MMA Roundtable 3/11

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable!

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1. What do you think of the UFC allowing Cyborg to walk to Invicta?Ronda Rousey

Roni: I think it was about time. Cyborg asked her walking papers as soon as she got to know UFC would not create a 145lbs division. Dana & Ronda were forcing her to move down which would be a bad move for her (she could barely make 145; don’t want to think how badly she would miss 135 mark!). Now she’s free to make her own path; be it at Invicta or somewhere else. Note: if she does keep winning, it will show UFC they missed on her, and they will have to pay her handsomely to go back to UFC. Specially after all the trash Dana & Ronda threw her way.

Collin: I think it was the right thing to do for the athlete, and the fact that they did it surprises me a little because they really didn’t have to.  We’ve seen countless moves from the UFC where they get someone under their control and keep them, even if they don’t have any intention of finding fights for them, just so that they can’t be out there making money for the competition.  Just examine the fact that a 40-something Renzo Gracie was signed to a 6 fight long deal, and subsequently iced after a single fight.  This may be a case in which because the WMMA business occupies such a small portion of the UFC business, and the UFC is really more in the Ronda Rousey business  they are letting Invicta do their thing as a solid feeder league because they really aren’t direct competition to the UFC’s product.

2. What odds do you give Barao to dethrone Cruz if they meet and Cruz is 100%

Roni: I will be rooting for him. I do think Cruz will pose a new challenge to Barao. he is more elusive, and might be faster also, beating him to the punch. But you don’t get to be 30-1 for nothing. I think a good dose of the famous leg kicks can get Cruz to become a standing target. if this happens, I’d take barao for UD or Sub in the late rounds

Collin: I’d give him pretty decent odds.  Renan is so far superior in the BJJ game that he can make Dominic fight him without worry of Cruz wrestling, and he may have the footwork and conditioning to dance around for 5 rounds, which is basically what elite level fighters below 145 do, and maybe use his leg kicks to slow down that goofy boxing style of Cruz.

3. Will we ever see a 145 women division?

Roni: I think so. UFC is large enough, with enough reach to be able to gather women from all around the globe and build more divisions as they go. but it will all depend how they go about their 135 division, and also if they incorporate invicta to their ranks!

Collin: I really don’t know.  If Rousey and Carmouche have a poor performance in their fight, or god forbid Ronda loses, I can easily see the UFC making 135 disappear the way the men’s 155 division did after Penn and Uno fought to a draw.  No one really knows what the future holds for WMMA in the UFC, and if they tell you they do they are lying

4. Is Bellator a serious threat to the UFC?Bellator

Roni: I think so. Say what you will, but I prefer the way they make their shows. Brackets, winner takes on the champ! Easy, no controversy and you gotta pass through the other top fighters to get a title shot. UFC should copy them, not dismiss! (But that’s why Dana is always so pissed/nervous about them!)

Collin: In terms of money, no, they are not.  In MMA money is made in basically two ways; advertising and PPV.  And since Bellator isn’t big enough to put on PPV shows now, and probably won’t start since it isn’t conducive to their overall product of drawn out tournaments, they won’t be making any of that money anytime soon.  And since the UFC is on FOX and FX now as well, they are open to far more viewers than Bellator is on Spike, and thus more advertising money.

5. Scale of one to ten, how excited are you for UFC 157

Roni: I am for Machida & Hendo! Even though I don’t like how this fight came to happen. Both guys deserve their title shot, and now only one of them will receive it. The other is almost sure not to get a new chance at the belt for years (in hendo’s case, at all). All the while Sonnen gets a completely undeserving one!
For someone like Dana to talk trash about fedor’s level of competition, they are padding Jones record pretty nicely making him face MW’s!
Collin: 9.  Machida Hendo is an awesome pairing by the UFC, and combine that with the Bob Sapp-factor of the main event and I surely won’t be missing this card.

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