Fun with Liberals – Part 1

You know me, you know I don’t like Obama’s policies.

Of course, that does not stop me from being friends and being able to talk with people who are more than Happy to slap the blinders on and defend the POTUS.

Names have been changed to protect myself. Just cause he’s left wing don’t mean he’s not armed.


ok, Notice there is no Bush potential, there is no middle class warfare potential, and best of all, no Race here.

Just a guy who lied, once again, and made America worse.

So I have to send this to a lefty guy I know, to get his thoughts, and see how quickly he bashes Bush.

Over/Under? 3.


Lefty: Very disappointing, but obviously no Republican has ever even given a rats ass about our health. They just want us to die young and be easily managed. Republicans can’t claim any moral high ground here. We have to watch out for ourselves the best we can.

David: No, we don’t have to watch out for ourselves.



Lefty: You have to realize no past administration has cared about this issue. It’s changing but slowly. There are many many food wrongs ongoing and have been for a very long time. Conclusion…the government doesn’t care about our health, just profits. Once you realize this you can then educate yourself and opt out of the madness.

David: I’m sorry, How long has the FDA been around again? Seems like someone cared and someone dropped the ball as well.

Bottom line- He changed his position.

Lefty: What bothers me is the big money in politics…you know the supreme court ruling by the republican judges that “corporations are people“. Until big money is taken out of politics nothing big will change.
And who cares about flip-flopping..the last republican guy running for office flip flopped every 20 seconds.

Did you vote for Romney? Then don’t be offended by political flip-flopping.

David: Oh how cute. . . He thinks I’m a Republican.

So your point is because Romney/Bush/Clinton/etc would have done it


Lefty: Of course it’s not ok. But the alternatives are unimaginably worse. Can you even imagine another Republican war or trainwrecked economy? Just because things don’t change as fast as you want them to is no reason to give up and start over. Raise awareness and keep the pressure on!

—There we go, from Obama turned his back to Bush Bashing in 4 easy steps. It might be my fault, I did say the B word.

But let me bring up a point- the guy that WROTE the protection plan?Blunt

Rep Roy Blunt- Republican.

Bipartisan ways to shaft America! Talk about crossing the aisle!


The point of all this?

If Lefty and I both agree that something is WRONG for America, and wrong for our FOOD.

You need to read up on it.

GET BLUNT OUT and LET OBAMA know he Fucked UP!


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  1. That kind of thing has been going on for a long time. I think it was the artificial sweetener sacharine that was accidently discovered in a pesticide lab. Yet the FDA approved it for human consumption. Yet its the main ingredient in sweet n low, equal, and nearly every other artificial sweetener. Want proof? I actually tried this myself. Wait till summer, and if you live in part of the country with fireants, wait till you have an ant bed in the yard. Go pour a box of equal, sweet n low, or nutrasweet on it. The results are amazing. It will erradicate the anthill in less than a week. Imagine what it is doing to your body when you drink that next diet coke.

  2. got to try the sweet and low thing on a bunch of carpenter ants destroying my utility building. btw, love in in my tea and coffee since I’m a diabetic.

    Did you also know however, that margarine is only a molecule away from being plastic?

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