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The Blog About Nothing

Good day world! It’s your boy EJ and I would like to welcome you to my blog series: The Blog About Nothing. This be that volume 1. Why is this a blog about nothing? Well, I’m the kind of guy who has a hard time focusing on just one subject. I kind of like to touch and go on things. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that. So I hope you like my blog because this is where it’s at.

LeBron James. King James a.k.a. Jason Terry’s killer is destroying the NBA right now. I’m not a Heat fan, so Bron doesn’t have to worry about me bum rushing the court like that little white dude in Cleveland, but I will give props where it’s due. The man is in pure beast mode! Comebacks over the Celtics and Cavaliers this week shows me that LeBron really wants to surpass the 1971-1972 Los Angeles Lakers consecutive win streak of 33. Why else would he rally the troops to improbable comeback victories when the Heat have their division, and the conference number 1 seed already locked up? Most teams and most players would have laid down and played dead when down 27 points in a meaningless game but LeBron steps up and takes charge. He’s past that Decision nonsense and he’s making the fans of the League love him again. LeBron is a runaway freight train, knocking off people in a single bound. I wonder who he dunks on next…LeBron vs Terry

Brandon KnightSpeaking of dunking on people: Shout out to DeAndre Jordan! Now Jordan’s poster jam of Pistons guard Brandon Knight may be the dunk of the year but I really don’t get that hype. A seven footer knocking down a six-foot three guard doesn’t do much. OK. I’m lying. Brandon’s fall did make me literally laugh out loud but the dude is getting slaughtered for trying (OK, attempting) to block DeAndre. Why are we mocking the dude for effort. He tried. Yeah, I might have just made fun of Jason Terry for getting posterized by LeBron but he didn’t try to stop Bron and should have gotten the hell out of the way. At least Brandon gave effort and for that he gets props. Stop with the silly ass memes and the #RIPBrandonKnight shit on Twitter. Give props where it due. Keep it 100!

OK. Enough with the roundball. I know a little pigskin so allow me to touch on this Brian Urlacher situation with the Chicago Bears. I like to see sports as a business, and I usually have no problem with contract holdouts, or players leaving in free agency because they’re just trying to get their money right, but I feel sorry for Urlacher. That dude was the Chicago Bears. Hard working, and vicious. He’s the embodiement, you know. A guy like that has the right to finish his career with one team, and should have gotten the respect of the organization on a new deal. Brian’s claiming he was low-balled with a one year $2 million deal, and that the Bears wouldn’t negotiate with his agent. That’s an ultimatum and that’s not cool. Yes, I understand that Marc Trestman has replaced long time coach Lovie Smith, but this is a veteran team, a perennial contender (or damn close to it) and they should have tried to keep their fading leader.Urlacher

Before I go I want to let my readers know something about me. I love sports. Basketball, Football, some Soccer, and I love music. Hip-Hop mostly but I try to expand into all genres. Sometimes, I let that stuff infiltrate my writing. I like to give you an insight into my mind, and let you know what I’m thinking. So, this blog about nothing is really a blog about nothing. It’s unfocused, it’s cluttered, it’s still a work in progress, but I do this shit because I love the release, and I really feel we got something good here at So like our page on Facebook. Follow 7poundbag on Twitter and keep clicking on our website. We’re just some regular dudes who like saying what we feel. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

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  1. Totally agree with you on Urlacher, EJ. It would be like the Lakers offering Kobe 1 year and 5 million after his current deal expires.

    Good stuff.

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