NBA Team Draft Part III

Sorry for the Delay, but we are back with the third and final part of the Draft, Next week the coaches will Defend thier team, and then we will

rank them, 1-4 on how they did.


Next tourney will be most likely baseball, possibly football.

We are going to take the NBA, this year at the All-star break, and have them play a best of 7 series. We are going snake draft,

Rounds 1-3 are here. 


Rounds 4-6


Team EJ

6M Howard

Team DJ

6M Curry

Team Bill

6M Faried

Team Archer

6M: Lee

David: And we are back for the FINAL two rounds of the draft!

Jacko: I’m liking these teams- No clear favorite, and each has a question mark, even though we got the top 24 out there.

Team BOOM selects Damian Lillard PG/Star Trek Extra

David: Interesting Pick, that gives them 3 PG’s

Jacko: So bigs and some smalls- not much inbetween.

Team DJ selects Devean George. PG/Old Man/Retiredpaul George

David: I know DJ loves him some Lakers but DAYUM

Jacko: Think thats Paul George SF/SG/??/Josh Smith with D

David: Ah.

Bill selects D-Will PG/Pout/Thief

Jacko: Remember when the big debate was who was better, CP3 or Williams?

David: I remember picking Utah to win the title because of him.

Jacko: Stop! I can’t breathe!

Archie selects Blake Griffith PF/SupaStar/C/SF/Catcher

David: FINALLY. What? 4 rounds too late?

Jacko: No doubt. I know he’s not elevated like last year, but DAYUM.

David: Now its round 8. The LAST round and the Archers FINAL Pick.

The Archers select Monta Ellis SG/Gunner/Sieve/PG

David: Instant offense, but does he see the floor?

Jacko: Well, you got Westbrook and Melo, either can drop 20 points on you without sweating, and both are better defenders.

Team Bill selects Marcin Gortat PF/underpaid/C/SFJosh Smith

David: Interesting, got more size, a need, but do you play him and Al together?

Jacko: True, but he plays very well with limited minutes, Play him for half a quarter and get 10 and 5 plus a block or two?

Team DJ Selects Kevin Garnett C/Soul/PF/Defender

David: LOVE the pick!

Jacko: Unless he chokes Cousins before the game

David: Or even better, during.

Final Pick: Team BOOM selects Josh Smith SF/PF/Mr Irrelevant

David: That is one STRONG Final Pick

Jacko: Lets goto the teams!

Team Name


Team DJ

Team Bill

Team Archer

C Tyson Chandler Boogie Cousins Al Jefferson Joakim Noah
PF Tim Duncan LaMarcus Aldridge Dirk Nowitski Zach Randoph
SF LeBron James Kevin Durant Paul Pierce Carmelo Anthony
SG Dwayne Wade James Hardin Kobe Bryant Russell Westbrook
PG Kylie Irving Tony Parker Chris Paul Greivis Vasquez
Bench Dwight Howard Kevin Garnett Marcin Gortat Blake Griffith
Bench Damian Lillard Paul George Kenneth Faried David Lee
Bench Josh Smith Stephan Curry Deron Williams Monta Ellis

Next week, we will have each coach defend their team, then a panel of 7poundbag writers will rank them.

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