The Donelosthismind Chronicles 3/20


Made it through Monday?


Then you deserve another edition of . . .

The Donelosthismind Chronicles

10. If you never have brought in a 7-11 Slurpee cup filled with alcohol to an AA meeting… are doing it wrong…

9. Before I can love myself……..I first must be able to laugh at myself…………………………………or some bullshit like that

8. Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Go Who?
Go Fuck Yourself

7. I am so fucked up that during my Intervention we had another Intervention…..

6. Chasing this tequila down with NyQuil….should make up for a very interesting night

5. If I ever get married again make sure my bachelor party is inside a jet engine……

4. It’s like girls who have blonde hair with dark roots don’t even realise that they look like crack heads.

3. Putting flame decals on your PT Cruiser would be like me tattooing the word “LARGE” on my penis.

2. My wife complains that I don’t include her in enough things. That’s bullshit. I just mentioned her in this status.

1. Our brain took two billion years to evolve. Two billion trips around the Sun. All so humans can use it to look at kittens on the Internet.


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