MMA Roundtable: 3/22

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable!

This week its David and Roni going in the cage!

1. Is it a good idea to have both males and females on TUF?ronda-rousey

Roni: Most definitely no! If you already have guys behaving like college kids, the last thing you need is to lock “boys” and “girls” in the same house for weeks.  I mean WTF are they expecting to see? A hotter version of Big Brother?  And why? Unless they plan in making trans-gender fights, there’s no reason for it.

This is a REAL stupid idea… but nothing surprises me more after Sonnen & Jones!

David: Its kind of sad that they can’t find 14 women worth putting on a show, not like they have to SIGN any of them. They should have had the Tate/Kat winner and Ronda coach and only have the 4 women on the roster. Invicta HAS A WHOLE ROSTER! You can’t FIND 14???


2. Is Nick Diaz done?

Roni: I don’t think so. He has a lot of guys he could fight. but he needs to evolve. That is a must!

David: Like I said on the Podcast, he needs to goto Japan.


3. If GSP goes for the Superfight, should they have an interm, and if so, who should it be with?

Roni: No. GSP is the champ. Have the fight and then get back to fighting for the belt.  I mean, what was the point of having Condit sit with the interim belt anyway?  Hendricks (who’s the #1 contender) just fought now, so he’ll be out of action for (probably) as long as GSP. And if GSP fights someone else, then he can have another fight or chose to sit. But to make a belt for one fight hiatus is wrong IMO. Makes sense in Cruz case, since he’s out for long. But for such a short period of time? absolutely not.

David: I hate interm belts. HATE HATE HATE. GSP, or any title holder, needs to be out a YEAR or more before we get a title. Only TWICE has the UFC had a LEGIT reason for an interm title, when Frank Mir went down, and when Couture “retired”.


4. Where does Carlos Condit go from here?Carlos Condit

Roni: He is still top 5. I give props to him for fighting the top guys. he could rematch Diaz, now that the stakes are not for a title shot; perhaps he will fight like he normally does instead of running! I’d definitely pay for that fight!

David: Rory McDonald. Condit has taken over Jon Fitch as the guy most deserving of a title shot but won’t ever see GSP again. Condit should get an easier fight to get a great paycheck and wait for Rory or the first guy in the Juggernaut/Johnny/Hendricks range to drop from the top 5.

5.  Is Canada too big an advantage when facing GSP?

Roni: No, but then again… yes! The fact it is in canada, by itself it is not. Once the cage closes, it doesn’t matter much. it is one on one! But for all before the fight, it does affect you. His opponent  has to travel, get used to time difference, food difference, deal with (most of the time) hostile crowd, etc.

So it does takes a tool on you. You have to stop training to travel, your diet (which is important on the last week while you try to lose weight) suffer; sometimes you don’t have things you are used to in your own country (like Diego Sanchez couldn’t find distilled water in japan and missed weight).

Besides, I don’t like the fact UFC abuses the “home crowd” excuse. MMA is great exactly because you can like a  fighter for what he does inside the octagon, not because of where he was born! So IMO every fighter should fight around the world, not only in front of his home crowd! I mean, I bet People in US or japan would fill out a stadium to see GSP. He’s a draw, no matter where he fights.

And on the same token, how fair it is to Silva? He just fought Sonnen in US and will have to fight Weidman in US also. Why can’t him enjoy some home-court advantage???GSP Canada


but then… wouldn’t it be boring if every champ only fought in their own country? What if Gus becomes the champ????

David: MMA is a business. GSP makes the MOST money when he fights in Canada, the UFC makes the most money when he fights in Canada, and lets be honest, his OPPONENT makes the most money when he fights/loses to GSP in Canada.

Lets see. I make 700K if we fight in Vages.

I make 1.1M if we fight in Canada.

Let me get my passport ready. Not to mention the fact by the time you GET to GSP, most guys would fight in GSP’s garage if they had too. I’ll bet my hair that if Dana White called Johnny or Carlos (or even Nick) and said hey, GSP wants to fight next weekend, you want a fight?

Every single one would say yes, before even asking where the fight was. GSP is not Jon Jones. Machida KNOWS he will get a title shot, there simply is only 1 or 2 guys in his way. There are a HALF-DOZEN guys that can get a title shot vs GSP.


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