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We found 4 writer who are going to take the NBA, this year at the All-star break, and have them pick teams snake draft.

The Picks

Rounds 1-3   4-6  7-8 and wrap-up!

The Teams:

Team Name


Team DJ

Team Bill

Team Archer

C Tyson Chandler Boogie Cousins Al Jefferson Joakim Noah
PF Tim Duncan LaMarcus Aldridge Dirk Nowitski Zach Randoph
SF LeBron James Kevin Durant Paul Pierce Carmelo Anthony
SG Dwayne Wade James Hardin Kobe Bryant Russell Westbrook
PG Kylie Irving Tony Parker Chris Paul Greivis Vasquez
Bench Dwight Howard Kevin Garnett Marcin Gortat Blake Griffith
Bench Damian Lillard Paul George Kenneth Faried David Lee
Bench Josh Smith Stephan Curry Deron Williams Monta Ellis

So lets get to the Winners!

Overall, I enjoyed our first draft, and by and large each team has good strength and weaknesses.

The stunning part is, to be frank, errors in drafting. Most can be explained by it being our first time and also my possibly not being as clear at I could have been.

I still can’t understand why Marc Gasol, or Pau for that matter, didn’t make a team Velaquez over Rondo?. KG and Blake went FAR too late, and how Chandler lasted past pick 20 I’ll never know.

Let’s go in reverse of finish.

Bill started off with some serious power, Kobe and CP3, two wise court generals, but pairing them with Al and Faried was a stunner, and hurts them IMHO, but the biggest nail in the coffin is quite simply, speed. D-Will and CP3 are the only burners in transition, and Al and Dirk are poor post help in half court defense. Gortat and PP are nice, but bottom line, you are going to run pick and rolls and double screens and kill this team on the boards.

I like Archies team, and if you go by talent, this might have the least. I have a TON of Pippens but no Jordans. I fear when the shot clock is winding down its coming down to Melo or Westbrook fighting over the ball or even worse, Monta with the Rock. I feel if this team is up 10 it could come back without effort, but the issue also is if this team gets up by 6-7 points, and those three are on the bench, who gets the points? Who plays setup? I really do think a Mario Chalmers or even Nash could have helped this team in round 7. Laugh all you want but Velaquez is the key to this team, and vs CP3, Parker or Wade, he’s hurting. I have them third just for the fact they might outrebound everyone. I do think you swap Marc Gasol for David Lee, and Chalmers for Monte, and this team could win.

I feel there was a slight separation between those two and the next two.

I got next
I got next

Both have HUGE flaws, but both could play any style.

Let me go in order of draft.

Team BOOM has LeBron, and 2 Centers and the GOAT PF, Boom has made sure that he never has to go into the post if he doesn’t want to. Wade and Smith can fill up the bucket if Lebron takes a break, and Irving can be hidden on defense while he’s getting his, and if he sits, Wade/Bron/Duncan are some of the smoothest passers at their position. Had Parker and Irving swapped spots in R2, this would have been a walk.

Holes? If Wade goes down, Irving has to play crunch minutes, and I hate the Howard pick. I’d rather see them pickup Dirk or Curry who were still on the board, as their 3pt options are limited.

Advantage? This is a defensive nightmare, I could play the point and have a positive +/- I’m not happy seeing a Lillard/Bron/Duncan front line- with Wade and Irving flying around the passing lanes. A Howard/Chandler double low post is going to give my rebounders trouble, but with such limited outside options, can I be dangerous?

Come crunch time, I’m happy with my 5 of Duncan/Bron/Lil/Smith and Wade. I got 3 Finals MVPs and 2 guys that should go down as GOATs at 3 and 4.

Team EJ gives me everything.

Points? I got 5 that can wake up and drop 30 on you, Plus KG George and LaM are not going to end the game with 4 points anytime soon.
Rebounds? LaMarcus, Cousins, KG are double digit threats.
Passing?  KG, Durant, Curry and Parker could put on a display to bring a tear to Lemon’s eye.
Defense? Cousins, LaM, KG, George, Parker, even Durant isn’t bad.
Outside shooting? Curry, George, Durant, and Hardin can launch from 22 feet, and Parker can hurt you if left open.
Leadership? Parker and KG are 2 guys that are respected by everyone, plus Durant has that quiet respect.

Tell me where you have a chance.

Came down to these two again
Came down to these two again


I’m not a fan of Cousins. This team wins in a walk if KG chokes him after the national anthem.

I almost think this could be a perfect team, as much as I want to attack the mental aspect with Hardin and Cousins, KG and Parker are there.
LaMarcus and Curry can be taken out of their game, but replaceable with KG and Hardin without much dropoff.

Unless Vinny Del Negro or Kurt Rambis is the coach, this team is almost unstoppable. If Pop or Byron Scott is running the team, then who-boy!

So the Winner? Team DJ

I just feel the lack of outside shooting will hurt them long term, and even if Curry doesn’t get hot, there are other options TEAM BOOM just doesn’t have.

I can live with Boogie when I have KG.


Congrats DJ, and thank you for reading.

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  1. Team BOOM! deserved the W. I got title winners, MVP’s, defensive players of the year, All NBA team candidates, rookies of the year, and future rookie of the year. Holes? Maybe but Team BOOM! had to win. We did it Brooklyn!!!

  2. In all fairness, Rondo went down way before the AS game, listed as out for the season. With that in mind and the rules of “Build a team as of the All Star break”, Why would I draft someone on the IR?

  3. And why am I being criticized for not taking players I don’t believe in? I really don’t care about the outcome but I don’t get why that’s a knock on the team.

    Based on talent alone I should have won. Like I said my team covers all the bases.

  4. I was happy with my team and felt that it would have been able to compete with any other. I got no love, but I’m okay with that. Given some confusion early on with who was eligible and what not, I should have dropped out. I stuck it out because quitting wasn’t ever an option for me. I’ll be better prepared the next time we roll one of these. Believe that.

  5. Never said it stunk, and I admit I didn’t do the best job at reffing, and I do look forward in doing it again.

    Not sure its going to be Basketball, but I don’t know baseball, and NFL/NHL are just HUGE teams.

    Lets face it, Basketball just fits so well.

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