The Raiders add a QB and get rid of another

It’s spring and Reggie McKenzie has been cleaning house this entire offseason to try and make the team competitive again.oak-raiders-Helmet

Carson Palmer was acquired under the old Raider regime and he is gone. Even though all the problems they had weren’t his alone.

Matt Flynn was acquired and in all likelihood will be starting when the NFL season opens in September. Barring a preseason injury, he is a lock to start in my opinion. Now, a lot of people are wondering why they acquired Flynn . Well, the Raiders were not interested in keeping Palmer who refused to restructure his contract and Flynn makes considerably less than Palmer. He also gives the Raiders a better chance to compete next season. Rather than just try and get a top 5 lottery pick.

Flynn is untested to be sure, but he did throw for an NFL record 6 TD’s in a 45-41 win over the Lions. Sure, it was the Lions who had a horrible secondary, but 6 TD’s is a record. And  in the history of the NFL, great QB’s have faced horrible secondaries before and never thrown for that many TD’s in a single game. I’m not saying this makes Flynn GREAT, just an observation.

And he is a better option than Terrelle Pryor who is a long term project and best suited to running 5-6 plays a game as a change of pace QB. He’d be an excellent option in the Red Zone. Last season, the Raiders kicked way too many FG’s rather than converting TD’s.

A lot of people think they should have just cut Palmer and thrown Pryor out there and hoped for the best. But, that would’ve been a disaster. He isn’t ready and he needs to work on his throwing motion, despite a decent start to finish last season.

This gives Oakland fans reason to have hope for the upcoming season and shows they aren’t just looking to tank next season and collect draft picks. In addition, McKenzie may know a little something about Flynn’s upside since he was with the Packers when they drafted Flynn.

Interesting sidenote: Flynn backed up JaMarcus Russell at LSU. Have the Raiders come full circle?

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  1. Palmer’s exodus could be good for the Raiders but potentially bad at the same time. While he was fairly immobile, he did put up some solid numbers. Flynn is an untested upgrade/replacement… but so was Kevin Kolb. Hopefully your team doesn’t have to endure that.

    It’ll be interesting to see how Palmer fits in AZ and if his being there will be about the same or an improvement. I’m hoping for the latter since the continual QB carousel is tired.

    Hopefully your team will be on the right path now with Flynn running the show. Russell was a poor choice, that much has been shown clearly.

  2. I agree with your statement, about how it was a good thing the Raiders did not just drop PALMER n stuff PRYOR at QB.

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