NBA Roundtable: 3/25

Welcome to the NBA Roundtable!

This week we have one of our newest writers, Bill Golamb, the returning DJ, joining EJ and David.

Enjoy, and if you have questions, add them below for next week.

Lets talk Bynum’s worth, is Wall a MAX dude, and Round 2 of LETS MAKE A DEAL!

1. Would you sign Bynum to a 3 year 45M deal of you were the Sixers?

45 Million?
45 Million?

Bill: No. Given his injury prone history and his apparent lack of true rehab to even make an attempt at coming back this season, that throws up an immediate red flag for me. While you can’t teach size and raw talent, you can’t levy the future of your franchise on a player that might break down on you at any minute and with catastrophic results to your team. Ask POR about Greg Oden or, sadly, POR/MIN with Brandon Roy. The same goes for NYK with Stoudemire. That said, the most I might go with Bynum is a two year deal with a third year team option containing performance clauses.

EJ: No way. Too risky. I thought the Sixers were one of the winners of the Howard trade when they landed Bynum but after a season of inactivity, it’s clear that they were the loser. However, with Andrew under their supervision the Sixers should know better than anyone the status of his knee. My guess? The Sixers offer him a one year deal. A complete one off to prove his health. If it works, and he’s happy in Philadelphia then offer him the max deal after the season. If it does not? Cut ties and move on.

DJ: I would sign him to a 2 year deal with the 3rd year a TEAM OPTION. It’s also possible he could sign a 1 year make good contract like EJ suggests. They can’t risk losing him and Iggy (the player he was basically traded for). Iggy has gone on to find success with the Nuggets and Bynum has basically had a lost year. The Sixers have to bring him back and hope he is healthy.

David: Actually, I would. You can get insurance for the money, and have the 3rd year as a team option, like DJ suggested. You have wasted a year of the franchise already, and you almost have to double down at this point. Evan Turner is NOT a franchise player. Bogut, Granger, Rudy Gay, Carlos Boozer, Deng, Brook Lopez, Eric Gordon, and Okafor all will make north of 14M next year- would you rather have Okafor or a motivated Bynum? No contest there. Even a Bynum at 60% effort is better than Bogut.

2. Is Wall a MAX Player?

Bill: To me, he’s on the cusp but not quite there at this point. He needs to show more consistency, leadership, and the ability to carry the team at any moment should he need to do so. Again, he’s a great player… but just below max contract level. If WAS doesn’t want to pay him max money, you can guarantee that someone will.

EJ: No. He’s a nice player but is he one that can transcend a franchise? No. The Wizards do have a nice thing going with Wall and Beal in their back court but I still have a hard time envisioning John Wall as the player that will eventually lead the Wiz back into the playoffs. I’d pay him well, no doubt, but I just wouldn’t give him max money.

DJ: No, but he is on the cusp of being an elite PG. He is passing the ball and having moments where he can explode for 25-30 points.

David: Here again, I’m the outlier, Let me give you some names.

Deron Williams
Joe Johnson
Rudy Gay

Roy Hibbert
Ray Allen
Rashard Lewis

All have had MAX contracts, or are currently on one. A Healthy John Wall sells more tickets than almost all of the above COMBINED. Name me the last headliner that the Wiz had before Gilbert. Name me the last time they got a top-flight free agent. You have to have a building block, and John Wall can be. Not everyone gets to have LeBron and Kobe.

3. What happened to the Jazz?Utah Jazz

Bill: Youth and inexperience mixed with injuries will derail any team. It’s sad to see them collapse as they have right before the real season begins and since the Suns would have acquired a lottery pick if LAL had they missed the playoffs, but it is what it is. It remains to be seen how the roster will shape out as well given big Al’s likely move during the off season. Is Kanter ready to make a bigger contribution? Will another year make a difference for everyone else?

EJ: The Jazz heard the Lakers footsteps and bitched up. What? Ain’t nothing more to it. They bitched up! The Jazz might be only a game out of the 8th seed, but I have no confidence that they will sneak their way back in there. They have a bright future in Kanter and Favors but those guys aren’t ready. The Jazz need to crash out, pray they find some gold in the Lottery and try again next season.

DJ: They choked plain and simple. They had injuries, but seem content to let Jefferson and Millsap walk to let Kanter and Favors develop. It’s possible they work sign and trades to get draft picks in the summer in order to help rebuild, but they had a great chance to make the postseason.

David: Bad moves at the trade deadline- as in NONE. I think some players were working hard to look good to get out of town or a better contract in the offseason, and nothing happened. Why bust my arse to stay where I’m out? I can claim a knee sprain, wait to get waxed by Spurs/Thunder in round 1, then move my shit.

4. More impressive Dunk of Death , LeBron or DeAndre?LeBron Fatality

Bill: Gotta go with Jordan, but only for degree of difficulty. LeBron’s dunk had flavor and was on one of the biggest loudmouths in the league, but Jordan’s was far better. Also, James is a physical specimen and a dunk like that is easy for him. Sure, there’s a defender there and all, but come on. It’s a small guard, not another forward or center with size. As for Jordan’s throwdown, not only was it an alley oop pass/catch, but it was caught with his off hand and at a good distance from the hoop. He also dunked on a much larger defender than James.

EJ: Maybe it’s because I don’t like Jason Terry, but I’m going with Bron on this one. Terry should have gotten the hell out of his way. LeBron is a 6’8″ freight train and he made that man into roadkill. LeBron James? Flawless victory.

DJ: Don’t really care.

David: Jordan. Much like Shawn Kemp, the only news is when he DOESN’T kill someone on a poster.

Lets make a Deal!

Lets pretend that you just won a contest, and you have 100% control of an NBA Team.

The Rules are you CANNOT Sell it and you CANNOT move it.

All 30 teams are eligible.

I am going to give you a team, and you have a choice- either TAKE the team, or give it back and take the RANDOM team behind the curtain. Could be the Heat, Could be the Bobcats, Could be the T-Wolves.

If you DO take the team, Tell me what is the FIRST thing you do.
Week 1: Hornets, Magic, Rockets

Team 1: The LA Clippers LA Clippers

EJ: Take. A franchise in Los Angeles is always worth taking. The Clippers will always have some celebrity sitting courtside and even if they will never be as popular as their co-tenant Los Angeles Lakers, you still can’t pass up ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers.

DJ: Take. Duh.

Bill: Take. This team has undergone a resurgence with the acquisition of Paul and the drafting of Griffin. They’ve added some key pieces and have turned themselves from a laughingstock into a contender. What’s not to like about the underdog for so long suddenly becoming the big dog? First move: re-sign Chris Paul. No question. He’s a KEY to the team, and he’s got to be made untouchable.

David: I take. First thing I do is I look for my own arena, next thing I do is give Chris Paul the #2 parking spot and Blake the #3.

2: Atlanta HawksAtlanta Hawks

EJ: Give back. Sorry Atlanta but I would rather take the team behind the curtain. Why? It’s not really a pro sports town. The Hawks typically do not draw a big crowd, and the fan base seems apathetic. It might be the reason the franchise hasn’t accomplished anything in a LONG time but if I were going to take a NBA team this one would not be it.

DJ: Meh, give back. EJ summed it up nicely. Plus, I don’t trust Ferry in the long run.

Bill: Toss back. There are far more problems than worth having to get involved with this fiasco. Where do you even begin?

David: Here is the hard thing, I’m in a top 10 market, I’m in the south, and I’m in ACC/SEC country. Other than lousy ownership and DUMBASS drafting coughmarvinwilliamscough, why can’t I make it work here? My problem here is who is up next- do I take this team over the Hornets, Bucks or Bobcats? Absolutely. Do I start breaking stuff if the Heat, Magic or Lakers come up? There will be blood. I think I take it, then if need me find a damn good lawyer to move in a decade, or sell.

Team 3: Portland TrailBlazers portland trail Blazers

EJ: Take. Why? The fan base. Portland tends to have a run every decade. The championship team in the 70’s. The Finals contender of the late 80’s and early 90’s and the Blazers squads who gave the Lakers some fits in the late 90’s and early 00’s. Yeah, the Trail Blazers became the Jail Blazers for a stretch, but Portland as a franchise tends to rebound and their fanbase is rabid.

DJ: Give back, despite having Lilliard and LA. They just don’t have much interest for me. I understand they have a rabid fan base, but they have had bad luck in recent seasons and you just have to wonder if they are snake bit.

Bill: Take. While not my team, this franchise has a proud and somewhat storied past as far as players go. They’ve got some established, young players to build around and the right vets could make the difference.

David: Another tossup. My Problem is the market is tiny, my solution is the fanbase is RABID. If I sell 2/3 of Portland a jersey, and half the population of Oregon pays 10 bucks a month for my games on satellite, plus I sell out every seat 41+ times, can I compete?

Sure. My #1 goal is to make damn sure Seattle never gets a team, and I play there as often as I can. The Northwest is MINE- and enjoy Blazers/Bobcats Seattle!

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  1. I guess since DJ put it in caps, my initial suggestion of the team option on Bynum went unnoticed. No worries. I see how it is, DJ. 😛

  2. Perhaps my phrasing should have been more clear. I would do a third year option, but there’d have to be some performance clauses in there.

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