NFL Roundtable: Mar 18

The Ides of March are Upon Us!NFL Teams

It is time to release the NFL ROUNDTABLE!! Archie and J Brothers hit the field!

1. More Stunning Trade: Boldin or Harvin

EJ: Boldin. I didn’t see that coming. It’s a good move for Anquan to go to the Niners where he will be part of a solid receiving corp and a great resource for Kaepernick but I have no idea why Baltimore is blowing up a championship winner. Flacco did receive a new deal but it’s only for $6.8 million this season. The Ravens should have found a way to keep as much of the gang together as possible.

DJ: I agree with EJ. It has to be Boldin because Harvin has been unhappy  in Minnesota. Harvin was expected to be traded.

Archie: I agree that the Boldin deal shocked me more than Harvin. I mean, what the heck were the Ravens thinking? As a loyal Steeler fan, I am glad to see him gone. He killed those small Steeler DB’s.

2. Did the Chiefs give up too much for Alex Smith?

EJ: No. I’m not one of those people who believe that Alex Smith will be a bust in KC. This is a player that survived multiple offensive coordinators in San Francisco and for the most part played well under all that confusion. He’ll be fine in KC. Also, lets not forget that the Chiefs had 6 pro bowlers last year. This is a team that has talent. They just needed a game manager. Now they have one.

DJ: No. Smith needed a QB and got a player that helped SF reach the NFC title game a few seasons back. I think Andy Reid will help Smith in his first seasons in a new city and another offensive system. Smith is mobile enough to buy time for the WR’s to get open and he showed he can be a solid starting QB in the League.
Archie: Certainly not, if you look at it front my stand point; they got a good QB with NFL starting experience and SAVED a 1st round draft choice.

3. Any interest in reading Vick’s book?Vick

EJ: I’m a Vick fan. I’ve been one ever since the day I bought his Virginia Tech #7. I stayed with him even when he went to prison. However, I have no desire to read his book. I’ll still root for him, and I hope he’ll have a big season with Chip Kelly’s Eagles but I’ll pass on the book.

DJ: EJ and I started blogging on a Vick thread way (on a site that shall remain nameless) back in 2007 and I’ve come around on Vick. He deserved a 2nd chance and he has done quite well in rehabbing his image although he hasn’t shown he’s back to the level of Vick in Atlanta, but I blame a lot of that on the offensive line. His story interests me and I may read it.

Archie: Would not read it if he was giving it away.

4. Even with the addition of David Garrard, and possible addition of Kevin Kolb, what are the chances that Mark Sanchez starts week 1 for the Jets

EJ: As a Jets fan I will take anyone over Sanchez. It’s time for Mr. Butt Fumble to go. Be it Garrard, be it the now released Kevin Kolb, but the Jets organization needs change and what better change than a new QB.

DJ: He might start the first few games, but if he plays badly….he’ll be yanked quickly.

Archie: As long as Sexy Rexy is the HC, he will get the early nod. IMO

5. Now that Greg Jennings has signed with the Vikings how will he do?

EJ: Greg is a Viking! He got his money, and he left the Green Bay Packers for one of their hated rivals. Good for him. However, who is getting the ball to him. Ponder? Cassel? He is sure going to miss Aaron Rodgers.

DJ: I think he’ll do okay. But, like EJ said they have an unsetttled position at QB. I think Cassel will end up starting and find him enough to make that a solid free agent signing.

But, the Vikes need to upgrade that offensive line so Cassel isn’t on his back a lot. Ponder was only sacked 32 times last season, but he’s more mobile than Cassel.

Archie: The new team will NOT effect his catching ability. However, the number of passes he can get to cleanly is definitely going to change.


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