Ultimate Fighter Report: Episode 9: WILDCARD!


We get the Breakdown of the two fights that caused Kevin Casey and Bubba McDaniel to get the Wildcards, still don’t see how KEVIN got the slot, but ok.

Kevin talks about not performing that well but getting a second chance.tuf17

Bubba talks about missing his kids.

Jon Jones gives Bubba a pep talk, and we get a WHOLE lot of Jones pimping Bubba. I mean a LOT.

A TON of Pimping.

Back to the house.

Kevin says that Bubba was the only one that called anyone out.

Josh calls out Jimmy. Jimmy accepts, and Luke asks why no one wanted to fight him.

Sonnen talks about Josh and who should get him. Uriah pushes to get the fight. Jimmy says that he will just tell Josh he got outbid for him.

Sonnen talks Kevin.

Kevin still has an awful cut on his forehead and has to train with a mask.

Its Thankgiving everyone!

Jones and Sonnen eat with the guys. Sonnen makes a speach about how much he and Jones will work to get them in the UFC and how disapointed he is with Jones being a nice guy. Jones: Hope you don’t expect me to make a speach”

Bubba is PISSED about not being able to eat and having to make weight 3 times in 4 weeks (Hint: Win next time) Says he’s going to take all his agression out on Kevin.

Josh is still begging ANYONE to fight Uriah.Bubba McDaniels

Both make weight.

Bubba is ready to Crush Kevin’s whole word.

Kevin wants to make some noise.


Bubba McDaniel: 29 years old, 20-6
Kevin Casey: 31 Years old, 5-1
Dispite being 4 inches shorter, Kevin has a 2.5 inch reach advantage.

Kevin clinches and pulls guard(?) Does nothing, they stand and Kevin takes him down. Kevin is controlling him but doing NO damage. Its all position for half the round.Sonnen is just BEGGING Kevin to touch him, and Kevin is all about control. They go up and down twice. great control, but no damage being done.

Sonnen is happy with the round, saying welcome back Kevin! He takes the round 10-9.

We go back to a clinch, and Bubba does some damage. He Grabs a guil and drops Bubba with a DDT. Bubba gets out and tries some G&P. He is looking for at cut. Kevin sits there in Guard. Kevin is just LAYING there in closed guard. Bubba is doing limted but GOOD damage as Kevin lays there in you guessed it. Closed guard.

Third round is without a question.
Holy crap what a shit fight so far. Neither guy has ANY clue what to do on the bottom, or how to get out of it.


Bubba talks smack to the whole house, Dana is stunned. Bubba asks if that’s a finish. Dana laughs and says he’ll give it to him (I’d agree with that- its a TKO)

Well Chael, thats one guy that will never see the UFC.
Gotta tell you, If I’m one of the guys NOT picked for the wildcard? I’M PISSED
Kevin Casey

Jones credits someone yelling that Bubba was breaking as inspiring Bubba to win.

Sonnen states that Kevin simply shut down.

Kevin says in 2010 his kidneys failed. Leaves in an ambulance.


Bubba: Jimmy or Luke
Jimmy: Bubba
Dylan: Luke
Luke: Bubba or Dylan
Kelvin: Collin
Collin: Uriah
Uriah calls out Josh, says he’s been wanting to since Day 4, drawing a laugh from Dana. Jones has goosebumps.
Josh says that Uriah is trying to avoid Collin.

Dana asks the coaches thoughts.

Sonnen says Dillon and Luke wanted each other, that should be open and shut, Jones agrees.

Jones kinda runs off the coaches picks. Dana thanks them.

Quarterfinal picks:

Collin Hart vs Kelvin Gastellum
Luke Barnatt vs Dylan Andrews
Josh Samman vs Jimmy Quinlan
Uriah Hall vs Bubba McDaniel


Bubba is NOT happy.


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