by the Yakuza on a plane ride home. The Yakuza stole the wrong child when Willow changed seats when the real child got up to go potty.

The three men (Jakie Chan, and 2 others) know that Willow will be killed when they return, but they turn on the Yakuza as they fall in love with the child enroute.

2. Ok, the Woman is a drug dealer, and the hefty bag is full of weed, that needs to get to a party in Colorado.

The three guys (the Lonely Island Boys) smoke too much of it, and have to try and find a supplier in Denver, where everyone is sold out, and stay ahead of the FBI (Chris Kattan and Finesse Mitchell)

3. The three kids are high school buddies, carrying off body parts of the Womans (Phobe Cates) Ex-husband.
She is playing them against each other as who can serve her best. The winner not only gets to graduate, but go with the Woman to Mexico to spend the insurance money. Comedy ensues when the woman vanishes the day of graduation and the bags turn up in the gym.

4. Porn. Don’t ask whats in the Bag.Hefty2

5. The woman (Kathy bates) is a former groupie of Tommy Chong, and saved an cultivated a plant she stole from his van when she left.

20 years later her three sons ( Zach Bigalke, Dan Vachalek and Jack Hoskison Jr.) take the plant, and go try and prove that Chong is their father.

Got a better idea? Post Below!

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