MMA Roundtable for March 14th

 Welcome to the MMA Roundtable!

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1. Is Mark Hunt a good matchup for JDS?Mark Hunt

Roni: I think it spells fireworks! He is a good replacement for AO and we will have a great striking battle! Though I do think Junior is much more technically sound; Hunt has the power to KO anyone standing!

David: Mark Hunt is just living the dream. Is this a bad matchup? Hell Yeah, is this a bad matchup. But the issue is there really isn’t another fight out there for JDS. Does Mark have a chance in Hell? Nope. But he didn’t have a chance in hell against Struve either.

2. Is GSP going to be a big distraction for Johnny Hendricks?

Roni: I think so. And I think Johnny is tuning a lot of his fans off with his constant bitching about GSP. Forget him! Concentrate on beating Condit. And after that, it might be him, it might be Rory. It matters little. Keep fighting and there will be no option for GSP other than facing him!

David: I don’t like the fight for Johnny, I understand his reasoning, but quite frankly, Diaz stole his shot. Condit’s dangerous and has already beaten him. I really like Hendricks, but he might be looking a bit past Condit. I don’t understand why the UFC did this fight! If Condit wins, he’s not getting a rematch, and you just blew Hendricks and all that money. Hendricks will do ANYTHING for a title shot. ANY fight, ANY Press, ANY interview, ANY autograph session. Last guy to do that?


3. Was the Jon Fitch signing a good move for the WSOF?WSOF

Roni: I think so! and they should sign more names as UFC fires them. They get guys who already have name-value and would only help gain foothold on MMA world.

David: Better fit there than Bellator. If Fitch runs through Bellator, then they look second class. If Fitch runs through the WW at WSOF, then its a top ten guy proving he still has it. The Problem is, competition.

 4. Should Dana White be able to dictate what weight class a fighter should stay in? (I.E Pettis is he wins, Frankie, Etc)

Roni: For those guys? no. No reason for it.  But if a guy misses weight (twice), then yes. UFC should not  allow them to fight at that weight class anymore.

David: If you are a top 10 guy, YES.
The UFC is getting to the point where they need to create stars, Pettis becomes the number 1 contender, and he wants to drop for a immediate title shot, then come back, Aldo wants to move around, Frankie was forced to move down, its getting ridiculous. If Deigo or Stann wants to bounce around, fine. But if you want to fight for a title, then you have to get a fight or two to earn it.

5. Scale of 1-10, how excited are you about UFC 158.UFC 158

Roni: I would give it a 7.  it is not a bad card, but (much the same as JBJ & Sonnen), I just don’t agree with those fights. Those are fights to make money, not to make sense of the ranking system. They actually work against the “sport” in the long run.

David: I’m going a 10. In todays MMA, you are never getting loaded cards like UFC 92 or 100. You have the top 3 WWs plus Nick Diaz. Nate the Great returns with a TOUGH matchup, plus I like Ricci. This is a LOADED card with 12 WWs on the show. There are no 205ers or 255ers on this event, however, so don’t expect huge KOs and there could be a TON of ground work.



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