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The Blog About Nothing

What up world?

It’s me EJ and I’m back with another issue of The Blog About Nothing. In case you didn’t read Volume 1, allow me to re-introduce myself. EJ is my intials, I’m 31, from Brooklyn NY, and I love sports, hip-hop, and ranting on whatever the hell is on my mind. I got no problem sharing my two cents and blogging them for So without much further ado: let’s get it!Lakers

First Off: I have a problem. A serious problem. I’m a Lakers fan. Gasp! I know. I’m suffering this season because my team sucks. See, I’m not afraid to admit the team sucks. They bailed out of the Princeton offense way too soon when they fired Mike Brown after 5 games, and then they hired Mike D’Antoni (a hiring that I liked at the time) but Mike’s system doesn’t mesh with this aging Lakers squad. Unlike some Lakers fans who will go nameless (DJ), I don’t envision a scenario where the white knight that is Phil Jackson will come limping through that door to save us. We’re stuck with D’Antoni. The Lakers are likely stuck with their current roster, but they need to piece together a bench. The Lakers have nothing in the way of athleticism. A point guard with some speed wouldn’t kill them. A small forward/shooting guard that’s defense first wouldn’t hurt either. I’m not a G.M., and I’m not a draftnik so I will not name players but Mitch Kupchak desperately needs to find two players to fill those roles this summer.Mets

Speaking of summer: I used to be a baseball fan. Actually, I found the sport to be pretty boring but I claimed the NY Mets after seeing a Mets game back in 1988 when I was all of 6 years old. So, I got the hats, I’d root for them if they were having a good season, I knew the players but somewhere along the way I lost interest. It might be that the past few seasons the team hasn’t given me any sort of excitment. Shoot, the owners the Wilpons got taken by Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme, and very little money has gone into the team since. Can anyone actually name who’s in the Mets starting rotation, or in their outfield? You can? I’ll wait… anyway, sorry for the rant but Opening Day is upon us and this is the time where fans of the game are supposed to have excitement of what the spring, summer, and hopefully the fall will bring for their team. Every fan except me. My team? Will probably lose 90 games and come up with 90 excuses as to why. Well, I got one rant out my system. I got two more. Keep on reading.Arthur Jones

Switching gears, I’m going to rant on some dumb ass football players in my next two paragraphs. First let me say something to Arthur Jones of the Baltimore Ravens: why did you have to call the Ravens “a dream team in the making?”. I know the big dude just won a ring, but I absolutely hate when athletes use the term dream team. I hate it so much that I basically did a facepalm while reading his quote the other day. Why? Because anyone that uses the term “dream team” tends to fall flat on their damn faces when they use it. It’s like karma’s working against them. Case in point: Vince Young. He called the Philadelphia Eagles a dream team a few seasons ago and he’s out of the NFL begging for a job right now. His dream team? About to make the 4th overall selection in the NFL Draft, and has a new head coach. So Arthur, big man, please take back that unfortunate choice of words.Shaun Rogers

You know what really grinds my gears? When rappers want to be athletes and athletes want to be rappers. Stay in your damn lane! Athletes are either in the studio living out their rapper dreams, or they are walking around shining like a rapper. Case in point: Shaun Rogers of the New York Giants. The big defensive tackle was robbed of $430,000 worth of jewlery this week in Miami. You see, his dumb ass went out to Club L.I.V., picked up a random chick, smashed (more than likely) and passed out. When he woke up later that afternoon, shorty took the jewelry out of the hotel room wall safe. Dumb ass. I get it. You got money, you want to show out, and you want as many women as possible. Shit, I’d do the same if I had his paper but here’s his big mistake: falling asleep! Nah, you get yours, and then call her a cab. Kick her out the damn room! Or at least not spend half a million in jewlery and keep it in a hotel room wall safe. Sucker ass.Brittney Griner

Enough ranting. I’m done with that shit. Please allow me to show some love to the best player in College Basketball. Baylor University’s own Brittney Griner. She’s the best player in the game, and you didn’t even know it. I didn’t say Women’s basketball either. She’s the best player in the NCAA. Brittney is 6’8″ and has an arm span of 86 inches. Bet you didn’t even know that! She’s the career leader for blocked shots (for both men and women). You didn’t even know it. Baylor is 146-14 since she’s stepped on campus. Did you know that? The awards are too many to list but Brittney Griner is truly the female version of Wilt Chamberlain. She dominates games. She alters shots, she dunks on her opponents, and without her where would Baylor be? Would they have been 40-0 last season? Would they be the defending National Champion that’s 34-1 so far this season? Would the WNBA be salivating just waiting for the opportunity to market her in an attempt to save their league? No. She’s the future of the sport. Big Brittney Griner the best college player out right now and you didn’t even know it.USA Soccer

Let me switch up the flow a bit. I’m a soccer fan. A big one at that. Props to the United States men’s team for going in Estadio Azteca and coming up with a big draw on Tuesday night. The Azteca is where the Mexican National Team dominates. They haven’t lost a World Cup qualifier there since 2001. However, Mexico hasn’t done so much in the final Hexagon qualifying process in CONCACAF. So far, Mexico with their 3 points is lagging behind Panama, Honduras, and the United States in qualifying. In order to make the World Cup out of the CONCACAF region (consisting of North and Central America) you need to finish in the top 3 (although the 4th place team can still qualify if they can beat New Zealand, the qualifier out of Oceana, in a home and home series). The Hexagon (the United States, Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, and Jamaica) will last until October and at that time we will know all the participants for World Cup 2014 which will be hosted by Brazil.

So, that’s it y’all. I’m out this piece. I thank you for reading this blog, and the rest of the solid content we have here at

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