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Barry Sanders 2Barry Sanders


That being said- Barry Sanders is one of the greatest of all time in running exept for one MAJOR thing

Red Zone running…

think about it. It’s fourth and 1, 4 seconds left- you have 2 running backs – who do you give the ball too…

Barry or Emmitt? – Emmitt- no matter what people say about his O-line being the basis for his greatness I can block for him and he can still get in the endzone.
Barry or Bettis? – Same thing.
Barry or Okoye? – Same thing.
Barry or Curtis Martin? Same thing.
Barry or Dickerson? – DO you see a pattern?

Point being- If I am a defensive coordinator- and I have to face Barry on a 1st and 10 from his 20 I am scared – 2nd and 5 at the 40? Scared- 3rd and 1- not scared 4th and 1 at the 1? I am more worried about a QB sneak from Peete than I am Barry.
All you people that saw Detroit play know this Barry let off some spectacular runs- almost like and Anti-Martin but Barry could not or would not lower his shoulder and get you the extra yard or that 1st down- he would just as soon backtrack and scoot back 2 yards to try to get the 3 instead of getting the 2 and then BAM the extra one- more than likely he’s going out of bounds.

Not saying Barry is not great- I cannot ever say that- but If I and picking my top 5 back over the past 20 years- and I have pick #6- I’m getting one of my personal top 5 because someone is picking Barry and he has got to worry about what to do about 4th and 1-

I just have to stop him on 1st and 10. . . .Barry Sanders

Top 5 80s and 90s backs-

E. Smith
Marcus Allen
Thurman Thomas

I don;t like Dickerson- never have but if it comes down between Bettis and Dickerson, or Eddie George or Chris Warren- a better back than Alexander, to me by the way.

Keep in mind, I’m  not saying he SUCKED, far from it, he’s a legit hall of famer by ANY standard. But its like having a pantry with no eggs, there is something vital missing, and some things you just can’t do.

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  1. Barry Sanders was a joy to watch. I can remember games where Barry would have like 10 yards through the first 3 quarters but end the game with 200 yards rushing. You always felt like he can make magic happen at any moment.

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