NBA RT 3/19

Welcome to the NBA Roundtable! This week, EJ and David go one on one and talk HeatStreak, Lakers and Pacers! nba map

1. How does the Heat Streak compare to the all time GOAT streak of 33?

EJ: It doesn’t compare. What the Lakers of Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West did is a record that will not be matched. When they lost to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the Bucks, that Lakers team set it’s place in history as the best of all time. Also, that team went on to a title. Something this Heat team needs to do, for me to even validate this streak that they are on.

David: EJ, don’t forget the retirement that spurred the streak. To me, that’s the most impressive part. To go over a third of the season undefeated in any sport is impressive, but lets be honest, they are playing in the East, and should be beating every team there they face. The 33Lakers were not defending champions, they just happened to jell and go on a roll. Both streaks stand on thier own merits, but the Lakers streak is more impressive, even if the Heat match.

2. Can they make 33?

EJ: No. The Heat will drop a game somewhere. The Heat get everyone’s best effort anyway, but now there is even more incentive to stop the streak, no one’s taking the day off now.

David: They got 10 to go. The media, the TV, the press is going to be unreal. There is NOTHING going on in basketball right now. No trades, no moves, no real chase for the playoffs, outside of the Lakers run. The entire Eastern Conference is one story and one story only, since the Knicks are a fraud. That story just doubled down with History. I think they could easily drop a scrub game- and there are a few in the next 10. Game 7? SPURS thats the one everyone will be looking at, my guess would be the Hornets in game 6.

3. Have the Lakers turned the corner?Lakers

EJ: Yes. Yes they have. Behind the iron will of Kobe Bryant the Lakers have finally put themselves into playoff position. Dwight Howard appears healthy, and focused for the first time all season and the bench is getting solid contributions from Steve Blake and Antawn Jamison.

David: I would say so. I’m not sure they are the threat to go past the first round of the playoffs, but in one game? They can be scary.

4. Whom should Houston’s #1 target be this off-season?

EJ: Although I am starting to believe that Dwight Howard will remain with the Lakers, Daryl Morey and the Rockets should do all that they can to convince him that his future will be brighter in Houston. Dwight teamed up with James Harden and Jeremy Lin would be a solid team in the West. Dwight would be the team’s star and he can take advantage of the fact that the Rockets are still a huge draw in China. Yes, let’s not forget the Chinese market and the potential millions that Dwight could make in advertising. If Dwight can’t be lured then picking up Paul Milsapp should be the second option. Milsapp is a tough rebounder and he’s improved his offensive game over the past few seasons.

David: Chris Paul. Duh. CP3 should have 30 Max offers the second free agency opens. Barring that, Dork Elvis seems like the guy that wants pieces more than one big hit. Get 2-3 starters out of the second-tier group of Dalembert, Przybilla, Barnes, Turiaf, Mayo and Devin Harris over double down on Maxs to Howard and Smith? I could see that being done.

5. Did the Pacers peak too soon?Indiana Pacers

EJ: No the Pacers did not peak too soon. Yes, the Pacers have lost some games recently but they are still in the best position to win the Central Division and land either the 2nd or 3rd seed in the East. The goal of the Pacers should be to hold of the Knicks for the 2 seed so that they can have the home court advantage if the two teams meet in the 2nd round.

David: I think so. It seems like once they got a little buzz about being a potential threat, they fell apart.

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