NFL RoundTable 3/23 Edition!

Welcome to the NFL Roundtable!

Once again, its David and EJ going head to head for this week, if you want to join us for a roundtable, let me know at


1. Did Ed Reed make the right choice in going to the Texans?Baltimore Ravens

EJ: It appears the Ravens were ready to move on from Ed Reed, and by some reports Ed and the coaching staff were not on the best of terms. So, is Houston the right place for Reed? Yes, it is. The Texans are a playoff caliber team. Are they capable of getting to the Super Bowl? Probably not, but if Reed wants to play for a winner then he got it with the Texans.

David: I would say so. I don’t think he’s worth the money, but lets face it, there are 3 teams that can get you revenge on the Ravens, if you have hard feelings, and the Texans might have the best chance to get a home game this year in the playoffs.

2. Is Mike Goodson the RB the Jets need to return to the playoffs?

EJ: Return to the playoffs? L-O-freakin’-L. I’m sorry but this question is hilarious. I’m a Jets fan. Been one for as long as I can remember and this team is not a playoff team. Adding Mike Goodson will not change that. Goodson’s a nice back with decent speed and good hands so he’ll be useful in the west coast offense but he will not carry this team back to the playoffs.

David: He’s the best back they have had since Curtis Martin left, the problem is the QB and the O-Line. So I’ll say it won’t be his fault if they miss it.

3. Can the Chiefs challenge the Broncos?

EJ: I think so. The Broncos should still win the AFC West but I like the fact that the Chiefs are adding talent to a team that already was talented. Yes, the Chiefs were 2-14 last season but that was due to some injuries and very inconsistent quarterback play. Assuming the Chiefs can stay healthy and Alex Smith can be the consistent quarterback that they need, then yes the Chiefs can challenge for a playoff spot.

David: 6 probowlers on Defense, Oh thats right, the Pro-Bowl is meaningless. but they have talent everywhere, they have the top pick, plus a QB for the first time in a long time. My problem is the last time Andy Reid added a bunch of talent in the offseason, it didn’t amount to much. Denver might have a showdown on its hands sooner rather than later, but I’m not sure Reid could be the guy.

4. How far in the draft does Geno Fall?GenoSmith

EJ: Geno Smith, the West Virginia QB, appears to be on the rise and could go as early as #3 to the Raiders. Do I think he goes to the Raiders? No, but I can see some quarterback needy team trading up to that spot to make sure they land the number one quarterback in the draft. #3 is his ceiling. His floor? The Bills at #8. Geno will definitely go somewhere in the top 8.

David: This is one guy that hates Alex Smith. I have him going at SEVEN. Someone will jump ahead of the Bills, but I’ll be honest with you, I’d rather get Vaccarro and Barkley in the second round if I’m sitting around 10, even if I have to lose a third rounder to move up.

5. Why is Cruz unsigned?

EJ: Cruz is unsigned because he’s a restricted free agent that would cost a team a #1 selection if the Giants do not match the contract he signs with an interested team. The Giants are doing the right thing in sitting back and allowing the market to come to them. They’ll keep Cruz and on their terms. That’s why I like GM Jerry Reese. He knows how and when to make the right moves.

David: If I’m the Ravens, or Pats (Pre-Danny) or even the Steelers, I’ll give a 1 for this guy. I like him better than Mike Wallace, and lets face it, he’s better than Boldin. If I’m at pick 24 or less, I sign him to a contract, and If I’m in the NFC? I MAKE the Giants match it.

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