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Welcome to the Old Fart Roundtable.

Here at 7poundbag, we have a diverse group of people, and every now and again, I like to throw out questions that can be based on a bit of a perspective. Believe it or not, there used to be a thing as NO LIVE NBA GAMES on Network TV. I don’t go that far back, but I was there Pre-Jordan, considering there are people now that have never seen a LIVE Jordan game, much less Magic or Larry, and Wilt might as well have posted up Lincoln on the White House Lawn, lets talk some GOAT, Notre Dame and what sport has changed the most.

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1. Is there a chance in Hell Kobe can catch Jordan as the GOAT?Jordan

Roni: In a weird sense, I don’t see them as competition. There’s place for both at the top. But then again, I don’t even agree MJ is GOAT (Magic is), so that might be a part of the answer. 🙂

David: On court? Yes. Off court? Never. What Kobe doesn’t understand, is Jordan could kill you with defense, and could kill you scoring 10 points. If you hold Kobe to 10 points, you win the game. But the NBA is becoming like baseball, with the Numbahs and the Math and the stat-wizzes, and as people like Myself get older, and Jordan, like Wilt and the rest, become reduced to Numbers and the Mythos starts to fade, he might get there. Look at Isiah, NO ONE who saw him thinks there was a better PG at his peak. NONE. Magic played with a top 10 guy and a Solid HOF and a boarderline HOF (Cooper) a STACK of very good players and the GOAT COACH (I said it) Isiah got 2 boarderline HOFers and guys that got ran out of other towns. Stockton got even less. Ask a guy about Isiah now? He was top PG with 2 rings, no GOAT PG discussion. Make an argument with his numbers YOU CAN’T. If Kobe picks up another ring, cracks top 3 in scoring? Gonna be hard to deny him.

2. Is there a chance in Hell LeBron can catch Jordan?

Roni: Yes. As much as I don’t like his choices in life, I do think he can surpass Jordan (or Magic). he’s still young, with a team that is just above all others and can still accomplish a lot. The potential is there. If he will do it, I don’t know…

David: No and NO. LeBron has the problem of being a mercenary. Jordan played with absolute poop until they suckered Seattle and New York. LeBron needed to use his power to run the franchise. Instead he ran and got his ring. That hurts him long term. Kobe Stuck Around, Bird, Duncan and Magic stuck around. I think it means something. LeBron and Bosh are not winning 5 more rings with Wade’s health.

3. If you could talk to Manti, what would you tell him?Manti

Roni: Er… not touching that (I trully do not know what I could/would say to him)…

David: Own it. And be glad your stock is dropping. The lower in Round 1 you go, the better team you will be on. Don’t be stunned if the Pats pick him up.

4. Is Notre Dame back?

Roni: Seems that way. I hope so though.

David: Give them another year. ND has started recruiting well, but they always have. They may finally have a coach that can push talent. ND could be back in 2 years.

5. What Sport do you think has changed the most in 20 years?

Roni: Easy! MMA, of course! Evolved from obscure fighting into the mainstream Sport, under unified rules, etc.

David: Didn’t even think of that one, but Roni is right. I’ll make a case for NCAA Basketball. There are no centers, there are no powers. I’m not sure even Bobby Hurley plays a third year in todays game. Find me the guy that you can’t WAIT to see in the NBA and then find the scouting report without the word “could” in it. You KNEW Shaq was a pro, you KNEW LeBron was a pro, heck you KNEW half the upcoming all-stars (unless they were drafted by the Wiz) Name me the guy in the draft you would BET YOUR LIFE ON that will play in the All-star game. I’ll take the feild. Guess who’s going to sleep better on draft night?

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  1. Good stuff. As a 31 year old Lakers fan all I have to say is MJ is the GOAT but Kobe does come close. LeBron? Great player but he really does need the rings to be a part of the conversation.

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